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Caitlyn Build Guide by muggy8

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author muggy8

Theory Crafting - Caitlin

muggy8 Last updated on June 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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this is a theory crafting guide therefore it is made for solo queue between 1100-1450 elos. the reason i build like this is i often find Caitlins running out of mana and just sit there and auto attack. not that there's anything wrong with that its just that when you need to use a spell say the net, all of a sudden you dont have the mana to do it and you end up cursing yourself for blowing all that mana earlier. also i have had alot of times when people are able to get away from cait because they ran into the fog of war with 2 hp and we cant even get them with her snipe. this build is my best attempt to patch up as much of her weaknesses as i can.

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summoner spells

clairvoyance? why that? because you can kill someone who's running away even if they go into the fog of war and you cant see them anymore you can now see them again. the second reason is because this is a great team fight tool in the jungle. team fights in the jungle is now the current meta, every team needs one of these and if your solo queueing there's a 80% chance that no one on your team will take it so why not take it. aahhh but what about exhaust and ignite and ghost and all those other wonderful spells that everyone always gets. the thing is clairvoyance is not a popular spell to get no one gets it unless they're forced into it or they're actually good at this game. however ignite and exhaust are very popular with the general public and as a result if you dont take it someone else is bound to take it. and the last thing is even if your teammate does take CV it is unlikely that they will CV a fleeing foe just for you, all the more reason to take CV. now the last thing is what about ghost wont you get ganked too much without it? simply put flash + net can get you good distance between you and your ganker. its not like your ashe and you dont have any escapes. you have the net you have your traps to scout out ganks if ashe need flash and ghost you can do with only flash.

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omg 9/0/21 noob playing cait like a caster. ok i will take a look at this. lets look at the attack masteries. what will help cait? ok crit, armor pen, attack speed, flat AD, increase damage dealt by 4% now out of those how much is significant enough to actually make a difference? about none of them. now if we look at the utility tree, all of them would benefit cait. how many of them are siginificant enough to make a difference? there's death time reduction, increased exp, increased mana regen, move speed increase, cdr, and most importantly summoner spell cdr. the faster you can get your flash off cooldown the faster you can start doing some pushing. this is why i roll with 9/0/21 masteries and because i like cdr more than attack speed i take 4 in sorcery instead of alacrity.

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hmmmm this doesn't look like one of your other guides, its not some crazy runes build that's specifically used for just that one champ... hay this rune build looks like it could work for any champ.... something's off here

yes the runes is a very general setup. its not something that's designed specifically for caitlin. everything looks like it can be used for anyone else the thing is, cait's one of those champs that that isn't rune dependent. to me, carries are champs that can do well with or without runes because they're so item dependent that runes become insignificant when carries start becoming significant. thats why i would take some early game runes (flat AD and flat hp) and some mid game runes and just roll with it

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item build

your starting off with a long sword and a health potion. your also starting off with 69 AD go figures (unless your laning with sona then you'd have 77). your goal in lane like all other carries is to farm farm farm farm farm. before you get too carried away once you hit 995 gold and a chance to go back, go back and get a tear. after the tear your job is to sit in lane and farm for ever. you no longer have mana issues and so you farm. its best to do this with a support that has some kind of healing soraka, sona, taric are all good lane partners but solo top is also a good place to stay. the goal here is so that you can never worry about your mana ever again. the down side to this is you dont get as much AD out of it. the grand total in AD you can get from manamune is roughly 60 and thats why many people would rather rush blood thurster than manamune as it can easily go up to 100 AD however these are also the reason they're so gankable because they're oom half the time. after you large farming spree you can now go back buy manamune, boots and maybe a BF sword if not just a vamperic scepter is good too. from this point on you just keep working on getting more AD to make your ult snipe that much harder. at this point it totally up to you what items you want. at the end you can buy banshee as it provides you mana and adding more to your AD from manamune and a protective bubble. your free to do as you please after boots and manamune.

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please try this out. its theory crafting so its quite common that build such as these dont work so please try it and suggest ideas on how to make this better. thanks :)