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Shyvana Build Guide by Bunnybunner

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bunnybunner

This chick is HOT! (AD, Tank and BEST)

Bunnybunner Last updated on April 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First build is heavy AD.

Second is a Tanky build.

And the third is the perfect combination of both to make the best possible build for Shyvana. (The way you build it is after you get Atma's, sell Wits to buy Phantom. The sell Lantern to buy Bloodrazor.)

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Ive tried many other options for builds and I have found this to be solid after about ten games in a row. It may be a little different than what you would expect to see in a Shyvana, but try it out and let me know what you think.
Do remember that items are situational, there is never going to be a stern one by one item build that works every time. After lots of practice you will learn what items fit different situations. My number one example would be Veigar and his annoying freaking AoE stun, if hes good with it, its always in your best interest to get an quicksilver sash lol...

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While writing this guide...

I have discovered something.... What if I take advantage of her most useful attribute and build on it? That being that her ultimate gives her a **** load of magic resit and armor. If we build her like any other tank, she will have more armor and magic resist than them still because of her ultimate. This could make activating her ultimate into the opposing team a lot more scarier and making her one of the best people to jump into the other team. So without further a due im going to make a second build that focuses on giving her as much armor and magic resist but still giving her attack speed and damage but making them second priority.
I Dont think anyone else has tried this idea yet considering her ultimate eases people into not even worrying about armor and magic resist but im going to take advantage of it. I always like to to push the boundaries of what is possible to discover the unbelievable like for the example of making Sona AD. She is still my second strongest AD champion and very few know how powerful she is execpt for the people I play against insuring first blood at thier tower and 2 hitting squishys. So I hope making use of her ultimates armor and magic resist will be just as an OP idea as AD Sona, lets find out shall we?

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I feel primary she needs Attack Speed more than anything else since the faster your attack speed the faster you have your ultimate up, also it seems to scare people when you hit them faster than they hit you regardless of how much each hit does. So the best place to get that from is Marks and get the Armor Pen instead from Quints. There might be some impressive math you could do that makes that decision ******ed but im too lazy to do it myself.

Her base hp regin is terrible so you want to boost than more than Armor, Dodge or flat health in most situations, although, these choices could be viable. That hp regin is mainly if you have troubles at the start of the game, if you are confident you will do well from the start then I would go Dodge. I know you will be tempted to get mana regin, but im pretty sure its a bad choice for this champion... Not 100% positive but im pretty sure it wont do a damn thing but make you OP.

I went with cooldown reduction glyphs but magic resist couldn't hurt either.

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When I choose her masteries I try to make her strong by taking everything that increases attack speed while not passing up things that increase attack damage and hp regin. Again, I know its temping to grab pretty things that increase mana regin but its probbly not in your best interest to be perma-banned for being too OP...

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As you notice, I want to get the most attack damage AND attack speed as possible while still not sacrificing that much survival with Starks. Since her Ultimate gives so much armor and magic resist you really do not have to focus on getting any items with it. So the only thing left is life steal or flat hp. I prefer life steal because it goes best with attacking.....duh.

Yes its an expensive build but as long as you stay in order up until starks, you can switch priority into other items. ex. If your still doing bad after starks, go for Frozen mallet next for more survivability. Ooooooooor you can blame it on my build and find where I live and punch me in the face for you sucking...

You will have so much armor and magic resist while still being able to take on anyone 1v2 so well it will surprise you, oh, also the dodge.
Sunfire + your W will do so much damage by itself that you will wonder why doesnt every Shyvana have one.

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Skill Sequence

I take flame breath first because its most useful to have a range skill at the start so you can poke from a safe distance and also get last hits if your stuck in a difficult situation. Dont bother leveling it up more than once because you should be focusing on attacking face on rather than with one skill you have that is range that has very poor AP ratio.
Next I find Burnout, AKA Garren spin, to be best. It can be a little tough to understand that you it does enough damage to make people run from you with a swirly fire ring being around you so to make sure to spam all your ability's at once holding Shift to make them think your a badass.
I think your Q is almost just as important, its a little more aggressive but also a lot more unsafe. If your doing really good I would make Q your priority.

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Summoner Spells

Her ult is a flash and with the attack speed you will have you wouldn't need flash.
Your Burnout is a ghost, not literally a ghost as in boooooooo im a freaking ghost!! More as in a speed boost. Come on people this is league of legends!!!
Your a melee champ so it makes since to get exhaust, you can change ignite for teleport if your team needs it.
It might also be viable to get clarity for you mage friends, but screw you friends they cant have you mana!

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If you have a good start with this build, by the end of the game when you ult into the opposing team, they will pee themselves as you spam your abilities and melt their faces.... As long as your teamamtes dont just stare at you from a distance as you do it like poor malphite.... and yes this has happened to me more than once.
Have fun.