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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dicriculous

Through the Mundo and Flames

Dicriculous Last updated on December 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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AoE Mundo build.
So far, I haven't been able to find any better, and more aggressive enabling starts with items than I do with the Doran's Shield and a pot.
Now, the key to this build is to build up burning agony as quickly as possible, and use it to your advantage to make you very aggressive close range, and early game. I start with infected cleaver because it typically gives me first blood, as well as a nice "bush-checker" as I use the bushes a lot so that I may get close to my opponents. The object here, is to be able to harass close range, and at decent range with the cleaver. Ability power is NOT a 1 AP:1dps ratio with our Burning Agony, SO it's not our #1 priority to build it up early game. However, Mundo is a hybrid tank so I start with the Sunfire Cape. This makes it all the more dangerous to get close to Mundo with the extra AoE, especially with his Burning Agony up. Not only do we add 40 dps to our close enemies, but we add armor in case a melee comes close to us, and Mundo NEEDS HP since everything costs HP and is based around HP.
The next item I typically build is the Sorcerer's Shoes. I have tried the other boots, and if I'm dominating, I pick the Sorcerer's Shoes. If I'm having a lot of Crowd Control against me, then I go for the Mercury's Treads, and in the rare case I just feel like I'm way too slow (for example: laning against a Master Yi); I will choose the Boots of Swiftness.
The third item is the edge that makes this baby slice, and scream harassment! It is Rylai's Crystal Scepter. For starters, it has 500 HP, yay! 80 AP is the next stat. on this item, which boosts the damage on your burning agony a little bit, and is helpful. THE MAIN EVENT of this item is the passive ability given to spells! As Mundo, I find myself tower-diving and chasing a lot, only to get myself into a ****ty situation because I simply will not be able to do enough damage to most champs unless they're squishy to just plain rape them without sacrificing a whole slough of things. So, I spam Infected Cleaver as I chase people down and harass them only to find that once I get to them, I still don't do a ton of damage right away. In fact, it's nice to get pretty close to them because it's easier to aim my Infected Cleaver as well. If I get close to them, they cannot get away because they are slowed, yay! This allows myself, and my teammates, at this point in the game, to have just a bit more time to beat on the enemy and harass them, if not kill them. Not only is this little crowd control helpful toward one enemy, but any enemy that is hit by your Burning Agony, receives a dose of your slowing stew!
The next item that is in this build will be entirely based on the enemies you are fighting and the situation you are in.
CASE 1: You are fighting mostly melee champions, OR a melee champion on the other team was fed. In this situation go with Randuin's Omen. It gives an HP bonus, yay for Mundo! 80 Armor, great for reducing melee damage. 25 HP per 5 secs. regenerated, great for Mundo as well. 8% Cooldown Reduction is great for Mundo (even though it's not as high as other items), because his ultimate (Sadism) comes up that much faster, allowing you to get back into the heat of battle that much quicker, or continue your harassment that much more effectively. Relying on Sadism too much can leave Mundo in some very sticky situations waiting for the cooldown, and Sadism isn't terribly "life-saving" until much later in the game, PLUS there are items etc. that people will typically buy when facing a Mundo to reduce the healing power as much as possible. The chance-on-hit passive ability is great because if you are engaged before engaging someone else, it is a little more crowd control for you to GO WHERE YOU PLEASE! Finally, the last ability on here, which is Activated, is an even larger crowd control for your Mundo's pleasure to more effectively control larger team fights and ganks.
CASE 2: You are fighting mostly caster champions, or a caster on their team was fed. I will usually, in this situation, go with Abyssal Scepter before the Randuin's because it has 57 Magic Resist, whoah! 70 AP to give your Burning Agony a healthy boost, and an Aura that reduces the Magic Resist of nearby champions by 20, thus making your Burning Agony that much more healthy.
If the game lasts this long, I sell my Doran's Shield, and pick up a Zhonya's Ring because all of my previous AP gets boosted as well as an additional 120 AP that makes Mundo's Burning Agony a bit more than annoying, especially for those squishies! Not only that, but it does have a minor invulnerable ability, which comes in great handy if necessary to get out of a sticky situation quick, OR if you're being targeted in a team fight, it can give you a moment to foil the other team's plan!
I have a lot of fun playing Mundo, and I wanted to try something different from my other specs. This is the result, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
P.s. I got the idea for the name because my little brother was showing off, beating that song on GH 3, on expert, and it was distracting me. So, I just kept yelling, "MUNDO GOES WHERE HE PLEASES."