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League of Legends Build Guide Author jasper369

Tips and Tricks for a co-op vs all beginner game

jasper369 Last updated on August 23, 2012
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Hello and Welcome to my newest guide, I was tired of making all those champion guides, so I thought, why dont create a guide about co-op vs all beginner. I'll explain some nice things to win co-op games as fast as possible.


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There are 3 items you just need to buy on of in a co-op game;

Pick Sword of the Occult if you are carry, Mejai's Soulstealer as mage, and Leviathan as tank.
These items are OP if you get kills, and you will get kills in a bot game.

Get boots fast, you need to get to your lane as fast as possible.

Potions are also realy nice, as you can stay in lane much longer.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport is the easyest way to stay on your lane.
Heal and Clarity can restore your mana and health nicely.
Ignite deals some nice damage.
Promote can also be nice, to finish off turrets fast.

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For champions I advice a strong early game, because you only play -20 minutes. The champ needs to make kills easy. So I recommed a DPS, carry or mage. This are some champs that are very nice.

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Team Work

Get an easy first blood, go to the second bush at bot or top, w8 for the bots to come, target one and just kill it. IT'S THAT EASY!

Bot's do some strange things, sometimes there is almost no bot in your lane. If there is no bot, gank another lane!

PUSH! pushing is realy important, just get the turrets down easy and finish it fast, is another lane pushed much farther then yours? just go there, push it out and win.


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