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Syndra Build Guide by Sunewk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sunewk

The Way of Suney. Chapter Three: Big Balls that ain't lying

Sunewk Last updated on August 5, 2014
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Big Balls Syndra.

Syndra Build

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Hello I am Thy Mighty Suney I am Challenger 2 years in a row I have decided that I will now share my knowledge, don't worry this is legit I've used long time on these guides to help you guys how to get better.

Becuase I follow Thy way of Suney all my games look like this.

Score Card
Syndra Big Balls Team K D A CS
EVERYWHERE, WHEN YOU HAVE BIG BALLS YOU DON'T NEED A ROLE SuneThyGod 9001 Only N00BL0RDZ die Thy God doesn't need that **** 9001
AP Random NoobLord1 None because I don't have Big Balls 9001 None because I don't have Big Balls None because I don't have Big Balls
J Feeder 2 None because I don't have Big Balls 9001 None because I don't have Big Balls None because I don't have Big Balls
AD Russian 3 None because I don't have Big Balls 9001 None because I don't have Big Balls None because I don't have Big Balls
T Claims to be Diamond smurf and then feeds 4 None because I don't have Big Balls 9001 None because I don't have Big Balls None because I don't have Big Balls

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Build Explained

Syndra has very big balls and they are round, you gotta buy loads of round items, this is Thy Way of Suney and how to get Challenger.

You need Doran's Shield because it's round and it's a shield and if you have a shield you have big balls.

You need Kindlegem because it's round and red and round is good and it looks like it has fire so you will be very intimidating.

You MUST have Prospector's Ring it looks very fancy and the gem is round which is good, round is good, because when you have many round items your foes will be scared and surrender at 20

You need a Glacial Shroud because it's blue and round and with that you can give your foes "The Cold Shoulder" so they think you are a cool guy and will be very scared.

The HexTech Sweeper this item is a


because it's a eye so it can see stuff and it's round so the enemy team will think you have very big balls, very intimidating.

Orb of Winter, fantastic item to buy it's a orb and it's freaking round can it even get any better? yes but having such big balls isn't necessary when the Enemy team surrenders ar 20 anyway.

Quicksilver Sash


only ******* and N00BL0RDZ
doesn't get it. It will make you into a Ninja and everyone knows Ninja's has very big balls.

You really need Spirit Stone in order to get challenger if you don't you'll go back to bronze.

Taliman of Ascension, in order to get this item you must steal that N00BL0RD Oriann's ball it will be very helpfull since it's round and will make your ult do more damage since you get bigger balls.

Head of Kha'Zix. Go dicapitate that N00BL0RD Kha'Zix when/if you get this item it will make you seem every badass and the enemy team will automatically surrender.

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You'll only need Your Q and R since throwing your Massive Balls around is very nasty and your foes


make fun of you because they think you like men.

In order to one shot anyone you'll need tons of balls and press R you will insta-oneshot anyone and if they say you like men in All-Chat, you just laugh and call them a N00BL0RD

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As stated in my other guides YOU DO NOT NEED THIS ****, the Korean players doesn't use this poop so you shouldn't either, unless you don't wanna be Challenger and go back to Bronze.

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In this case you do not need Runes since you have


and will one-shot anyone in your path so don't waste your time on this pathetic ****.

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Team Work

How many times do I have to say this, YOU DO NOT NEED A TEAM, Teamwork is for *******

Tell them to afk because you have

Big Balls

amd doesn't need help, your team will understand everytime becuase they clearly can see that you have very big balls.

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Summoner Spells Explained

Clairvoyance is a MUST HAVE since it helps you spot all those cheeky ScrubLordz and then yoo'll NEED Flash so you can flash on your foes grave when you kill them with your Big Balls to show them you mean business.

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There are loads of pros, like this will make your Balls bigger IRL aswell
Girls and Boys will be all over you.
There are still tons but my balls is so big that I don't even wanna tell you them all, you'll have to see it for yourself.