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Janna Build Guide by ElderPeko

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ElderPeko

The Tempest Has Arrived! Janna, the Soloqueue Hero

ElderPeko Last updated on November 13, 2014
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Threats to Janna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Leona When you see Leona begin her E animation cast your Q immediately and it should negate all of Leona's engage. If she attempts to chase your ADC with her Q, simply slow her with W
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Hey MobaFire! This is my first guide, so please be patient!

My IGN is ElderPeko and I am a Coach/Analyst for Emerald eSports Ireland!

Janna was my go to champion for climbing the Season 4 ladder because she is able to carry your entire team from the support position. Janna gives your team "One Free Teamfight". The main focus of this guide will be positioning in teamfights, while a small portion will relate to laning phase.

This guide is written assuming that you, as a Support player, have a general idea of your positioning and responsibilities in team fights as well as in laning phase.

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Laning Phase

During laning phase you will generally find that you are being pressured early if you don't have the proper timing on your Eye Of The Storm. The simplest method to trading with Janna is to take early brush control and use Eye Of The Storm to harass the enemy support when they attempt to move up on your ADC or minion wave. Keep in mind that Janna is a very squishy champion and can be easily focused in lane. Try to use vision control to your advantage in lane and harass efficiently. (You will win trades over time through the use of Eye Of The Storm)

Once you feel that in are in a good position to fight the 2v2 matchup, you should initiate with Zephyr to slow your target, followed by a slightly channeled Howling Gale. I find the best results when I channel the Howling Gale in a bush, while engaging with Zephyr. Simply use Eye Of The Storm on your ADC at this point and follow up with auto attacks. Your Zephyr should come up again sometime at the end of the fight, and if you feel like the enemy may have barely gotten away with their life, feel free to flash W. The damage might surprise you! (for better or worse!)

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Dragon Control

Generally, if your team is even or ahead, you will be contesting dragons fairly early. Your job as Janna will be to get deep vision of the enemy jungle to understand their positioning. Let your team react know so they can react appropriately to the signs of early enemy grouping.

If you are playing Janna from the Blue side you should place your wards at the enemy Blue buff, behind the wolf camp/banana bush in midlane, and buy a pink ward for the river itself (This will mitigate stealth champions impact on the dragon fight, and will also make sure the dragon area is free of wards).

If you are playing Janna from the Purple side, you should place your wards behind the enemy Red buff, in the Tri-brush, and again, place a pink ward in the river itself.

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Team Fighting

Team fighting seems very simple at first glance. Shield the carries, land 3-5 man Q's, and ult when things get rough. Although this is generally the case, sometimes you should approach the situation with a different strategy.

Consider your composition! If you are playing a very aggressive composition that relies heavily on picks to win fights, then maybe your best course of action is flashing into the enemy team and ulting 1 or 2 of the enemies into your own team. The safest route, however, will be to land a Howling Gale to start the fight as your team engages. Shield your carries and wait for the appropriate moment when things begin to go wrong. If your teamfight turns sour you can step up to the front-line and ult the enemy team away with Monsoon while healing your own team. I like to call this "screwing up for free". After this, your team has the option of disengaging, or using their newly refreshed health bars to try the team fight again!

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Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for checking out the guide, I tried to make it as quick and concise as possible! If you like it, let me know ! If anything is unclear, please let me know as well!