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Master Yi Build Guide by Minion

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Minion

The Way of the Yi

Minion Last updated on April 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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To be used for Future Reference

I will make more Updates as I get more time (As this did sit on my browser for a few days slowly working on it)

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Introduction To Yi

Yi is either hated or loved, never in between. He is prolly one of the most versatile Champs in the game in my opinion. AD Melee Carry, Bruiser, AP Carry, AP Tank, are a few or all of the examples.
I use him to Jungle or Solo Top, but mainly jungle. I also tend to play him as a bruiser (Tankyi). How you build Yi is how you to plan to use him in the match, but also think of what you are going against. If there are a lot of stuns, I would not suggest using him, or plan when to use Meditate at the most appropriate time.

This is my first guide, and the only reason I decided to make one was because my friends told me it would be a good idea since I play him better then most they see. So here I am posting my first guide, so please go easy on me.

I hope you enjoy it.....

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Pros / Cons

Jungle Yi-
- Fast Jungler
- High Damage Output
- Good Sustain
- Excellent Steroids

- Dependent on VERY early game for Alpha Strike to proc for a good clear time
- Counter-Jungled very easily
- Squishy
- No form of CC
- Early Gank Depends on Red (Pre-Level 6)
- Must know how to gank properly or depend on Laner to have CC

Top Solo Yi-
- Excellent Sustain
- Good Damage Output
- Good Poke & Harass with Alpha Strike (If timed right)
- High Farm with Alpha Strike

- Can be Countered with CC to prevent Farming
- No form of CC
- Squishy
- Can be Countered on Top with champions who have stuns
- Mana Dependent (See Skill Sequence Below)

Tankyi (Bruiser)-
- Great Intiate with Alpha Strike
- Good sustain in battle with Meditate (Maxed)
- Can avoid Certain CC with Alpha Strike timed right (Very Hard to do)
- Enemy Always targets you first so your team can do all their damage
- Excellent Damage Output, so your still a high threat

- No form of CC
- Since your targeted first you will die (But you should last a good bit and that will help kill off most of their team)
- If Stunned or Silenced can not use Meditate
- VERY Dependent upon Gear


- Supreme farming ability
- High movement speed with Ult
- Ult is potentially spammable
- Great chasing ability
- Built in bonus AD and ATS
- Best Backdoor in Game
- Excellent at taking down Turrets in seconds (post level 6)
- Best escape if not Stunned

- Weak early game
- No CC
- Poor escapability pre level 6
- Squishy
- Dependent on Gear

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Masteries & Runes

Obviously in Draft Mode you can see the enemy team match-up, and know ahead of time how to play. The Runes and Mastery above is just generic and something I threw together. But I also use, but with Master Yi you need to set the runes to how you play. So test around and see what works best for you. I found with no Armor Pen I did almost no dmg even with maxing Wuju Style out.

What you use as Runes or Mastery, is dependent on how you are going to play him.

Blind Pick, just pick something that you think will suit the teams needs along with yours.

What I use above is to jungle with though...

Obviously though I only run Magic Resist in Masteries, but I also make up for it in Items. (See Below)

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The Items listed above are usually what I start out with.....unless it is top then I usually buy Boots and some Mana Pots. (See Skill Sequence Below)
How you go from there is dependent on how you want to play, and what the Enemy group make-up is.
I firmly believe there is no solid buy list for Yi, there is too many variations that you have to take into account.
How long is the game going to last, can determine what items you might need to prioritize.
What Items you buy also depends on how you are going to play Yi.

So when buying Items think what is going to be most beneficial to the team, if your AD Carry is not doing well you might need to play as an AD Carry and go pure dmg as long as someone else can tank.

But if I must say if there is any one item I would buy, it would be the Frozen Mallet. It is by far the best form of CC for Master Yi.

As I said previously, I tend to build Master Yi as a bruiser. Since there is no Magic Resist Glyphs I tend to go straight to Merc Treads after Wriggles, and then into Wits End. But depends on if I need the dmg or not, if I need the dmg then I get the phage after Recurve Bow and then finish Wits End. But most times it is just best go staight to Wits End, after all you do have Wuju Style.

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Skill Sequence

Is how you think is best fit for your Circumstance, but ALWAYS get Alpha Strike first. After that use your best Judgement.

Top, I go-


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Here it is quickly.....

Anyone can play a Good Yi, but to play a Great Yi and have lots of people add you as a friend cause they were so impressed that even the people on the enemy team will want to add you. You must take a good look at the items and know what is available to you, along with knowing the enemy make-up and how to play.
I would not play Master Yi, if the enemy team has a lot of Stuns and Silences. Snares & Roots are fine, just pop Highlander or Meditate and your good to go. Stuns, Silences, & Grabs (Blitzcrank & Nautilus are 2 good example)are your worst enemy.

Yi can very easily carry a game if played right, he can also ruin a game if not either.

Master Yi is a lot of fun to play, and anyone can play him. But to play him correctly is to play him to the team needs, and not to your own.