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Wukong Build Guide by BlueInSane

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlueInSane

The Wuking [Tanky/DPS]

BlueInSane Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Hey guys,

this is just how I play Wukong. Because he has just been released this build isnt finished yet and might get changes... Before I start, I have to say that the build is very close to the build I use for Irelia. Reason: Both have spamable spells and are melee fighters who needs to be tanky.
So just try it out and tell me ur feedback.

This guide isnt formated yet so it might be a bit confusing. I will do it later just stay tuned.

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Here comes the first part, the runes (same as for Irelia):

I chose Armorpenetration for Marks and Quintessenzes. Why: He only has one Skill which does magic damage.
For Seals and Glyphs I chose defensive runes as I also mentioned in the Introduction.
It gives you a little tankyness in early und you are able to be a bit more aggressive.

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Now the masteries (same as for Irelia):

I chose 0/9/21 in order to make sure that I can stay longer in lane and level faster. The 3 points in manaregeneretion also helps ypu to be more aggressive because you can use your E-Q-W combo more often.

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Skill Sequence

First of all put a point in Nimbus Strike and then in Crushing Blow. With these two skills you are able to harras a lot. Then put a point in Decoy which helps you to get out of difficult situations and is also good for when you are getting ganked (I think this is the best skill of Wukong). You can also fool enemies pretty good and make them waist their skills at it. Just use Nimbus Strkie to get close, then autoattack, activate Crushing Blow and hit the enemie again. Then you can use Decoy and most of the enemies will waste their skills on it. Anyway, I tent to max Crushing Blow first because it gives a nice bonusdamage and resets the autoattack timer (only use it AFTER an autoattack). Then i go for Nimbus Strike which gives you a nice and save option to harras and a good AS-Buff. At last you put your points in Decoy.

Main Skilling-Order:


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Now here is the main part, the items:

Normaly when you pick Wukong you should go solotop, but you can also go on a doublelane.
At the beginning I get Regrowth Pendant plus a Healpotion. This helps you to stay in lane much longer. When you have enough money port back and grap Philosopher's Stone, Boots and a Heart of Gold as well as a ward and some Potions. Now you have two 5 Gold/10 Sec items which realy helps you a lot to get Trinity Force early. At your next backport you should buy Merkurys and Sheen for more damage and a bit magicresistence. Now your damage should be pretty high and Crushing Blow should realy hurt your enemie. Then go for Phage and finish your Trinity Force after it. At that point you have a good survivability and a god damage. Now I think its up to you. When you lack of damage get The Black Clever. When you lack of survivability get Negatron Cloak and Randiums Omen. As last item I chose Last Whisper. It gives you a good amount of AD and 40% armorpenetration. Now you are really scary because your Ulti also scales with armorpen and does physical damage. Anyway the last item is pretty much up too you. It can also be a defensive item, just test a bit.

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Laneing Phase

When you have Solotop, you should concentrate on lasthitting. Nimbus Strike helps you to lasthit AND harras the enemie. Combined with Crushing Blow your enemie will get a lot of damage. But keep in mind: Dont play too aggrassive until you have your Decoy. When you have Philosopher's Stone you can use a pretty good combo to harras your enemie: Use Nimbus Strike to get close to your enemie, autoattack and use Crushing Blow. This should throw your enemie to 50% or 66& of his life. In order to take no damage activate Decoy after it. If he wastes his skills on it and you are sure to grap the kill just go close to him and try it. You also should ask your jungler to gank top. A good ganker for you is for example Rammus who can taunt the enemie while you are doing your Ulti. If he gets away, use Ghost and/or Flash as well as Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow to catch him.

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In teamfights you should stay in back until your Tank initiates. Then watch out of Ultis like Nunus, Katas etc. and try to cancel them. Make sure not to activate your Ulti before they use their Ultis. When they have no Ultis like that, just go for the enemies Carry and kill him as fast as you can. It shouldnt be so difficult, because you can knock up all other enemies and Ghost and Falsh to their Carry. You also can fool your enemies with Decoy and then go for their Carry. Make also sure you activate Randiums Omen in order to keep them close to your Ultimate.

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Does this build work?

Oh yes, it does:

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So far, this is just a first look at Wukong and I think I am going to change some things after more testing. Just leave a comment if this guides helps you and help me to improve it.
Formation will also come later, when I have more time.