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Galio Build Guide by Okatokat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Okatokat

the Super Taunter Galio

Okatokat Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction - Why Use Galio?

Okie why do you guys should try Galio?First of all his the most underplayed champion in LoL, reason i dont even know why. His a pretty good harraser in lane specialy with his "Q" skill.Also in late game his really good in Ganking other players with his Ulti.His passive i will say is pretty good while you crank his magic resist he will recieve %50 of it as an additional ability power aint that really good?so If I were you give him a spin im sure you will like him like I do right now.

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Skill Sequence - Harrasing

I pretty much level my "Q" skill first since that will be your main skill for damage and harrasing other players.By predicting where your opponent will go you can easily land a Successful Resolute Smite on your opponent slowing them down for more harass.Also knowing when to place your "E" Skill will help you not only kill your opponent but can also push your minions forward a little bit faster.Your Resolute smite and Righteous Gust will be the skills that you will use the most in game not only saving your Allies but harassing your opponent and pushing your minions towards your enemies tower.Although Righteous Gust doesn't deal alot of damage but for an enemy that has been hurt alot already its still a threat to them small damage or big damage will force them to Retreat back to their base meaning you can get a tower kill for your team.Using Bulwark to your allies will heal you for each damage your allies take, or you can use it to your self when your running away from a gank because instead of taking damage the damage you take will just heal you instead. Using Flash to initiate your ultimate Idol of Durand can be a great tide turner in teamfights.Using Bulwark before you initiate Flash and Idol of Durand gives you a small amount of time to survive the onslaught of damage you will take during your Idol of Durand.

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Items - Buying Sequence

Lets talk bout the items here.Galio is a really good harrasser in lane but runs out of mana fairly quickly at the process.So starting with a Meki Pendant and 2 mana pots will help galio stay in lane for a long time without going back to base to replenish mana, and also with Clarity will make sure that you will be able to harass more without worrying bout your mana.Chalice of Harmony pretty much is an for me OP item that galio can have not only it has MP5 but also it has magic resist for early game, trust me this item can help you and your teamates early game.Mercury threads is essential for Galio specialy when his tanking tenacity will help the him with all the CC's your opponent will throw at you, if you dont like this boots try Ionian boots of Lucidity since galio has quite long cooldowns on his ability Specialy his "E" skill.Oh the Amazing Banshe's Veil one of my favorite core items for Galio since his ulti can be disrupt with stun's really nice addition making sure that he can fully crank up his ulti for max dmg and buy enough time so that your team can get to you and help you clean up the trash.Abyssal Scepter for me is really nice for galio coz not only its cheap but it has AP that can help Galio with his farming and magic resist oh i so love this item.Depends on the fight you can either get frozen heart or ThornMail if your opponents team consist of Xin or Master Yi i suggest getting Frozen Heart first before you get your abyssal scepter, but if your opponent is consist of heavy hitters like tryndemere you can get thornmail makes them think twice before attacking you.Guardian angel is optional i usually dont die alot with Galio so depends on your gameplay really if you think you will die gradually then use this item but if your sure bout your gameplay you really dont need this item.Lastly force of nature or sunfire cape check your opponents item and see what you need more on the battlefield F.o.N if theirs lots of AP users and use Sunfire if theirs alot of Melee AD users. Sunfire+Ult=Double the damage coz of the sunfires passive and the exploding damage your ultimate deals after the Channel.Dont forget bout his passive the more Magic resist he gets 50% comes back to him as Ability power.

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Farming - AoE farming

Galio's skills allow him to farm more effeciently on Lane's one your "Q" skill hits level2 it will a massive amount of damage to enemy minions and by using your "E" skill you can make sure that you will kill enemy minions without getting close to them.Also using your "W" skill on yourself will make sure you wont get damage alot since all the damage you take will return to you as Healing as long as you have the shield up.Using the Shield on your allies while your low on HP makes sure that all the damage they take will go to you as healing although they wont really get the protection they will need but at least you can survive for them until they can go back to your aid once more.Once you hit level6 try and get your first gank in your lane before returning to base and buying items.Once you returned to your base for your items see if anyone needs the Blue Golem buff if not then farm it and return to your lane or start ganking other players when you get your Blue Buff.

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Summary - Thanks for Reading

So being an underplayed character in LoL has its good side not alot of people will be intimidated by your presence in game or once you go "MIA" or "Missing in Action".Cant really add anything else on this build.My build is based on Krazah's build with some tweaks of my own.(Dont forget to check out his build).Also this is the first build ive done on Mobafire so if you liek this build give it a positive vote or feedback and if you think i forgot to put something in my build please comment on the box bellow would be happy to read all the comments im will be getting.So enjoy the Game and Start Ganking Galio style.

Krazah Galio Build Link
Krazah's Build for Galio

Be making more guide soon.