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Caitlyn Build Guide by cartridge

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cartridge

The Sheriff of Piltover..

cartridge Last updated on April 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Playing as Caitlyn

Don't get me wrong; I really love her design and her playstyle. I just don't feel as though she's going to fit into LoL at all.

She looks like a champ that sets up camp, fires off a round which may miss and reveal her location or hit, and then runs away. Her R is the same concept without the revealing concept. Her W and E are great escape mechanisms.

So she's pretty much gank bait for any jungler or assassin with high mobility. I'm not even sure how she's expected to lane or how she's supposed to balance laning with "camping."

Anyone wanna provide some insight on this?

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Playing Against Caitlyn

I play Caitlyn all the time, and she has the furthest range in the game as far as I know which gives her a ridiculous early game advantage. A good Caitlyn player will zone you with her Peacemaker while last hitting minions. This prevents your farm and keeps you from getting within attack range.

The thing is she is very squishy. Ridiculously squishy. If your lane has a lot of crowd control you can easily prevent her farm. Laning with a tank will help you get close to do damage. It sounds like common sense but the easiest way to prevent Caitlyn from dominating you in a lane, especially an aggressive one, is to keep moving. Keep juking, last hitting when you can, and let her waste all of her mana with Peacemakers and Snap Traps. Middle to late game, or if Caitlyn is fed, do not step in her traps as she will immediatly use the stun advantage to Peacemaker > basic > Ace In the Hole combo you. I've been playing mid and fed off of squishy carries like that countless times.

For midding against Cait, play ranged AD carries against her. Champions like Ashe, or Twitch can really mess up her farm, despite her range advantage. People with good lane-staying like Vladimir can also mid against her very well, forcing her to recall after taking any significant damage and thus lose out on experience. Brand can do very well against her too, as his spells have a very long range and usually deal massive damage with built-in Ignite. If his full chain hits her once she will die running away or be very close. Her squishiness makes ganking her very easy, just let her get comfortable and overly aggressive. Then kill her.

Good luck, hope this helped.

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playing Strong Advantage

also remember that caitlyn has a strong advantage early game due to her range and high damage, but her mid-game can be slowed if you prevent her from getting kills.

Playing as cait, I can push you to your turret and either kill you, or force you to TP while I hack at your turret. Not much you can do about it.. simple answer "just CC her!". But more importantly, juke and dodge. Do not move towards and away from cait, from side to side, and do not line yourself up with your minions between yourself and her. As cait this is a great time to fire off piltover as it is a chance to not only damage minions and farm, but to land damage on a champ. By maintaining distance this will help ensure that she is using headshot's on minions and not you. Reversely, if you find that for whatever reason you are getting hit by piltover anyway, or you can't avoid minions. Then keep minions between you so that they soak more damage before it hit's you, but also try to maintain enough distance that you can pull back as you see her animation to start the shot. This will waste her much needed mana.

Listen for and count her snap trap's. You can hear the activation of a trap, and caitlyn will breifly face the direction she throw's it in. This will warn you to avoid going into that bush, and it's probably a good idea to late your teamates know as well. If she has 3 trap's out, and you can soak the damage from a trap, you may as well activate it and have her waste mana laying down another. But that's tottaly up to you. I would rather setoff a trap knowing I can take it, than to accidently hit it while I'm running away.

If your going to rush her, do it shortly after you see her use piltover or headshot, as this will keep it off of you. By jumping in at these downtimes, you can poke damage, and maintain your space until you know your ready to rush.

Lastly, if caitlyn is constantly harrasing you with auto attack's thornmail will not only return damage in auto attack's, but it will reduce damage taken from both Q and R.

I actually suggest landing mgc damage on caitlyn as her best choice for MR would be wit's end. It may offer her AS and slight mgc damage, but the fact that it does NOT benefit her Q and R help you in that the gold spent towards wit's end prevent's her from gettin'g BF or another AD item.