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Udyr Build Guide by Pelikins

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pelikins

Tiger priming Pheonix Udyr

Pelikins Last updated on January 12, 2012
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Tiger and Pheonix Synergy/Overview:

I feel that there is a common misconception that many people have about Udyr that I wish to clear up with this guide.

That misconception is that Udyr should either go phoenix OR tiger (not both).

Before you down-vote this guide I'd like you to read both skills and try to envision a synergy between the two.

The bulk of tiger stance's damage is a result of the activation of the ability. While remaining in the stance does provide a considerable attack speed boost, the real advantage of the stance is the damage over time effect applying 150% AD+bonus + bonus attack speed for a duration.

On the other hand, pheonix stance's damage is largely based on getting procs from AS.

By throwing tiger stance into your pheonix dps rotation, a player is capable of greatly improving his dps because of the on hit effect and AS buff. Meanwhile, for itemization we focus primarily on AS but do not ignore AD either. This way we get a good benefit from tiger stance's debuff and yet do that impressive early game pheonix dps on top.

We get xp faster by jungling faster (aka pheonix form) and utility masteries to level up as quickly as possible.

The reason this is so powerful is because Trinity Force's triggered ability scales off a champion's base attack damage. The higher level a champion is, the higher this base is. By out leveling our opponent we get to take advantage of the base stat increases further increased by additional skill points and heavier trinity force procs.

This makes Udyr far more formidable if not payed attention to. it also makes him less dependent on gearing offensively, allowing the player to get defensive stats early on while still being very very threatening.

Since only one rank of tiger is needed (though I find 2 works best) to make this effective, Udyr can also rank up his Turtle Stance for survivability until late game. This makes Udyr very adaptable against all opponents.

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Why not max bear?

I know one of the first things that people will get distracted on for this guide is the lack of level 5 bear form and leveling bear up last. So why do we do this?

Again the answer lies in Trinity Force and the play style. Since we are getting Trinity force and this item already drastically improves your mobility and decreases your target's mobility, the extra mobility that leveling bear provides is of minimal benefit (because once the target is reached MS gives no combat benefit and there is a soft cap that depreciates the value of MS). We also won't be using bear form in combat except when chasing, switching targets, being ignored, or interrupting channels. We still grab one rank at level 4 and will take advantage of bear form when initiating and (if we have blue or really need to get somewhere quick) for general mobility. The swiftness quints will also help fill the mobility loss some Udyr players may experience.

Our basic combat rotation is going to look like this typically.

Turtle stance for shield, bear stance for mobility (engage enemy), (just before enemy reached) tiger stance, phoenix stance, turtle stance, tiger stance, phoenix stance, turtle stance ect.

This way we get the massive damage of both tiger and pheonix with the constant shielding (and hp steal) of turtle. This is an awesome spell rotation as long as you have mana to maintain it because it takes about 5 seconds to cycle through the rotation. Tigers AS steroid lasts 5 seconds, phoenix's magic pulsing lasts 5 seconds, and udyr's shield lasts 5 seconds, by cycling all 3 you get your passive stacks quickly and a constant stream of all 3 stances actives. Putting turtle in the rotation allows you to spell vamp off the phoenix pulses and the extra AA from the AS steroid, you can also use smite while in turtle stance for a small heal if minions are nearby. For all these reasons, I suggest relying on turtle over bear as a 3rd stance.

We also have flash as a gap closer in a clutch fight. If an enemy has an escape, it is almost always best to engage with bear instead of flash and then flash to them when they use the escape.

We will only typically use bear stance one time per kill while we use the other stances considerably more often per fight. Hence, we focus on leveling the stances we use most.

Why not go for bear stance stuns in combat? The answer to this is pretty simple. If you gimp your damage for 1.5 seconds (the stance change cd) to get a 1 second stun, you really aren't gaining anything. On the other hand, if your shield is leveled up, it will absorb over 1 second of the opponents dps, you'll gain additional life steal (and mana) while in the stance and will burn the enemies cds. The basic idea is, if your target is facing you, use turtle, if they have their back to you, use bear. Most of the time the first scenario is true.

If you have multiple opponents like Ezreal, LB, and Kassadin who have a steady stream of escapes, I don't recommend this fact, I wouldn't recommend even playing Udyr since he is utterly ineffective outside of melee...

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For Udyr I take 9/11/10

I improve smite in offense along with AK (notice that both tiger and phoenix's actives do magic damage), and take 11 points of the standard defensive jungling masteries, my last 10 points go into utility for improved buff durations and extra experience.

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Summoner Skills

We take smite because this is a jungling build. We will need smite to jungle quickly and to secure important mobs such as Dragon and Baron. Smite can also be used in turtle stance for a small heal and mana return.


Flash is very very important to Udyr. It allows Udyr to close on ganks quickly and to escape when things go wrong.

Since all of Udyr's abilities are melee abilities, some champions can take advantage of Udyr's minimal range and kite him. Flash will allow you to close on those champions and even the odds.

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Skill Sequence:

Looking at the skill sequence chart, you may think that I just threw the skills in randomly. This is definitely not the case.

The skill sequence selected is directly related to the phase the game is in. Notice I maximize the early game power house pheonix stance first. This give Udyr a massive ganking advantage and complete jungle dominance the first half of the game. If you don't get the first dragon and a couple easy kills/towers early on...the game is going poorly, that's how powerful pheonix is...

We grab one rank of tiger at level 2 and 2nd rank at 8. The first will greatly improve the jungling speed. The second will give added benefit to your rank 5 pheonix that you will soon require and abuse.

We get one rank of bear form at 4 this is right before our first gank!

We get one rank of turtle at level 6 as we'll start needing the shielding around this time to help with dragon. We then shift towards maxing turtle for the shield in team fights and skirmishes at level 10. At this point you should have a negatron cloak and the shield plus negatron cloak and merc treds should really help shrug off the farmed ap carry they have middle.

We now have built our trinity force and its time for Udyr to go rawr! We should be able to stick to a target pretty well now and want to punish that target wildly. We max tiger stance to go with pheonix to do just this.

Our final two points will go into Bear form as it is the only thing left to level. The extra mobility never hurts.

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Rune Selection:

Marks: Alacrity the AS buff these provide really will help Pheonix shine early on.
Glyphs: Also like to get mr/level glyphs to help Udyr MR scale.

Quints: 3 swiftness. Swiftness quints are amazing on any champion, but especially amazing on melee champs. They will help you to dodge skill shots and reach your targets. They will even help your jungling speed!

seals: resilience. The extra armor will really help jungling and against the AD champions you'll usually find top lane.

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Itemization is the key to success with this type of play style.

If you build perfectly, Udyr will really shine and if not, you'll fall flat on your face.

This build order is close to what I use, but I do switch things up game to game and be reactive to what my teammates and opponents are doing.

Things start off pretty standard for a jungler. I start with Cloth Armor and potions. I will usually buy 5 potions because I like to be reactive and popping a hp pot to top off your hp or to have one rolling on a tough gank is of great benefit.

I upgrade the cloth armor to Madred's Razors asap to help along my jungling.

Then I but Mercury's Treads. I prefer these boots over others because they provide a little more protection from mages and being cc'd and failing a gank is sad.

I then upgrade the razor to Wriggle's Lantern.

Note: If you know that the enemy jungle is top as you go back to shop, forgo the boots grab the wriggles and nab dragon at level 6. It's very easy to solo at this level.

The lantern opens up the option of doing dragon to Udyr. It is possible to solo dragon immediately after this upgrade.

I then buy Wit's End this is an amazing item for Udyr as it really helps his phoenix proc. It's also good in tiger stance as it adds 40 damage to each auto attack.

I next build a Banshee's Veil starting with a Catalyst the Protector. This really helps Udyr to reach his targets and survive. It also improves his mana pool a decent amount and blocks the first hostile spell cast at you.

After this, I begin building a Trinity Force beginning with Zeal. I prefer Zeal over other options because it allows Udyr to close on opponents more quickly, jungle faster, and gives a great AS boost which greatly helps phoenix stance. I build Phage second to help keep enemies in melee range and to make Udyr more sturdy. Upon completing Trinity Force you'll see a drastic dps improvement as well as a mobility boost and survivability boost due to a more sturdy shield.

After the TF is completed I begin building an Atma's Impaler. Atma's is an incredible item for all tanky dps characters as it gives considerably more AD than a BF sword, plus armor and crit at a relatively low price for all those stats.

If the game lasts long enough, I will sell Wriggle's Lantern and buy Warmog's Armor. I normally won't do this unless I can straight trade the two items.

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Udyr and item procs:

You may notice that this build has a ton of proc'd effects Wriggle's Lantern Wit's End Trinity Force. This is not coincidence! Udyr and Olaf are unique in that that these two champions are the only two in the game that get skill based life steal on ALL damage they do. Udyr's skill is Turtle Stance. While in this stance, Udyr will heal up to 18% Rank 5 of the damage that procs deal. This is especially valuable with Wriggle's Lantern while doing Dragon and Baron. Remember that his only works in Turtle Stance!

Also, Phoenix's pulsing damage and Tiger's debuff will also spell vamp while in turtle stance along with your auto-attacks.

Smite can also be used in turtle stance for a small heal and a bit of mana.

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Your comments, my responses


Its a good start. I really like your take on his skills, how Tiger and Phoenix actually CAN both be maxed. Your build scares me a bit though. Far too offensive for the kind of champ Udyr is. Because of his skillset, he HAS to be tanky, or he will never get close enough. Maxed Turtle wont save you from focus lol. The guide itself is also really short. That means not enough detail. I also disagree with 0 in utility. AT LEAST 10 points should be in there for improved experience and buff duration. That is required on every jungler IMO. no exceptions. improved experience and buff timers are ****ing op, no way around it.

Keep working on it.

So I went back and revisited the areas you brought up and I made some adjustments. I changed the late game itemization to be more tanky. Since the early game is so focused on getting dragons, ganking, and smaller team skirmishes, I didn't touch the itemization there as I'm finding it very effective.

I also looked at what I gain/loose for switching point out of the defense tree into utility. With the huge nerf to Veteran's Scars I've decided to drop all the points in it and after for extra xp and buff duration.

Loosing Ardor is a bit disappointing, but I think its a good switch over all.

Thnx for the feedback!

Guide Top

Ending statements:

I hope you enjoyed your read through of this unique Udyr build.

I encourage you to try the build prior to voting.