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Sion Build Guide by Gvandum

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gvandum

The way he meant to played (AD build)

Gvandum Last updated on November 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome,this is my first guide! is my favorite hero... when played AD.With this build you will uncover full potential of Sion.Later on I`ll explain why he is AD the best.Sion AD truly shines when you finish Phantom Dancer and Frozen Mallet.Also nice thing is that this build is highly versatile (he can have great use out of many items).
So let us begin...

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Pros / Cons


-He has CC
-Nearly unkillable while ulti is active
-Well balanced
-Awesome ganker mid-late game
-Shield makes him quite tough early game
-Awesome mid game pusher and farmer


-Without Cleanse his ulti is nearly useless(blind,ignite...)
-Highly dependant on potions early game
-Cant reach full potetntial without ulti
-Easy to nerf early game

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Well early game farming is quite ordinary activate Enrage and last hit.
Late game is quite more efficient Shield+Auto attack = creep kill
Killing Baron/Dragon is easy just ulti+allied hero that helps u.
For additional lane sustain cast Canabalism to recover Hp.

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Point of this build is to make u killing machine that does not lack hp or attack damage.Well, many items go well with Sion.Try to buy items in same orders as u saw in build.

Core build : Berserker`s Graves + Phantom Dancer +Frozen Mallet

Possible items : Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, Yomuu`s Ghostblade, Warmog`s Armor, Banshee Veil, Forces of Nature, Thornmail

Other items worth mentioning: Wriggle`s Lantern , Zeke`s Herald, Wit`s End, Tiamat, Executioner calling, The Black Cleaver, Guardian Angel.

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Early game

Simply try to get as much creep kills without being damaged.Try combo Q+W+E for harassing.Get potions whenever you have extra 50-150 gold left after shoping.After 6. is crucial to have at least 1-2 mana potions. I wouldn`t suggest ganking early game...Try to co-operate with u`r junger to take dragon.

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Lane Enemy Champions

is good vs: Nunu,Katarina,Teemo,Darius,Renekton...
is ok vs: Olaf,Trundle,Jax,Rumble,Malphite...
is bad vs: Riven,Tryndamere,Xin Zhao,Vladimir,Cho Gath...

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Easy Enemy Champions

Quite easy due to cancels his ult.Taking cleans will help u remove his slow and get extra kill.Just try to always have your stun ready to counter his ulti and everything will be allright.

Same as ,they both have chaneling ulties.Thing with Katarina is that she will never run out of mana.But who cares if she does 0.0001 dmg.So just dont let her farm.

Rly easy,i count win when i see him.So easy he cant do anything if you show him how is boss.Just play aggressive.Good idea is to max your shield because of his pokes.Also dont try to turet dive due to mushrooms and blind.

He just seems like bada.s but truth is that he is very vulnerable to pokes.So just combo Q+W and do as much damage as its possible.Also Canabalism use to heal on creeps on engage him when u have at least half hp.

Try to fight him at lvl 2 because most players start with Boots+3pots.And you start with Doran plus op dmg from canabalism ensures you kill just safe cleanse for exhaust.

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Medium Hard Champions

Your victory depends on how well u can survive until lvl 6.Very early game he will eat you and you will hardly escape so dont try.But when tou hit Canabalism he wont be able to harm you free kill.Give up on engage if he cast ultimate waste of time.

He is MEGA GIGA ULTRA GODLIKE if he gets feed.So pls dont leave your lane and try to harass only when he doesent have E.Anyway he wont be able to kill you after u finish + .

Very boring opponent...He wont be able to kill u nor u will him so dont fight nor poke.Passive makes him even more tougher + he has that stun like poke.So expect boring lane...

Manaless cute little dude that does lots of dmg.But not if you farm well and dodge harpoons.Also leave his ultimate burned ground as fastest u can.If he overheate u kill him easily.

Something like but his sustain is unmatchable due to passive .Dont poke him just fight him.After you grab beloved ultimate u will have very easy lane.

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Hard Champions

Sion has problem with heroes that disable him with ease or have escape abilty, or even worse constant heal.Disables makes your less effective, escapes make u waste your ultimate, and the worst great lane sustain, because there no point poking those guys.

Pretty boring disables and has really good lane sustain due to his .Only thing you can is to dodge his spells and not let him finish you off with .

Not so much strong before Wriggle Lantern, but after that...She will be very boring due to no mana + lifesteal.She will out sustain you.And she will escape with ease.

He has throw every few seconds,push back, jump(fortunately just on your creeps and passive heal.You will hardly kill.Probably you will win a few trades but nothing else.

Very tough and annoying.He can escape easily, heal easily no mana. Strikes from range...Also very hard to gank.Just dont give him chance to fight you.

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Mid game

Until now you should have Zeal, Phage, [*] Berserker`s Grave + Dorian Blade.If u do, u are ready to own teamfights (about them read later). Grab red whenever is possible especially if u have phage +zeal you will be greater chaser.Guess what it means? It`s time to haunt. Your primary target should be carries and other vulnerable heroes.Try to avoid Fidlesticks, Alistar, Kennen or similar chars with disables.Just cast W folowed by stun on u`r target then simply auto attacks if needed cast ultimate to finish job.Just to be voracious and don`t turret dive.

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Team fights

Your goal is to keep away enemy Tanks,Off Tanks and Bruisers from damaging your carries and mages. You will be practically immortal for them due to ultimate. Ofc they will try to disable you but guess what? YOU HAVE CLEANSE "Life saving spell".So get rid of all those pesky nerfs and keep up with your goal.If u are on low hp falsh outside battlefield near carry or some isolated champion and try to regain health on him.

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Late game

Be very cautious about going alone u`r death might mean GG. Sacrifice in order to your allies escape if you lost team fight 2 for 1 is quite good exchange.If u manage to enter enemy base press tab to see when will they respawn. Time left+3-7 seconds if time when they are going to arrive.

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I hope u liked my build.Sry for not having pics in guide but this is my first and kinda don`t know how to add them.

28.10.2012 I added lane enemies and learnt how to place icon (yey).I gonna add hard enemies tomorow.Also renamed build.Why?It`s so obvious that he is mega giga slayer and very easy to see that its going to be bg easy win so I renamed build.I hope Nvidia wont press charges :D...

1.11.2012 I was ill, so u couldnt finish this before, but i`ve added hard enemies.Try to leave so comment by mistake or at least vote...
Enjoy and Own