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Shaco Build Guide by eltorostrikesagn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eltorostrikesagn

Them Baddies(OrecKang) Go So Hard

eltorostrikesagn Last updated on January 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Identify, Classify, Overcome

Hello all. Whether you were sent to this page because u are a super feedin' baddie or a player of skill here for the humor, this guide is for you. This guide will present you with the tools you need to both identify and classify baddies that are in your que. This knowledge can be used to spot baddies on both teams and make a plan with your (good) teammates to fully capitalize on the enemies weak player or prepare to minimize the impact of the baddie on your team. Everybody has had a baddie on their team and multiple baddies on your team is almost always an automatic loss. Many times during your journey through silver you will encounter very bad players in solo que. In order to advance in rank you have to learn how to not only be good enough to win your lane but find a way to take a player who lacks skill and intelligence and make him a useful member of your winning team. This guide will help you identify the different types of baddies and break down how to best deal with them.

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This Shaco: The Dumb Character Baddie

One of the easiest ways to identify baddies in solo que is in character selection. This is by far the best time to identify them as champ selection is the only time you will be able to dodge. The most easily identifiable baddie of them all is the Dumb Character Baddie. Sound familiar:

    " I am god-like with Shaco"
    " I got a pretty good Urgot"
    " I mean Zilean has so much utility, how can I not pick him here"

If you hear any of these quotes get out of the que and take the -3 LP and 5 minute penalty. Baddies like this are almost always an auto-que loss. There will usually be that overly positive guy in que that says:

"Well lets just see how it goes, he might be good??"

Lets not and say we didn't. Let this naive teammate stay in que and be forced to play with him next time the que spawns. You just go ahead and take that 5 minute penalty.
There are few characters in League who are rated Trash-Tier for their respective positions in Silver Solo Que. In the case of Shaco your team is getting a squishy jungler with no utility or scaling that has to be 3 items ahead to make any difference in the game. In the case of Zilean you are getting a support that is very very squishy that excels in both an awkward laning and team fight phase. Unless you are playing with a pro you are ****ed. Go ahead and dodge this que. The penalty is worth the aggravation of having to play a 5 on 4.

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Supporting the Other Team: The Rando Support Baddie

Another common baddie that trolls around in silver que is the Rando Support baddie. He is usually the last pick and almost always asks for other positions. After it becomes clear he will not get any of those positions he will say something like:

"U make me support...I not that good at support"

Of course most of this is trying to get somebody else to support so he can feed another lane.

When it comes time for last pick he'll select a squishy ap character that has no business in bot lane. Usually something like a Brand, Veigar, LeBlanc, or Fizz. The Rando Support Baddie will claim that he is really good with high skill cap supports. This is almost NEVER true. What ends up happening is the enemy adc will usually kill them once or twice before they finally realize their "insane damage" does not exist and in its place is a character who is essentially a free kill. A skilled adc can manage the lane to try to keep the Rando Support Baddie from dying too much and as long as the ADC has relevant damage when the team fight phase starts the Rando Support Baddie won't destroy your team's chances of winning.