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Ezreal Build Guide by fuzzmonster

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fuzzmonster

Too ez, ranked 5v5 101

fuzzmonster Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 21

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Ranked 5v5 Introduction

This build is not for normal games where your team comp is out of whack, aka no jungler/ no support.

This is for competitive play around 5v5 1500+elo and takes a long time to master.
This build is not for 3v3 ranked as that gameplay depends heavily on early game and jungle control.

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Rune expanation

x9 x9 x2 x5 x2

Flat runes over per level runes- Flat runes give an early game advantage, however against higher skilled players it is more important to farm than try to win the game in the first 10 minutes. If you want to win in the first 10 minutes you might as well get and along with x9 with x9 and x9 , 24-6-0 masteries/ rush level 2 for and have at it, which is extremely viable 3v3 with starting dorans blade

Armor pen over per level ad runes.
Since we aquire there is no further need for armor pen.
Armor pen runes give a strong early game advantage. We are thinking mid game to long term.

The reason why I choose per level ad runes is to have the maximum amount of damage on my and that I can achieve, also the per/level runes lets last hitting creeps of a pushed tower easier (one shot ranged creeps after 1 tower hit or 3 tower hits on melee creep) early game.

Greater Seal of clarity x9 are not needed since this build incorporates
The reason for the Cooldown reduction per level and 2 cooldown reduction flats is to have 40% CDR at level 18 and the 2 ability power runes for more damage on Q and R.

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Mastery choice

The 9-0-21 mastery choice
over 21-9-0
over 15-0-15

The 21-9-0 mastery tree is an early game advantage mastery tree for an ad carry, it gives bonus 3 damage + 6 armor pen + 5%damage and , mastery choices. Makes you character very potent eary game. However as explained earlier we are thinking midgame > lategame advantage.

The 9-0-21 gives bonus move speed, necissary for staying one wee bit ahead of your opponents, being able to out of reach of an opponent without neccissary movespeed could result in an untimely death early game as well as late game. This extra movespeed helps you stay in position and move around the map that much faster.

The extra gold count makes the difference. The extra CDR makes our abilities hit our 40% goal. And the extra CDR on our summoner abilities keeps us forever out of danger, which is very necissary for the squishy build.

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Starter items depend heavily on the character that you are laning with, which ... should be a support.

= mekipendant and hp pots to a fast vampiric sceptor. and late boots (because she doesnt' heal and she has movement speed passive.

Similary for characters like and who can heal, you can hold hold off on vampiric sceptor and focus on other items.

Items should be bought according to need basis. If your getting burst down in your lane and your support is having hard time keeping you up, it may be time to get that double dorans for that +200hp. Just remember, the more you spend on early game advantage the slower and weaker your meta game will be.

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Summoner spells

I cannot stress how important is.
I do not know how many times I facepalmed while watching this seasons tournament seeing that ashe arrow gragas/swain combo destroying teams. Getting caught out of position will happen.

Your reaction speed in these cirumstances will determine the outcome of games

Should I cleanse + arcaneshift for better position and escape or should I double flash to safety and let my team finish up the battle without me?

These things can only be learned with expierenece.

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Early game

In most high elo games you should be going against range ad bot and support.
Simply farm with Q, don't over extend, don't push without vision of your bush, stay out of range of the stunner aka , .

Punish those that extend past their creep lines by hitting them with Q, and move for the kill if possible.

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Level 6, Mid game.

Your goal at level 6, is to be able to use your as fast as possible as much as possible. Pushing your lane from afar and being able to farm lanes from across the map gives you extra gold and level's that set your items above anyone elses.

With the Cdr of 40% you can shoot your ult every 30-45 Seconds. you are on roids.

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Late game

Late game is all about your team work, and how much expierence you have with positioning with your team, knowing when and where to be, knowing when and where not to be.
Communicate with your team, and be respectful of your teamates, this will go a long way in ranking up with ezreal.

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For skeptics

Notice higher deaths on normal games.

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Things not to do

Never.. arcane shift into an enemy unless you would bet your **** that you can escape and do whatever you want to do.

Half of my deaths are from when I shift into an enemy and my cleanse flash was not good enough to get away.

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Heroes to watch out for

Heroes that suppress and should be watched with the utmost care when playing ranked.
As these heroes can single handedly shut you down due to the simple nature that
HAS NO EFFECT on their ults.

Also beware of cloakers that can sneak up on you without your notice, positioning is ezreal's greatest ***est, heroes that take away this aspect can destroy you easily.

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Im receptive to questions and comments, please feel free to ask.

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1. if your not feeling the manamune build, build a late , very late tiamat gettin the maana regen first.

2. don't be afraid to double flash.