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Lee Sin General Guide by TheHeroicMan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheHeroicMan


TheHeroicMan Last updated on August 12, 2015
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Lee Sin Build

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How to choose between, and why too choose between these items in this guide

Rushing stalker is a great way to use and take advantage of your early game strength, Soon after you're going to want to pick up a sight stone so that you can perform more moves and have a lot more mobility with a champ that already has so much but get ruby as your last item it is a waste of gold getting it early, chose your boots depending on the enemy team and their ratio of ap,ad. Banshee's veil is a good item to get although the new patch it makes it so if you don't take damage within 40 seconds the cooldown resets so you might as well pick up a spirit visage now a' days due to the mr and its passive increases your second cast of w and overall life steal with rav as well. Like i said depending on the enemy team is how you choose your defense items. So if you are trying to get some mr but still have some damage get a hexdrinker building into maw, Also if they have some tanks on their team get a last whisper to make everything you do to people with armor, stronger. Remember with these items i have set up you have to pick and choose the items depending on their enemy team/team comp. This is my first guide i have done but it wont be the last and this has been a way to build Lee Sin. But always remember these items aren't the only good items to get so mix things up


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