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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rafikerus

The right way to jungle amumu (TANK)

Rafikerus Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Amumu Build

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The Right Way To Jungle Amumu (TANK)

This is my first guide but since this is my most played champion and i see SOOOO many people do so bad with him i need to at least try to help people.

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First thing. Jungling amumu DOESN'T get kills. Unless they are going to get away. Then feel free to. Gold is Gold. Assist is still gold for your carry. Enough said. NEVER ult less then 2 people. Only ult 2 people when you go for a gank just after hitting six and preferably have blue buff. If you ult less then 2 people late game you need to rethink playing amumu. Your job is to ult 4 or 5 people. This is the basics for playing a tank. And you will be building tank. If you want a quick guide for in the game for items skills order go to summary. :)

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Runes are a bit...difficult. You can use basicly any runes as long as you take armor something. But if you want an easy jungle and to be good at ganking i'd suffest. Magic Pen Reds Armor Yellows Mana Regen/Magic Resist/Level Blues Health Quintessances That being said you can jungle with anything with the right masteries (Don't quote me on that if you want to try all crit damage runes because that is the only wrong way of jungling amumu)

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For masteries i'd suggest 0/21/9. Taking increased armor and mr. Health regen. Less damage from minions. Blocking physical damage. Veteran Scars. Ardor. and last but not least Tenacity. Then go Less time spent dead (You're the tank you don't want any dead time. Though you shouldn't die more than 3 times or so). Improved Ghost. Increased EXP. And 1 in increased neutral buffs. If you like dodge you can take dodge in defense i guess. I'm not one of those people who love dodge though. I just prefer a little health regen to stay out a little longer. Also if you want you can give up tenacity to get 2 points in buff duration or a point in smite.

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Creeping / Jungling

Make sure you start at blue or you'll have major mana problems. Smite to kill blue unless you are one of those people who initiate with smite so they can get it off CD faster (I would never do this but if you do make sure you have a leash or someone watch you so no one steals it. Then go wolves, wraiths, small golems, If they don't have a jungler and they're all accounted for you can take their wolves before blue pilling. Buy boots and go to wolves which should be up. If they're not up give yourself a pat on the back for being fast or yell at your mid for taking wolves for some reason lol. You should be 4 by now. Maybe even 5 or 6. Gank. Show them your bandage tossing skills. When you're OOM or Low go back and buy more items (See items)

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Okay. For item start with a Cloth armor and 5 health pots/color]. 1st time back depeding on what happend (I've ganked before going back before. If your solo is owning gank early) get level 1 boots and part of aegis if you can[/color] (yes aegis. HoG isn't as great for jungling anymore. After you hit six major gank the lane with the most people. If there's a lane with 3 or 4 in it GET THERE. Bandage toss in and ult while crying and tantruming. Make sure you have an ally though! Next time back get an aegis and boots of speed, and a giants belt (if you can afford it) If you can't afford it jungle and gank till you can. Depending on their team you either want to just build your sunfire cape or build a force of nature first. After your sunfire or force of nature build the other one. Force of nature or sunfire cape. Unless they have 0 AD then build a warmogs or banshees. Or 0 Magic damage Build a thornmail and randuins (Randuins is decent again now that they added the cloth armor to it) By now you should be about filled. Get a health item or guardian angel if you're not full, it's your choice. WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT BUT A GUARDIAN ANGEL FIRST! That's just bad. I had people say they wanted it so they could jungle carelessly without dying...yeah well it has a pretty long cooldown so that's dumb..

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Skill Sequence

Skilling order... Despair at level 1 (We'll call this cry to save time), Tantrum at 2 (Call this tan), cry, Bandage toss (we'll call this toss), cry, ULT (Will be called WIN because it wins fights), cry, tan, cry, tan, WIN, tan, Toss, Toss, Toss, Toss. If there are too many tantrums or cries i appologize. I confused myself. xD

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Summoner Spells


Anything else is not needed.

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Okay. Items. Cloth, 5 pots>LVL 1 boots, part of aegis>Finish aegis, boots of speed, giants belt if possible>Sunfire or Force of nature depending>Which ever you didn't buy last time if needed>Randuins or warmogs or part of it>guardian angel or anything else you might need>Elixirs if it goes on that long.