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Caitlyn Build Guide by Bpianist11

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bpianist11

The Ultimate Resistance

Bpianist11 Last updated on June 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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What I Updated.

June 16
So.......i changed a few used to 3 dorans but thats my preference.....soooo its back to 2 only..and now i go straight for bloodthirster then phantoms then ie then another phantoms..and eliminated frozen mallet and replaced it with banshees veil. It's more effiecent because you have the speed to get away, power and speed to kill, tons of survivability, and basically the safest cait build!

The vamp scept and dorans will give you enough survivability and lifesteal to keep laning as much as possible to farm for a bf sword.

Also i might add that beserker greave's are great, BUT i might also add that if you arent doing so well in game(prob didnt have enough farm to just take a zeal) then just take mercury treads!!!! BELIEVE ME THE ONLY THING FROM STOPPING YOU FROM LIVING IS THE CC FOR SOME RANDOM JUNGLER.

April 22
like holy **** i just figured out the perfect item build go check it out. runes are changed for the better. like i got 37 and farm farm lol
March 21
1. so i found that this new item build just pwns so early
getting the dorans will be easy peasy then comes your boots. your core item set should be 3 dorans and the greaves. after that get your bf sword or bloodthirster.......sell your dorans if you have too its worth it.

Feb 27

1. I have changed the item build to something more competitive with more survivability.
2. Updates down below will have the word "update and the date"
3. It has been weeks since I worked on any guides.
4. I added some gameplay to this guide to help you max out your Caitlyn Skills.

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When in game, i always take mid with Caitlyn. Dont give me any **** when you say that she is better top or bot because to be more effective for early wins, take mid. With mid, you'll get more experience and gold. I always use the setup above because its beastly. If you take another lane, the item build might not work as well because you'll be facing tanks and you wont do much. The squishies go mid, and with xtra armor pen and healing capabilities, you'll own.

Update(Feb 27) Playing aggresive with Caitlyn is always the way to go. i accomplish that by always place traps under creeps and making the enemy move to an open position. Then I fire the peacemaker dealing more damage when it doesnt hit subsequent targets.

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Doran's Blade vs. Meki Pendant

Dorans blade= AD, Life Steal, and 100 health.
Meki Pendant=7 MP5.

I chose meki over dorans blade because you already have health ruens and life steal isnt that important when you already have teleport. Teleport allows a full regen of health without leaving your lane for like 5 seconds. With meki you can get a sight ward. With a sight ward early, you can easily put it in the jungle and wait for that WW to be jungling while you are waiting for the moment that ww loses most of his health to tele there and kill him. Its better if you have a lot of your team with teleport, Your towers wont be destroyed because there is always a defense. You can find enemies and if they are alone w/low health tele there and finish him.

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Items and Runes

DONT BUY THE HEALTH POTS WITH MEKI PENDANT!!!!!!!! Your healing runes and meki are all you need to be very forceful in the early game.(if you dont have all healing, get the health pot) You'll save 85 gold in the very beginning. You can either just buy a sight ward, or i recommend just going with meki. You'll want to rush your boots go b and then go back to battle. That method is better to use because you'll get your boots of speed really quickly. By then, you can stay in lane as long as you want and work up to the BF Sword. You'll want a lot of AD very early. Dont waste your money yet on your Boots of Swiftness or Greaves or Mobility or whatever. You need A LOT OF AD EARLY. the second you flash exhaust you enemy, they are surly dead. Then with the money you picked up, go back and get your Boots. Then buy another BF sword. You'll get more damage this way. If you go this way beserker's greaves are the best for this situation. Dont rush your BC or BT yet because you'll be wasting money while you can have already 100+AD from your BF.(your best friend ^_^) With your AD that high that early, you can start to kill lots of champions. If you are killing so much and you feel like you aren't going to die, i suggest you get a SOTA. It'll give you a HUGE boost for very cheap. The next item to build is a Black Cleaver. It will help to cut down tanks. Then you'll want to get a bloodthirster. This is a great item because you can get to 100 AD with bloodthirster. Or if you want really high attack speed then get a second black cleaver. You'll want to rip your enemies' faces off with BC because its really effective when stacked. With Stark's Fervor you'll be very useful during team fights. You'll give team the lifesteal, attack speed, and health regen your team needs to knock the enemy down. To finish, in a normal game you'll only earn about 9k to 11k, the you'll need a last whisper.

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Items con.

Once you have your 2 BF's, you can make a decision. Are there a lot of tanks on the other team?????, then get 2 black cleavers. When stacking black cleavers, get madred's next. With that build, you can kill tanks with ease. You'll have a lot of attack speed and damage to cleave your enemies faces.

Or if you are more of a burst to hurt the squishies really easily, get 2 bloodthirsters. When you lose all your stacks, you can easily get them back if bt is stacked. This will give you a total of 160 AD when fully stacked. AFTER THAT, get frozen mallet. Since Caitlyn needs health AND a good CC'd, frozen mallet is perfect. Not only would you slow down ppl in team fights, but, you also can last longer if you get ganked. If you want more damage early then get the 2 bts first. If you need more health get the frozen mallet after your first bt. Frozen mallet and bt go hand in hand. The more health you lose, the more health you can life steal. And Obviously, you are going to die at least once, so 2 bt is great. You have spent about 9k and you need to boost your damage even more. I suggest you get sword of the divine. It has a lot of AS for cheap with armor pen. With this you'll slow enemies even more and deal more DPS. If you want, you can get this right after your first bf sword. You'll have more DPS early, and you'll kill more faster.

OOOOOOOO BABY I just feel like the new item build is better and more effective. I start with meki and sight ward, rush my greaves. OR if i have enough money i'll get bf sword first. Then i'll build bloodthirster. Then i'll get madred's razor. BT and Madred's bloodrazor is REALLY Good in combo. You'll build your bloodthirster so fast its crazy. THen i'll get Madred's Bloodrazor. Not only will i get the attack speed, i'll get lots of armor AD and the unique. I then finish with Phantom for more AS and crits. If the game lasts longer i'll get Infinity edge and then you'll be unstoppable.

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There are a lot of things to teleport to. With teemo on your team, you can tele too any of his mushrooms. You can tele to towers, almost dead minions, and wards. Teleport is a really useful spell on Caitlyn because she doesnt have global skills. WITH teleport, you can ulti a person across the field. ALWAYS if you can, if you are taking top or bottom, put the ward into the bushes.if your enemy killed your ally, quickly tele to the brush and easy ulti ftw.

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Flash+other spells

This summoner's spell is great for escaping. Not only can you get out of a serious position, you can use it to kill. Use it for hopping over walls and extreme chases. With teleport, you can instantly flash AA then ulti.

In my opnion flash is best. Anything with flash is good. So you can replace teleport to cleanse. Cleanse and flash is great because if veigar stuns you, you can cleanse to flash out of there. In the meantime, you wont have that global use anymore, but if you want to use tele so badly, i suggest that you be very careful and always try to stay away from overextending and leading teamfights.

I found out i like exhaust and teleport more than flash and teleport because its easier to slow junglers once i teleover there, easier for teammates to catch up and kill, and makes it easier for me to harass more often.
A. I use this in combination of the net or trap. You see that your enemy is trapped and you have your net to come up there and exhaust. Hit a couple autos peacemaker to ulti and then BOOM.

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Situational Section

You just died in mid and you dont have enough for bf. Your options are get the 2 vamp scepts and go back to mid. You'll survive longer. Then when the time comes, sell one of you scepts to get the bf.

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I've seen many Caits try soooo hard to harass the enemy and always fails. Here is a set of moves you need to know to make your Cait better and more reliable.

1. Your net is not there to just stand there looking pretty k? So. Once you get to level four, get the net and use it to your advantage.
a. The combo is net(backwards) to peacemaker.
b. With this combo, you'll get xtra range and probably always hit.
c. The enemy "thinks" all your moves but he doesnt so use this combo wisely.
d. You'll use up a lot of mana doing this but it is worth it because you have meki pendant.
e. Dont spam this combo. Only do it when it seems very random to the enemy.
2. Use of traps and peacemaker.

a. You can get traps at lvl 2.
b. Always try to "zone"(that means get the opponent out of xp range) your enemy by setting traps very close to them and then move forward. In the enemy's mind, he is probably thinking that you are going to fire peacemaker wont.
c. When you see the enemy glowing yellow( that means he's going to attack you), make sure you have peacemaker ready. The enemy will walk in a straight line making it easier to attack you. BUT DONT THINK YOU"LL ALWAYS HIT HIM.
d. With meki pendant, you'll always have enough mana for all of your spells which is very powerful early game.
e. Place traps under creep waves. With this tactic, the enemy will probably move back or to an open space. You will then move forward or to the open space.
1e.(MOVING BACK) you made your enemy move back. Move forward to the enemies original posistion and keep farming. If the enemy glows yellow or doesnt look like he is that peacemaker.
2e.(OPEN SPACE) you made your enemy move to an open space without any creeps. Take the opportunity to fire the peacemaker. Sometimes trick your enemy and try to look like you are going to auto attack him to move back. You'll deal more damage if they are open.

3. More equipment tricks and tips.

a. you see the enemy trying to get some last hits. Fire the peacemaker.(LOL the enemy will not get gold). Master this and you'll just completly dominate.
b. You see the enemy is at a point where he could kill you and is chasing you down. Respond to a net in a face while hitting with peacemaker.
c. TRAP POSITIONS.......................
1c. T enemy T. Have your traps parallel to the enemy. This move is highly defensive and offensive at the same time. It will protect you from making the enemy less predictable. And it will give you a free chance to do net to peacemaker. To make this more of an advantage.....move to one of your traps because the enemy will move back.( i know this because they wouldnt move towards your other trap)
2c. T T enemy or enemy TT. Once again traps are there to limit the opponents moves just like chess. if you look at it like this..........

IIIIIIIIII pretend the enemy is standing where the blue is.
IIIIIIIIII the red will be the area your traps cover horizontally placed or vertically placed.
as you can see, the enemy has limited space to move, and if he does move to the red zone.....its a free peacemaker.
3c. T turret T. When your opponent is far enough where you harassed him to a point where he is hugging that turret. HARASS HIM SOME MORE ^_^. With the traps positioned like this, the enemy cant hug the turret, is limited to places he can move, will not get gold or xp, and is easier for you peacemaker to follow up.

a. the enemy is harassed and its time to kill him.
c. Try to get another peacemaker b4 firing the ulti.
d. remember that if you are out of range, use your net then cast ulti.
e. Bait the enemy if you are at low health and need to return........then BOOM HEADSHOT.
f. If the enemy is still laning take the back route into the bush get another peacemaker, then ulti.
g. With your'll have an extra edge to your ulti. With BF sword you'll do an extra 100 damage.
i. if you bought sight ward with meki pendant and your opponent is still in lane......(have the ward placed in the brush left of you if on blue side b4 going back) and tele to net to exhaust to auto attack to peacemaker to ulti BOOM.
j. there is a jungler you see that is in low health. tele to his location and boom headshot.
k. place the ward behind the enemies turret. tele to the ward and then boom headshot.
l. make use of teemo's shrooms or other stuff you can tele to and ulti them.
// actually i cant make it to z because i need more tips \\ more soon to come.

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FEB 27.................too lazy now lol i'll make it later.

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Conclusion+My guides

Once again, this is another experiment that can be altered for the better. It would be always updated when comments and votes are reaching a low point. I feel that people look for pictures and stuff on their builds and guides. PLZ TELL ME HOW TO DO THAT.(i need to know) Oh and also check my other guides out for more tips and other fun stuff.

Sometimes my guides come out bad and arent good enough for you folk out there. I promise that i will respond to all ocmments and suggestions below. Not will it only help you but me.