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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnthraxMegadeath

The Unstoppable Middlekaiser

AnthraxMegadeath Last updated on September 13, 2010
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This is how I roll Morde. Straight up the middle, in their face, and not going down without being focused by 3+ champs and a turret in the late game. I usually bring down the first two turrets for my team. This guide will help you to understand the tactics that I use to be a truly dominant Mordekaiser in the lane with a partner or in the middle.

RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE: You are an excellent COUNTER to many enemy middles, including: Cho'gath, Veigar, Vlad, Ashe, Tristana, Karthus, Yi, Akali, Kat and many others. You are COUNTERED by: a well played Zilean and few others.

Early on you will 'Syphon' EVERY wave of creeps, as soon as they have their two line formation, and try to catch your opponent in the blast as well. after you have smacked the wave of creeps, with 'Syphon', trot right in between the two lines of enemy creeps and activate 'Creeping Death' and let auto attack finish off as many as it can but keep an eye ready for incoming skill shots or the enemy champ getting close enough to *BLAP* with another Syphon. After you take 'Mace of Spades' you will probably get a few easy hits on the enemy champ with your 'Syphon' by initiating the creep waves with a 'Mace' shot, wading in with 'Creeping Death' and scoring a quick *BLAP* with syphon. this should have reduced the creeps you are near to very few, so toss another 'Mace' shot on the one closest to your foe and often a flying mace will hit him as he backs away from you.

At the point your for is cowering behind his turret, if he's smart, and has 25% or less health. Let's kill him, eh? Trot on up and act like you are going to hit the tower with your minion wave, your enemy will probably fall back in fear (90% of the time) and if he does actually flee, beat the tower!!! Chances are he's going to come back towards the tower thinking to hit you with a free shot or two... WRONG!!! GHOST! SYPHON! MACE! CoTG! IGNITE! and get the heck out of there! Make sure you have enough shield to take at least 1.5 turret shots when you initiate and exit through the nearest lane exit immediately after these moves have been executed. Congratulations, you have your first ghost! send that ghost after the turret and join it and you likely have a turret down as well.

Fall back, recall and buy some sight (or vision if they have stealthers) + whatever else you can afford for your build. Place them in the bushes to eiter side of the middle lane and to either side of the lane near the lane exits behind your enemies (now destroyed) turret. Now you are protected from ganks since you used your ghost getting that kill... or escaping a gank.

***Keeping your shield up is your #1 priority, so only go out of your way (not also hitting creeps) to toss a harassing syphon on your foe if you have over 50% shield.***

Often times I find myself farming the wraiths, on both sides of the middle, when I have a very tower hugging opponent... Heck I even lucked into an easy lvl 3 Warwick kill when I caught him going for the wraiths once.

Lane Kaiser: Why would you do that?

During the roaming phase when the team fights are not actively raging, and sometimes when they are, I run from lane to lane keeping them ALL pushed, often with an ally, and I keep in mind that Ghost is my friend. When the enemy tries to gank during the lane pushing phase (roaming phase to everyone else) you can usually ghost away and if you have good map awareness you should be perfectly safe during this time. If you have an ally with you you had might as well just kill the silly gankers when the odds are 3v2, 2v2, or 2v1.

My main goal in life once I enter a team fight is to click G and highlight their ranged DPS champ or their atk speed based melee carry. After that has been done I get in their teams face, beat on it for a second, and hit the now weakened with the my ult. Now that their champ is on my side (thanks team, I've probably got this from here) I finish off the rest of their them.

AS far as Items go, this set will get you through most all games without trouble. If you are facing one of those annoying slow/stun/fear combo teams opt for merc treads instead of ninja tabi.

this strategy section is still wip but feel free to comment.

The item list can be modified a couple of ways:

#A Some games you will want Spirit Visage before Wardens mail and vice versa. Enemy middle very magic? S. Visage. Auto attacker? Wardens mail.

#2 A CC heavy/mage nuke jerk team, in opposition, will ALWAYS warrent Mercury Treads, so forget the tabi if that's the case because the dodge isn't saving you much hassle.

#D Thornmail is a great swap-in against Auto-attack heavy teams.

#420 Sorc's shoes, I freaking love these things. If your enemy team has no clear leaning towards auto attack or CC (stuns/fear's/etc) take them. They make your spells hurt more so what's not to like?

you may notice that boots come late in this build but you have ghost so use it when you need to!

As always, this build is WiP and as I make adjustments so will the build. I've been dinking around with several other build ideas for the last while but this one usually sets my endgame score around 15/4/10 with 4-6 building kills.

Many thanks to the other Morde Players out there who have written up their builds on this site, I've plagiarized most of you in several tiny ways!

Keep it Metal.