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Kayle Build Guide by Bigg Fuddgee

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bigg Fuddgee

TheoryCrafting:: :: Exploring ADC Kayle

Bigg Fuddgee Last updated on December 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro:: :: My thoughts on the possibility

Kayle would be very difficult to be made an ADC, I understand. Her range at maximum is 525 (the worst that would be around) and she isn't always ranged until she reaches 37% CDR. But this is the question i'll ask, What does an ADC do in a team fight typically? They kite the enemies tanks so that they survive.

Kayle has Holy Fervor which is a passive 15% armor and Magic reduction on the enemy because she does mixed damage (which isn't bad at all)

Kayle has Reckoning which is a pretty heavy nuke and slow that would allow her to kite along with her MS buff and heal Divine Blessing

Her Righteous Fury provides her that range, splash, and mixed damage.

Her Intervention gives her 3 seconds of immunity.

Kayle's laning phase would be incredible, she has built in damage on Righteous Fury amazing poke with Reckoning and great chasing potential with Divine Blessing and she has a built in dive with Intervention

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Items:: ::

Start Relic Shield this was OP until the fixed to having to be a melee attack, but guess what Kayle is melee without the E so why not take advantage of that item once more?

Ionian Boots of Lucidity allows that 37% CDR to constantly keep her righteous fury up

I'm thinking Infinity Edge is always needed for ADCS to do damage, and Statikk Shiv gives that AS, Crit chance, and further magic damage to give you further mixed damage and then of course Last Whisper is needed.

For lifesteal I was thinking either The Bloodthirster, Hextech Gunblade, or Blade of the Ruined King

My thought process on this was the differences between all of them, Hextech Gunblade is typically not an ADC item. But Righteous Fury procs spell vamp and LS. You would be sacrificing a little damage and a little lifesteal but gaining a secondary nuke active with further magic damage, spell vamp, a little bit of ability power. Is the trade worth it?

Blade of the Ruined King would be another option for kiting to grant additional MS, AS, and it slows the enemy. The drawback on the item is that the damage increase is low.

The Bloodthirster is always a good choice, but I think one of the other 2 are better because the provided active.

As far as the last items I believe Frozen Mallet, Trinity Force, Guardian Angel would all be good choices. Frozen mallet provides tankiness and an additional kiting slow, trinity enhances Kayle's movement speed, and of course guardian's revive could bait enemies because they would wait for the revival and then you could pop the ultimate and lifesteal back up.

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Abilities:: ::

As far as this I was thinking of only getting one point in Righteous Fury until the laning phase is done because the scaling on it is only +10 damage per rank and it also enhances the splash damage which would naturally push the lane, so I wouldn't max that while in lane, I'd max Reckoning and Divine Blessing for the Slow and MS increase.

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Masteries:: ::

I'd go 19/0/11 because Honestly I'm not a fan of Havoc , I prefer the spell vamp and LS off of Vampirism

I found out recently that Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving both apply when Kayle's E auto attacks hit, so that just screams awesomeness.

I don't know how good taking 2 points in Warlord over 2 points in Executioner would be, both seem underwhelming, Maybe take the 5% AS? Idk what to do with those last 2 points.

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Runes:: ::

I take scaling CDR glyphs and quints to gain 17.5% CDR with Sorcery is 22.5% + Ionian Boots of Lucidity is 37.5% which is the amount needed to keep E up.

I like taking hybrid marks over damage because you have the E for extra damage, and penetration is better late game, especially hybrid for kayle

and of course armor seals.

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Final thoughts:: ::

This is just a thought, I had like 10k Ip to buy runes so I thought I would try it, what are your thoughts? this is just a theory crafting session, I find theory crafting fun, I played AP skarner for a while because the heal on the E was great, it is just fun to me.