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Gangplank Build Guide by SpiderGhandi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpiderGhandi

Titanic Gangplank

SpiderGhandi Last updated on September 17, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Do you enjoy pirates? Of course you do why would you be here if that wasn't the case, but a more accurate question is do you consistently fail as Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge? You might be thinking, "Yeah he's fun and all but I can't seem to win as him because he's so hard." When I say this I'm not talking to you Mr.ISucceedWIthAnyTopLanerEver, I'm talking about the poor little Bronzies who just want to play a pirate that eats oranges and not get curb-stomped for even attempting.
This guide will make it so a tankier, push oriented Gangplank is actually viable instead of everybody's idea of trying to half health people with one Parrrley and just hunting down people mercilessly. Trust me this is actually better than that idea if you suck at fighters. Is this the best Gangplank build out there? No not by a long shot, but it will provide a nice balance of health and damage that you will need to push to win.

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Now you may be wondering why we have Teleport and Flash as the recommended spells for this build. Well in general this is because we are going to be more push oriented than your likely more bloodthirsty opponent. However, there are specific reasons why I chose these two.
Teleport is a classic choice of any top laner and is almost always a must have. However the less mechanically inclined members of the audience might ask why even bother. Well simply we are going to need this for what you might have never guessed, objective control. See you can literally die 10 to 15 times in one game and still be winning because your team has more towers, dragons, and barons. Remember your personal score doesn't win the game, people just use it to inflate their ego most of the time. Now how do you use it you use it to maintain your lane, capture objectives faster, or even if your daring backdoor. Seriously you might not be able to use it directly in a fight but it is one of your most important spells you have at your disposal.
Flash is a little more specific for this case as Gangplank in my opinion really needs it. Unless you are an aggression god and always are warding you will need flash because a Gangplank caught out without it is almost a sitting duck. Sure you have your W, Remove Scurvy, that removes all crowd control when you use it, but that's not going to help when your enemy can just pile on these effects once you get out of the first one. The only other means of mobility that gangplank has in his basic case are the detonation of his powder kegs that gives him movement speed and slows enemies, but at early levels his barrels are just too unreliable for escape. All in all I recommend taking Flash with you.
Now as a side note you might be thinking, "Wait can I just get Ignite and get super fed in lane?" Theoretically yes, but in practice it's kinda pointless as Gangplank gets fed from farming almost all of the laning faze without end except to get items. Also he has an Ignite in his kit. Yeah his passive, Trial by Fire, applies a true damage over time effect that scales with your AD on your auto attacks every 15 seconds and it resets when you light a Powder Keg. Bottom line you don't need two, it's better to be diverse in more areas than overkill in just one.

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With the masteries I recommend building 21 offense and 9 defense and an allocation of the skill in what you fell is best. However you might be asking, "Hey if I though we were going to be building him as a tank?" Well yes and no, while I still stand by the idea of a tankier Gangplank for low level players you're not going to be stranded when it comes to damage. I actually want this to be more balanced for newer players so that you can still retain your ferocity but can still make some mistakes. Also I did some experimenting with 9/21 masteries and it's just awful on Gangplank unless you want to just say, "Screw the damage I'm going to be invincible!" and to be honest I think you'd be just missing the point of playing Gangplank. If you want to be a 9/21 unkillable behemoth play either Sion or really just any of the Juggernauts.

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Alright this one's going to be quick because frankly I don't like making rune pages for specific champs unless they're a bizarre exception like Vladimir, or Lee Sin, or frankly just anybody with weird mechanics. The one listed above is actually a general page I set up a long time a go as just my go to page for anything that's not a support. If you want more advice than that I would recommend replacing the AP glyphs with maybe some critical chance or more AD. Like I said though it's better to be a Jack of Trades than an Ace of One.

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Skill Sequence

Now to talk about the leveling order we have to talk about the skills themselves and what we are going to be using them for.
The first skill to get is your Q, Parrrley (Yes, that's really how it's spelled.), and this is going to be your core mechanic. Parrrley is a farming lane's dream as it rewards you for last hitting minions with this easy and convenient tool. What does it do? It's a long range single target ability that's as easy as clicking on your target, yeah brain-rottingly easy. This attack also can crit and apply on hit effects. The cool thing about it is that it awards you for killing units with it by refunding half the mana cost, extra gold and a new currency Silver Serpents which will be used to upgrade your ultimate. Since you'll want to be more passive with this guide and farm as much as you can max this first.
The second skill you'll need is your E, Powder Keg, and this is what you'll use to zone your enemy and harass them to misery, not your Q. Your Q is for farming and dueling opponents, so your E will be much better because it doesn't cost any mana to use. Powder Keg sets up a barrel that you can link to more barrels that have decaying health and when you attack one with your auto attacks or Q they all go off doing the damage of the attack and a little extra to champions. Powder Keg also when activated resets your passive and gives you a burst of movement speed so this will be perfect for duels and team fights. Also if you use your Parrrley to set off the barrels and they kill multiple enemies, you still can enjoy the extra gold and silver serpents that you would acquire. Seeing as most of the damage from the barrels is effected by the attack that sets it off and not the leveling you can max this in coherence with your W, Remove Scurvy.
Your W, Remove Scurvy is going to be your third skill to get. Remove scurvy is going to save your hind so many times it's unreal. Even though it scales off AP, it provides a decent amount of health and it gets rid of all existing crowd control effects so you can literally run from even Leona's Ultimate and you'll live. However this ability isn't going to be detrimental to your gameplay unless your in the fray most the time. You can get this along with your E, Powder Keg, and you'll be fine.
Now your Ultimate is what you will use to be a royal pain in the neck. It's a global ability that allows you to rain cannonballs on a select location that applies a bit of a slow and a decent amount of damage over a short time. You are going to use this to be the most annoying player on the team. You can use it anywhere so you should act like a global support when using it. If you see that someone in another lane doesn't quite have enough to lock down an enemy use your Ultimate to slow the enemy down and get your allies a kill. Boom! Free assists to help you out in lane. A disclaimer though, do not use this ability to steal kills from enemy lanes because you it's just not fair, and also you'll end up hurting you're team more than helping by only feeding you. Just don't do it. Also Max this as soon as you can at levels 6, 11, and 16 as it also maximizes the amount of barrels you can store in your E, Powder Keg.

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Now our item sets are going to be based off of these two principles; 1) Stack your health and 2) the only damage you have is for pushing and farming.
To start off get a Crystalline Flask, 3 health potions, and a warding totem. This will allow you to sustain in lane hopefully long enough to get a B.F. sword which will work our way into an Infinity Edge. Even though we are going for a mostly tank build we still need enough damage to back up our sieges and hopefully enough to survive a duel so this is a must have.
Second get Ionian Boots of Lucidity because we are going to want a hefty amount of cooldown reduction. This will allow us to get more barrels out into the battlefield which will help us push and let us spam our Ultimate just to keep the pressure up in other lanes.
Now we get our Spirit Visage which I would have recommended on Gangplank regardless of build because his one healing ability scales with AP, which you should not build. However the passive on Spirit Visage doubles all self healing effects. Therefore you will have major amounts of your health restored just for pressing W, which will be your saving grace. Couple this with 20% cooldown reduction, 60 magic resist, and 500 health which will be beneficial to our last item.
Our forth item will be a Warmog's Armor because this item is perfect for any farm centered tank. Warmog's allows you to stay out farming for almost as long as you want so you can keep earning bank and get enough silver serpents to upgrade your Ultimate.
Second to last will be a fighting favorite Trinity Force. Triforce is great because it offers you almost anything you could want in a fighter all in one clean item slot. However it's the passive that I love most on this item as they will allow you to back up your pushing without anyone wanting to challenge you without some backup. This is a deadly weapon if you ever want to be all in fighter and is going to be used for almost everything you need in this build.
Finally, the scariest item on this list that I love so much I decided to name the entire guide after it, the Titanic Hydra. I know it's a recent item but I think it's even better than it's predecessor, Ravenous Hydra. Titanic Hydra offers 500 health, and 50 damage, which doesn't sound all that terrifying until you look at it's passive. The passive adds 1% of your Maximum health as on hit damage. However what does that mean? It means good people that the Titanic Hydra can be even more powerful than the Ravenous Hydra simply by building defense. Also since Gangplank's Q applies the extra damage on hit damage and his barrels use all the power of an auto attack or Q this is the magnum opus of terror in your kit.
This build will allow you to eat through towers and push so hard your enemies will be terrified to even challenge one of your sieges making it my preferred build on Gangplank.

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There you go ladies and Gents that's my build for the Titanic Gangplank. I wish you luck in your siege of the enemy base. Keep in mind you can make changes to this based on your play style but this is what works best with me. I hope you manage to win your games, this is SpiderGhandi happy to lend a hand.