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Amumu Build Guide by Rafikerus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rafikerus

Jungling Amumu (Drowning creeps in tears)

Rafikerus Last updated on January 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jungling Amumu

I'm not going to say playing Jungling Amumu will win you every single game. I will say this though. Jungling Amumu + A friend as Irelia or Jarvan IV solo top (Or any other tanky DPS really) = First Blood 98% of the time. (1% of that is your teammates giving the enemy first blood. The other 1% is that you fail gank.) Remember that you are the tank. You're job is to initiate and do as much disruption as possible. Don't expect to have more than 4 kills in a match like this. Anyway. On to the next section!

Things you will learn from my guide

  • Not to expect kills
  • What items you will get and what items to get if you don't need to be that tanky
  • Different Routes to take
  • Masteries and Runes

On a side note. I will come back and edit the guide if Amumu and/or the Jungle or his items are changed in any way.

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I've stated this already but to make it stick you DON'T want kills. You want to assist your team and get...assists. Obviously. If someone is going to get away then get the kill. If they say KS you say "Yes! Kill Secured!" Or don't The choice is yours. I personally like to mess with people a bit. One thing you need to remember. Above all else. I won't caps lock it just bold it but you need to remember it nonetheless!

You will be blamed for everything, You will get little to no thanks for doing anything, If you end the game 4/6/28 your team will call you a noob and say you fed. All i can say is. I appreciate you going out of your way to tank for the inconsiderate people that play this game. (Note some people will thank you still)

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For masteries I'd suggest 0/21/9.

In Defence take Resistance and Hardiness for early game survival. Evasion for a little bit of dodge chance to help jungling. Nimbleness to help speed you up jungling. Defensive Mastery and Hardened Skin to help jungling without getting too low. Veteran's Scars for some more health! Tenacity because you might as well at this point and it could save your life.

In utility take Good Hands and 1 point in Perseverance, take Awareness because you're jungling and a point in Utility Mastery .

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Cursed Touch This is an excellent passive for jungling and for helping your team focus someone down. -35 MR is a LOT since that will take champions without any MR/Lvl or MR items to negative MR.

Bandage Toss Learn the way of the bandage toss. It is your best friend. A decent stun, good damage, long enough range to pull yourself through any wall. Not much you could ask for on this skill.

Despair The skill that makes you the tank killer. 2.7% health per second is not something you can ignore. In 10 seconds that's 27% of their health. If you have 100 AP that's 37%. Toggle this on before ANY gank. It can easily save you from losing a kill that you could of snagged.

Tantrum Passive that lowers physical damage taken? YES PLEASE. Active AoE that cools down faster when auto attacked? HELL YEAH. This skill makes jungling so easy. If you want you can max this before despair for easier jungling. Not quicker usually. But easier.

Curse of the Sad Mummy THIS IS NOTHING SHORT OF GAME CHANGING! This can turn around a game so easily if used right. Make sure you hit as many people as you can and instantly go for their squishy with your team close behind. ONLY and i mean ONLY use this ult when you can get at least 3 enemies. UNLESS you are ganking at lvl 6. Or you are ulting 2 of their carries who are ALONE. You CAN ult 1 or 2 people BEFORE team fights break out. But be careful. Around a 2 minutes cooldown is a long time to wait for your initiation.

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Okay. For item start with a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion (Unless you can't or don't want to start at blue. If that's the case go to the "Jungling Route" Section.)
First time back depending on how well it went you should be able to get Ruby Crystal and Boots of Speed. Buy a Sight Ward or two if you can. Next time back you have a choice actually 3 choices. Either finish Aegis of the Legion, Buy a Heart of Gold, or Mercury's Treads. From then depending on the enemy team get the other choices and Force of Nature, Sunfire Cape, Banshee's Veil, Randuin's Omen. If you don't need that much MR or Armor consider getting either some AP for damage Rylai's Crystal Scepter is usually fun, or get some more health Warmog's Armor

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells you should use
Smite Is pretty important since you're jungling. I'd say must have but if you REALLY don't want to just don't cry to me when you lose that bluff buff.
Flash Is a must for a good ult and to finsish off a runner.
Ghost Is okay if you don't like flash. (Put a mastery point in ghost then silly)

Summoner Spells you could use
Teleport Well...I mean you have alot of movespeed from Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and Force of Nature So you could take this to help gank and defend towers.
Clairvoyance If you don't have support and you really want to then take it. I have once and it did actually help alot. Just remember to use it to help you keep track of their jungler.

Any other spells shouldn't be taken in 99% of occasions but besides Revive and Rally COULD be used. Shouldn't. But Could.

If you take Revive as a jungler though they will Queue dodge you and if you take Rally
they probably will too.

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Jungling Route

Depending on how high in elo you are or if your team won't defend you at Blue buff you will choose where to start. Two ways. The regular way of Cloth Armor 5 Health Potions Or a Regrowth Pendant and a Mana Potion (If you want the mana potion). For the Cloth Armor Start at Big Golem and then do wolves, wraiths, Small golems, Red, Then Recall to heal and then gank.

The second way Requires you to take Despair at Lvl 2 instead of Lvl 1. Take Tantrum first on this route. Start at Wraiths, then head to wolves, then small golems, After that recall. Buy your Philosopher's stone Then go get blue buff. You can gank now if you want or you can go jungle some more.

If you have a Kennen mid or Katarina and they don't want blue you should take it. UNLESS you have a lux or morgana support.

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To see if it's time to gank look at this list and see if you can answer yes to one or any of these questions.

    Do you have both buffs?
    Is anyone overextended?
    Are any enemies low?
    Is there a duo lane with only 1 of the 2 enemy champs in it?
    Does the lane have enough damage and CC to get a kill or at least scare the enemies really well?

If you answered yes to any or multiple questions it's time to gank.

How to gank:
If you know they have a ward be crafty. Don't run through river bush. Run around to the bush above their tower (if applicable) or sneak into one of the bushes in the actual lane if possible. Remember even if you don't get a kill that a gank is sucessful if no one on your team died and you get to hit the tower or even better kill the tower.

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    Amumu is a godlike Jungler (I never said that but it's true)
    You have the power to change teamfights in your favor
    Amumu a great lvl 4 gank so use it

For Skilling order i would recommend
Despair, Tantrum, Despair, Bandage Toss.
Then Curse of the Sad Mummy> Despair> Tantrum> Bandage Toss
Feel free to deviate from my skilling order though.

Items depend on their team. Get whatever you think you should get. Just remember that above 200 Armor and MR is not worth it anymore and to get health at that point. And i would ALWAYS get Aegis of the Legeon. It helps your team so much it's not even funny.

Thank you for reading my guide. I hope it helps. Leave a comment to ask any questions. Later on i'll be posting some scores i got using this build. Also i'll update it every patch that amumu changes and finish the "Champions to Gank" section when i get more time.