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Shen Build Guide by clydeyap

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author clydeyap

This build might not fit you,it fully is built for assist

clydeyap Last updated on November 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is a boring way of play Shen at first and is going to be boring if you aren't interested in playing Shen at all.As you see from above,i choose not to add vorpal blade until i maxed out every other skill or did not add it if i could choose not to.I will explain further in this guide why this is so.Next,the pros and cons of playing Shen.

P.S. if you are the type of person who hates to read long chunks of words,skip this guide and try using this build of Shen.

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Pros / Cons

-Shen can get really thick if used well.(Thick=lots of hp)
-Shen can save a teamate with ease because of his ultimate and taunt.
-Shen can be a PAIN IN THE *** to kill in the early game because of feint
-In a team fight,if Shen engages first,he is likely to be the aim for the fight till he dies,however,if the items gotten are correct,he can live and his teamates come out with full health
-Shen's mana isn't mana,it's energy which can help you spam the spells you need to use.
-Shen's dash can dash in or out of neutral creep camps which allows an easy escape(through the trees)

-One very obvious con,since Shen is melee,he gets harrassed by ranged heroes.
-Shen's vorpal blade only compensates about 1/10 of the hp lost in a lane when facing ranged heroes(thus it isn't added)
-Shen's dash range is short,sometimes if you miss the dash,it can get you or your teamate killed
-In case this is a bad thing to you,Shen is the centre of attention after taunting multiple enemies.

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Creeping /Jungling/Farming

Shen?Jungle?Everyone might just blacklist you as a ******.As for creeping,make use of your passive,which gives you bonus damage every few seconds.Facing a ranged hero or two and afraid of harassment?Go in,feint last hit and get out of range.Sometimes,your opponent gets irritated and wants to kill you,thus rushing near your tower to get a kill,just run around your tower,feint and then taunt him.This renders him unable to use spells,triggering the tower's agro due to hitting you and running off when the duration ends because at most times,they know that if they take one more hit,they die.especially after the heavy damage from towers.

There was once i played Shen and i went top alone because my buddy was jungling.I faced a fizz and a xin zhao.This was my first time trying the build i posted in this guide,so my first impression was that i was probably going to die and do really badly.I went on to try anyway and i realised Feint had saved me alot of health for the times i had been slowed and took heavy damage.Due to this happening near the creeps,the enemies took the argo of my creeps and got lower and lower on health.i was only at one bar and they thought they could kill me so they rushed in to try.Fearing that i dont have enough health to survive them under my tower,i ran around my tower and waited for Feint to finish cooling down.I went near the xin zhao and quickly flee to bait him over to my tower.he dashed into my range and got me really low,i used feint in time to stop myself from dying and he fled to stop himself from dying to my tower.the fizz was afraid to try for the kill during this time and ran to the back of my tower.Right after i killed xin zhao,he came in with an attempt to have me slain.i taunted him,feinted and ran off free with two kills.

This tells us why feint is important to keep us alive and farm.

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Team Work

Teamwork is really simple actually.

If you see a teamate getting raped by 5 heroes and you are nearby,dash in and taunt them all(this happens only in the late game when you have heavy duty health to tank with.)

If a teamate gets raped by 5 heroes and you are near,just run there and dash in.


In a gank,you aim to kill the strongest champion or the disabler first,taunt them so they cant use spells.your teamates do the rest and rape these supporters or strong and fed heroes.

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Summoner Spells

Why do i use teleport and heal?


Teleport-to get to a faraway teamate or get to a starting gank fast enough to save your teamate or help in the gank

Heal-If you lane alone,this is to help you escape a killing blow.This once saved me from karthus' ultimate.


Flash-if you think shadow dash is too short ranged for an escape,or cant reach an opponent,flash in or out or creep camps or flash and dash to taunt and get an assist.

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Skill Sequence

If you face heavier harassment than you can take with this build,keep the same pattern and alternate between shadow dash and feint,just choose which you need to get maxed out first.Since vorpal blade only recovers health when you throw it and use a basic attack on the target.Since you are already facing big harassment,would you want to stay near the creeps where your oponents are?get near them and recover that health which would probably get you killed? or stay back,relax and feint dash when ever they get too near?save yourself,dont feed your opponents.
When you see 4 people converging on your location from different directions,press 'R',move your mouse to the map eonto an ally and click,lastly,tell them goodbye.

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If you have any enquiries on this build or want to know more please leave a comment and i will try my best to answer you.If you like this guide,please also leave a comment.
thank you for reading this.