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Tryndamere Build Guide by Wainbow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wainbow

this is a dead build pls use new one

Wainbow Last updated on August 26, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Tryndamere with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vladimir Hide Behind minions when he has the red circle thing. Stay away from him when his resource bar has 1/2 or 2/2 charges.
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Wtf trynd main?

Yes. I am a trynd main. If you try it, you might become like me. 200 damage crits EARLY. level 2 all ins. 2 Minuet First Blood's.


So far, Im only 70k Mastery with him, But i still play him. As i play more, i know more about him. It takes a lot of patience to accept the fact that no one appreciates your greatness.

fiddlesticks: gj top.

tryndamere: mid and jger top.
leblanc: gj top. sorry for not pinging.

tryndamere: watch out bot lane
thresh: stfu.

fiddlesticks: dang. guys, lets group.
leblanc: yeah. we can probably teamfight them.
tryndamere: sorry, i dont do too good in teamfights. ima split.
thresh: k.

fiddlesticks: gj need u for teamfight, they're gonna dive

[all]thresh: report tryndamere trolling.

[all]thresh: gg
[all]leblanc: ggwp
[all]tryndamere: gg
fiddlesticks: stupid tryndamere.

Match results.Your welcome team.

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Pros And Cons


Strong Laning Phase
Strong In SoloQ
VERY strong late game
LOTS of stick potential
Good waveclear
Good Splitpusher


Weak-ish Early game
Bad defending
Not Respected
Almost completely out of the game when behind.


A Lot of people say that tryndamere has a very weak early game. This isnt always the case with some builds.

People say tryndamere is weak in lane because he gets harrased alot.

This leads to tryndamere being more prone to being behind in XP and Gold.

I HEAVILY Disagree that his early game is weak.

Before It's too late into laning phase, at ~50 fury tryndamere can Out Trade almost anyone.

His early crit chance and lane sustain make it so that he can sit in lane all game and not have to worry about mana or other stupid resources.

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Runes, Masteries, and Summoners

So starting with runes.I REALLY Like AS. These runes are REALLY good for punishing your opponent for getting their CS. When they go in for one, You can try to get almost TWO autos instead of one when they are CS'ing. These runes are mainly for punishing and poking. When i say poke, i mean really hard poke. The next chapter will talk about it. If you dont like these runes, you can go with a safer page.
These runes are more for playing safe. The flat MR blues let you take less damage. These small tank stats can help you in the early laning phase. It is also 6 A Pen runes. If your against lots of tanks, is good for dealing damage through their armor. The Quints are AS. These let you get the benifit of Attack speed. This rune page is good for being a little more tanky, And dealing more damage to tanks.

Secondly, Masteries.
18/0/12 Makes it so you can be quite tanky in the early game. Its good if your going to be agressive in the early game, which is what my guide revolves around. The reason i get Runic Armor is because of its incredibly Synergy with Warlord's Bloodlust.. So in this image, you can see that i have Oppressor instead of Bounty Hunter. This is because i have faith that you will be able to get at least 3 kills and it should be fine. Later in the guide, I will show off what you should do early.
For possible edits to the rune page, getting Bounty Hunter is good if your against a really squishy comp, and your able to get those % damage inc's.Other possible changes is going 18/12/0. This is good if you feel you dont need those tank stats, and you want more damage. Assassin is good for dealing that extra 2% to your lane opponent. This is also helpful in the late game if people are coming for you while your alone split pushing.

NEW IDEA:This Mastery page is what i thought up of recently. With my playstyle, This might be the default mastery page. The benefit of this is that you opt into Bandit. This lets you benefit from trading. Not only do you get LANE PRESSURE, but you also get GOLD. I will play around with this idea of the bandit tryndamere. EDIT: I have concluded tha Bandit is not worth as much as i had thought. 18/0/12 is still the best choice.

With the testing i have done so far, i've concluded that you get approximatly 18 gold per level. Or 90 Gold at level 5 from Bandit. This means that it is PROBABLY worth taking this. I've edited the guide to 18/12/0.

Thirdly, Summoners.
TP FLASH is the most common. FLASH IGNITE is better for the people with self heals. e.g Vlad, Swain, Ect. GHOST IGNITE is also good if you want to stick to people. If you are going to play super agressive, then this is probably the best thing for the autoattacks to keep coming. I am not THAT aggressive, but it is viable if your opponent doesnt have any escapes.

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So here is where tryndamere mains get bullied.

Passive:What it does is pretty self explanatory. Auto attack to get 5 Fury, Crit to get 10 Fury, And Kill a unit to get 10 fury.

It kinda synergies with itself. You get fury from auto attacking, you use that fury to get crits, which you use to get STRONGER auto attacks.

Fury is also used for tryndamere's Q.

Tryndamere's Q is a self heal. Not only that, It also gives you some AD.

The reason you max this first, is because it's almost just free AD stats. When you are trading, You lose health. When you lose health, You gain AD stats from your Q. This is why tryndamere is so good at 1v1's Early to late. At Q level 2, its a long sword.

The Q is also a self heal. The Heal amount increases as you have more fury. Using the Q Active is a desicion in of itself. If you use your Q, you lose all your fury. You need to debate weather its worth keeping your crit chance, or healing. In a trade, I like using the Q when your close to dying. This is a bit if a surprise as you instantly get a small burst of healing that they might have not expected.

Your Q is also helpful for your lane sustain. You can just Q between minion waves to heal.

Your W is a slow and a Stat cut for your opponent.

If your opponent is running away from you, then your W will slow them. This lets you stick on people better, and land more auto attacks.

It is also a stat cut. It is good when your 1v1'ing someone. You can cut some of their AD. This lets you stay alive for slightly longer. When you use it, It is like taking 2 Long Swords from your opponent for 4 seconds.

E:Your E is a gap closer.

You can use it to get close to people. You can use it to run. YOU CAN USE THIS ABILITY OVER WALLS. You can use it for the wave clear. The next chapter will mention this ability. Your E is good for getting close to them. You want to be careful when using it during a 1v1. It will probably deal less damage than your crit auto attack.

Using this to get onto people is good if your going to trade with them. The cooldown goes down if you crit. If you roll in and get some crits, your E Cooldown goes down.


So many people call Tryndamere so freelow because of this one ability. It lets you be 100% invincible for 5 seconds, And gives your fury.

This ability gets you down to a cirtain amount of HP. That lets your Q deal Substantial amounts of damage.

This ability also gives you some fury. This lets you Crit more.

I like using this ability when your almost dead. Watch out when using when your too low, as you might lag and die awkwardly.

You can use your R when your CC'd.

Now some people say that Tryndamere is just R and right click. This isnt always the case. Tryndamere is suseptable to CC. CC is Tryndamere's worst nightmare. If you R, there is no point if your going to die anyways.

Your R synergies well with Warlord's Bloodlust. It will get the full 20% life steal, And assuming you have your Runic Armor,, you can get the extra 8% lifesteal. This lets you heal for a little bit. If you cant outheal the opponent's damage, you can Q at the end of your Q to use up your fury and not die instantly.

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Item Choice

So My build is quite different from what many other people build. I build him to splitpush. With my build, it doesnt really matter if your behind in the early game.

So Dorans Blade is the first item. This one is really common as a first item. It helps you with the early trades because of its AD, And life steal. It also helps with your lane sustain.

Rush Tiamat. I like rushing tiamat because if its incredible waveclear. Its similar to Bami's Cinder for tanks, in the fact that it helps you kill minions faster. Not only that, but it cancels your auto attack. If your doing a trade with your opponent, You can Auto, Timat, Auto. This lets you get three autos in when you might have only gotten two autos in any other circumstance.

Build Tiamat into Ravenous Hydra. Not too many people Rush Hydra first item. I really like rushing it, Because of a lot of things. The lifesteal. The life steal and the Runic Armor DO STACK. This lets you get lots of value out of the Runic Armor Mastery. This absurd amount of early lifesteal let you ALMOST OUT HEAL SOME CHAMPIONS DAMAGE. It is also really good for lane sustain. Like tiamat, Make sure to Auto, Hydra, Auto when your trading, for those extra autoattacks.

Second Item is Guinsoo's Rageblade. The real reason i but this in here is because i used to use this before it was changed recently. I really liked its cleave at 6 stacks, but it was changed. I edited my build just for this item. I rush this second item because its so good on tryndamere. You get the 6 stacks easily because you have lots of Attack Speed in your rune page, As well as the Hydra for the auto attack cancels. The Attack Speed will help you with small duels BETWEEN CSING WHEN YOUR STACKS ARE UP. Also note that Guinsoo's Rageblade also makes your Ravenous Hydra's On hit affect happen twice every two autoattacks. This means that the Hydra autoattack modifier WILL HAPPEN TWICE. This lets you push the wave SUPER hard.

Third item Statikk Shiv. Statikk Shiv synergises really well with Guinsoo's Rageblade. Statikk shiv is on hit. If you're lucky, The Statikk Shiv on hit will happen twice, making your trades incredibly one sided. Statikk Shiv Also helps with your splitpushing.

Fourth item Infinity Edge. Your Passive gives you lots of crits, so pick this up to make em stronger. By this point, you should be near the end of the game. If the game lasts long enough to get IE, You should be able to fight anyone. With IE, You can one or two shot adcs. You can kill tanks well too.

Fifth item is BT. By this point, The game is over. When tryndamere gets more than 4 items, He can fight anyone. No one can stop him. Blood Thirster is mostly just a filler item. It has incredible synergy with Runic Armor. Not only that, But it has so much raw damage. He can melt towers like they are JELLO. At this point, Its gg.

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Early Game

Level 1-3 Has a VERY Precise action rotation. If Applicable, Leash for your jungler. Then you want to walk to lane and E at the opponent. Optimaly, The front melee minions will be low, And you can get some fury from killing them. You want to then procede to Auto him. This is where it gets risky. You are either going for a first blood, or just to harrass him out of lane. If your opponent has no escapes, They will likely flash. You are going to want to stick to them. If they turn and out trade you, your probably going to want to stop. If you have ignite, Think. DOES HE HAVE LIFESTEAL? SELF HEALS? If you can beat him with ignite, then use it. After you either Get to tower range, Get out traded, Get the Flash, Or Get the kill, You want to go back to the minions. You then want to CS until just before 2:30. 2:30 is when Rivercrab spawns. Optimaly, Your going to want to take it. If your opponent is pushing harder than you are, then you want to not take it. The advantage of taking the river crab is that you can let your opponent, or his minions, to push. This crab will give you vision. Use it to watch out for ganks in your lane. After taking the crab, You should be fine to either go back and farm, Or get more CS. Assuming your winning lane, You can just keep csing.

IF YOU TOOK BANDIT, The playstyle is a little different. You're going to want to E in to auto when your bandit is up. The trades will also be a little different. You're going to want the trades to be a little shorter because you dont have those tank stats, or the Runic Armor for your lifesteal. This is going to make you easier to kill. So the idea is that you want to E in when your bandit is up. Then auto once, then disengage. The idea of Bandit is that you get lots of gold. The Usual Base Rate is 90 Gold every 5 Levels. That means that you can get Tiamat EVEN EARLYER than it is usually. This means that you can push more.


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Laning Phase

AS SOON AS YOU HAVE 1200G, GET TIAMAT. THIS WILL HELP YOU PUSH. The rest of the game is really just pushing. Trade when you have lots of rage, When you lose some health from it, Q the rage into health. Take the River Crab when its up. Use the crab's vision to help watch for jungler ganks. Ward when pushing to not get Two or Three man ganked.

Tryndamere is really good at pushing towers. If your lane opponent is out of lane, your free to push hard. Watch out for ganks though. Ganks are tryndamere's only real weakness in laning phase. Sometimes, Your able to out auto the jungler. If you can get their jungler to recall, it sets him back. If you can kill the enemy jungler, that sets him back a LOT and you forward.

You want RUSH TIAMAT. you will probably want to then recall for Vamp Scepter. The early lane sustain will let tryndamere CS more. Most of Tryndamere's gold should come from cs.

You want to save your TP for tping to dragon. You might want to get a pink ward for clearing the wards if there are any. You can solo Dragon at level 8 usually.


The mountain drake will help you push down towers, as it grants extra true damage to them.

The infernal Drake is good for just stats in general. The Percent increased AD stacks with your Q. This lets your Q's AD Stats to be better.

The Ocean is mostly for some healing between waves. If your running from lots of enemys, Your able to E over walls. This gives you some time for Ocean drake to kick in.

The Cloud drake isnt really too good. The OFC Movespeeed is good when your running the marathon to top lane, but it isnt really good anywhere else. It might be useful when your running from enemys, like the last one.

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So. Why is Jungling even here? This is a top lane guide!

So Jungling with top lane tryndamere isnt what you would think would be a part of this guide. BUT IT IS!

So what kind of jungling are we talking about?
Counter Jungling!

Counter jungling is something that should just come to you. When your pushed into their base, or their krug is open for the taking, Take it.

So Counterjungling as tryndamere is something that CAN but not always SHOULD be a part of the game. Usually, your going to want to farm up their Krug or Gromp Camp(based on what side your on) When the minion wave is open.

This means that if there are no minions to kill, Head over to the jungle to get some farm there. Counterjungling as tryndamere is a way for him to transition between minion waves.

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Teamfighting shouldn't be on your mind too much. When you see the enemy champions start to group up, you should bring out your homework, because your splitpushing. The OBJECTIVE of split pushing is to either DISTRACT OR TAKE. If you are taking minions and towers, the enemy is bound to see you. Ask your team to ping danger on you if the enemy team goes missing.

If ONE person comes for you, then you can 1v1 them.
If TWO people come for you, Alert your team. They are fighting a 4v3.
If THREE or MORE come for you, Run. Run like your life depends on it, Because it does.
If NO ONE comes for you, Then push. Recall when you have lots of gold. When you're

Splitpushing, you get lots of gold from minions.

Use that gold to get more items.

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Okay to wrap this guide up, I would like to thank you for reading it. All this info comes from PURE EXPERIENCE.

So lets go over every chapter.

Pros and cons:

Runes, Masteries, And Summoners:
There are lots of ways to build tryndamere, but the best build is the one listed on the top of the page.

Q heals you, W slows people, E spins you, R makes you invincible, and Passive gives you rage.

Item Choice:
You are going to want to build lots of wave clear and AD.

Early game:
Poke, Cs, Cs, Cs, Poke.

Laning Phase:
Some dragons are good. Buy Tiamat.

Get free farm in the other teams jungle.

Who cases about your team?

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If you have any questions, leave a comment! i read em all! (THIS IS MY FIRST GUIDE. IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT, I APPRECIATE IT). Good luck on the rift, everyone!