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Udyr Build Guide by LazorPieLord

Tank The True Chuck Norris.

Tank The True Chuck Norris.

Updated on January 29, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LazorPieLord Build Guide By LazorPieLord 1,480 Views 0 Comments
1,480 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LazorPieLord Udyr Build Guide By LazorPieLord Updated on January 29, 2014
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The translation of what you might not understand in this guide:
Kitty Claws = Tiger Stance
Garfield = Tiger Stance
Ninja Turtle = Turtle Stance
Double Fist = Bear Stance 1st attack
Catwoman Special Ability = Tiger Stance
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Hello! My name is LazorPieLord and today I am going to teach you how to penetrate people... If you get what i mean *wink**wink*

Really now, this isn't a troll build or whatever, to be honest I won a lot of matches with this build. It all started from another Mobafire guide wich I have to give a shoutout because it was awesome (-NA- Veng Lmfao). His guide made Udyr my favourite champion. But after a few games I tought to myself: "Finnaly found my new main champ but he starts to suck..."
(It happens a lot to think you found your favourite champion but after a few matches with him you start to think he sucks and never want to battle against him in LoL)
HOWEVER! I tried to maybe try out a new build, unfortenetly on Mobafire there weren't so many attractive builds as Veng Lmfao's. So I decided to try and do somechanges to his build. And now I have come to this. An undying not raginf trolling kitty cat ninja turtle flying eagle tank.

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Laning Phase

In the laning phase you must use your Kitty Claws on that enemy booty anytime it's avalible to witness some beautiful true damage and, because of that, it is really hard for the enemy to farm when you are nearby. Trust me, if you follow the build and an enemy follows you, he will stop following after he gets scretched by Garfield.
If the enemy is pussing to your turret spam the stances and beat the **** out of the enemy until he leaves the lane like a ***** (trust me, he will).
Whenever you feel like need more health, become a Ninja Turtle and beat the **** out of the minions.

When you feel like you can KO your opponent use this combo:
Stun him with your Double Fist on his balls, use Catwoman's special ability to damage him a little bit, after this part, the enemy is going to react and try to kill you too so become a Ninja Turtle to shield yourself from the puny damage dealt by that guy. After this stun him once again with the Double Fist and use a nice Kitty Claw plus ignite combo to teach him a who's the boss in the club!

After you get yourself Trinity Force every time you are going to meet some opponent you are going to give him the sandwich that he wanted. KNUCKLE SANDWICH MOE'SUCKA!

After you get them Boots of Mobility, you can simply walk around the enire map and show Mundo that he is not the only one that goes where he pleases! Because by that time you should've pushed enough and so you can just walk around the map and help out your teammates!

And don't you worry little baby. After you get all of your armour penetration items, people will just run from you. But of course you can't let that happen, right?
"The enemy team agreead surrender vote on Over 9000/5"
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In teamfights, your job is doing anything you can to protect your teammates from getting killed. That is your primary role in teamfights. Literally no ********s, no party poopers, nothing. Just protect them. And if someone goes down, you take his killer.


If you have all your abilities ready, after your first teammate dies, combo yourself into each enemy until they all die.

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Team Work

We have talked about teamfights. Now, after you hit level 15, i suggest you go hide into the fog of war and kill people.
By this time there is always that one guy who keeps dying because the enemy ganks him. Well no problem sir! The enemy is following him and than you come and you are like:
"SURPRISE **********ER!" *dead*

This and in the teamfights is pretty much the best way to help your awesome teammates out. The rest is pretty much just you vs the enemy.
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Well that is pretty much what do you need to know about Udyr. That's why I like him, he is really simple. I told you what are the most important things for you! The rest is just LoL experiance! :D

That is pretty much it! This was my 1st guide, so if I did any typos or grammer mistakes feel free to tell me, also if there is something you don't like comment it and I'll make all the possible to change it!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LazorPieLord
LazorPieLord Udyr Guide
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The True Chuck Norris.

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