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Kindred Build Guide by Philex

Jungle Theorycrafted Build that will make you regret everything

Jungle Theorycrafted Build that will make you regret everything

Updated on January 5, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Philex Build Guide By Philex 1,563 Views 0 Comments
1,563 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Philex Kindred Build Guide By Philex Updated on January 5, 2022
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Champion Build Guide

Theorycrafted Build that will make you regret everything

By Philex
This is a meme guide
Hey all! Welcome to my Theorycrafted Kindred build that will make you regret ever clicking on this guide!

And in case you haven't realized, I made this as a meme guide because I stand for Build Diversity and this build is pretty diverse, but is it good? I don't know 😅, I've only tried the Sunderer build in ARAM
Who am I?
I am Trikanoid or Felix, a Garen enthusiast, 4fun player, theorycrafter and small content creator. I've played Garen for a solid 11 years and counting, not as in one tricking him, but rather on and off.
So your first question is most likely "Why is a Garen main making a guide for Kindred?"
Because we need more diverse builds and I'm here to give all of you ideas on different builds that could maybe work :^)
Why make this guide?
We require more diverse builds, also if you haven't realised, I'm just reusing my guide chapters from my other guides because I'm too lazy to change the setup.

PS: I'd love it if, anyone who tries out my build after reading, to send me their replays/highlights/vods/etc so I can see whether my theorycrafting worked for everyone or just in certain elos.
Why Sunderer?
Coz Wolf's Frenzy makes Dance of Arrows go down to 2 second cooldown therefore allowing you to proc Divine Sunderer multiple times, so it must be busted and I tried it in an ARAM :^), won my game with it, got the most kills therefore solidifying Divine Sunderer as a potential mythic for Kindred
Why Stridebreaker?
Have you ever had those annoying melee champions jump on top of you and you have no escape because they can dash twice whilst you only dash once?

Well fear no longer! Because Stridebreaker provides a fat slow which will give you more than enough time to escape their range and dash further than their double dash could ever take them :D

Also it gives HP, AD and MS on hit so it's pretty good.
Tank Kindred?
Idk lmfao, there's tank Kog'Maw but no tank Vayne so might as well start jumping onto the tank ADC meta to become unkillable while having high base damage or in Kindred's case, scaling damage due to her marks
Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone who reads and uses this guide success in their games! This was more leaning towards the memey side of things but I hope after reading this guide, you decide to try it in your ranked games. ESPECIALLY your placements :^)

If you enjoyed and want to share your success, whether it be scoreboard screenshots/vods/replays/highlights/etc, please send it to my email:

Once again, thanks for reading!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Philex
Philex Kindred Guide
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Theorycrafted Build that will make you regret everything

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