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Ashe Build Guide by kenast

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kenast

TOP ELO Ashe Guide

kenast Last updated on June 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ashe is the single best AD carry in the game. Her presence in any team fight changes the dynamics dramatically as she has so much utility at her disposal via AOE slows, single target slows, and global stuns. If you want become a competitive player in League of Legends, learning Ashe is one of the best things you can do to improve your game.

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Marks: Armor pen- maximize damage early game
Seals: MP5 - helps me spam Volley more in lane
Glyphs: Flat MR - defends against magic damage in lane so I don't get bursted as much
Quints: - HP/Armor pen- Less Squishy/ more damage

Less spammy players can take attack speed glyphs instead.

I also have an alternative rune page (armor seals, MP5 glyphs) when I know I will lane against a strong AD champion (Renekton, MF, Urgot, Pantheon)

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Most AD carries can go 21 in utility tree and still not feel much of a difference. I go 15/0/15 instead of 9/0/21 since I value the +3 damage and 6 armor penetration masteries moreso than 15% reduction on my summoner skills. The increased damage allows me to last hit better in lane. I don't need the summoner skill reduction as team fights are few, especially fights where I actually have to pop my summoner spells. I don't take the neutral buff mastery in the utility tree as I don't believe Ashe needs lizard buff. It is more advantageous for a tank to have lizard buff since Ashe's slow is sufficient.

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Item Builds

Starting items:

Explanation- boots give Ashe the mobility needed to run in and out to last hit creeps, harass champions, or punish champions during lane phase. Having 3 hp potions also gives Ashe good laning sustainability.

Core items:

Basically every AD carry needs to get a last whisper mid-late game when enemies start stacking armor.
IE is the core AD item for any AD carry that focuses on auto attacking as it gives the most damage. Berserker greaves is the primary boot to get for auto attacking AD carries as it gives the most cost efficient ASPD item.


Sometimes there will be no way of protecting yourself (bad teammates/positioning) against enemy casters or enemy CC and you will get focused. Banshee's veil is the perfect item for these types of situations.

Guardian Angel is an end game item that you will not usually ever get. Very useful for when matches are decided in the next big team fight.

Viable items:

Doran blade- grab 1-2 during laning phase if you are having trouble laning

Madred bloodrazor- end game DPS item to help DPS down tanks who have way too much health and armor

Phantom dancer- good mid game item when you need a bit of mobility and DPS. Avoid getting this if enemies are heavily armored and you do not have a Last Whisper yet

Blood thirster - great DPS item that offers a bit of indirect survivability. Get this item if your team has a big advantage or if enemy team lacks tanky characters.

Wits end- very underrated item that works incredibly well against tanky teams. Having trouble killing tanks? Characters with no mana are useless.

Average game items:

Every game I will rush Infinity Edge. At this point I check enemy the enemy items and usually go on and make Last Whisper as well since the enemy will have armor soon enough. At this point I am in need of attack speed so I will make Zeal which gives me a boost in mobility and DPS. I try to refrain from finishing Phantom Dancer as it isn't cost efficient. If you are taking too much damage from nukes, you can buy a Banshee's Veil. If you are taking lots of residual damage while not getting focused during team fights, you can make a Bloodthirster.

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Skill Sequence

Volley - you need to prioritize this skill as it the only skill that allows Ashe to have any type of control in lane. Volley is one of the best harass skills in the game for a ranged carry to have as it is AOE and spans a large distance. In the laning phase volley can be used to push your lane, defend a push, harass champions, and punish overly aggressive champions. By prioritizing Volley first, Ashe will be able to spam Volley more in addition to doing more damage per cast.

Leveling frosted shot or hawk shot does nothing much to support Ashe's lane phase, which is crucial to Ashe's success in any game as it enables her to farm effectively. Skill priority will be addressed in the early-game chapter.

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Summoner Spells


Ghost- Pretty self explanatory. Ashe needs to stay alive, and in team fights if you run faster than your opponent chances are you won't die. Ghost can also be used offensively for enemies who have been caught by arrow or caught out of position to get the last hit.

Flash- best summoner spell for any AD carry. Flash can be used well both defensively and offensively. When caught out of position with enemies bearing down on you, flash is always the best skill (superior to ghost) to get away safely as Ashe has so much slow.

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Early Game

Ashe's early game should focus solely on getting as many creep kills as possible. There are virtually no match-ups where Ashe can flat out win the lane. Thus Ashe should just play passive and farm with auto attacks while punishing overly aggressive champions with Volley.

Don't bother utilizing Ashe's passive to land the first critical hit on enemy champ. If your opponent isn't a total beginner, landing the shot will be impossible and all you will do is delay yourself from farming.

Frosted shot should never be used outside of team fights or small skirmishes. The slow is miniscule during early game and just wastes mana. Generally, if you are in the position to utilize frosted shot the enemy minions will do much more damage to you or you have already outplayed the enemy solo.

Use hawk shot to keep tabs on enemy jungle or to check if you are going to get ganked. Generally, you can hawkshot around 3:20-3:45 time frame to the enemy wraith area to catch a glimpse of the jungle doing lizard camp. You can also save hawkshot and cast it to the sides of the lane when you feel like you may be ganked.

Ashe's ultimate is very effective for landing kills for your side lanes. You should only fire cross map arrows if your team can actually take advantage of a 3 second stun. Keep in mind landing cross map arrows require a lot of luck and is not entirely skill based so refrain from using since you may need it in lane. A common mistake beginner Ashe users will make is fire cross map arrows that stun an enemy champ and baits own team into getting killed. Ashe's ultimate can also be used very well in lane as it allows Ashe to deal huge burst damage to enemy champs. One combo to maximize burst damage would be to auto attack-> Ultimate-> auto attack -> Volley which should be able to deal a free 400+ damage to enemy solo.

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Mid-End game

Depending on your Elo, mid/late game can come sooner than expected. When laning phase ends, Ashe roams with team and her responsibility is to initiate fights with arrow. This is obviously only doable when you have map control or the enemy is still randomly laning 20+ minutes into the game (lower levels very common). Try to aim for targets who are killable. This means you have to take into account the amount of damage you and your team will be able to dish out during the estimated CC duration (chain CC also taken into account). Common mistakes Ashe beginners will do is arrrow a fed tank who doesn't even gets dropped past 40% HP. As a result a poor team fight was initiated and chances are you will lose that team fight.

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Team Fights

Team fighting is what separates mediocre Ashe players from great Ashe players. Positioning and battle awareness is key. Never put yourself in danger, Ashe has multiple tools at her disposal to fend off bruisers and tanks who try to run Ashe out of battle. Keep an eye out and know when you are safe to fire auto attacks and when to just run away to maximize distance from potential threats that arise from being CC'd. There is a mentality that plagues lesser players where everyone believes that you should be focusing the enemy carry. As Ashe, this should rarely happen since Ashe should be hitting anyone she can safely, which usually ends up being tanks, support, or AP champs. If you find yourself against a team with a large number of stuns and snares, it is almost always best to just attack whoever is in range(and then only if it is safe).

Team fighting with Ashe is different than team fighting with other AD carries. The team fight should be limited around Ashe as she must be considered a potential threat in the battle. If Ashe is driven away from the fight and isolated she is no use as she cannot kill tanks nearly as fast as other AD carries. Ashe should be auto attacking a target and your team should be supporting you close by. If someone has a gap closer and catches you off guard your team can back you up and you can still remain in the fight. If you find yourself in games where 4 of your partners rush the enemy carry and 4 of the enemy team rushes you, remind your team to protect you since you are the carry.

Ideally Ashe's ultimate should be used to initiate team fights. However, it is rare for your team to always be winning and on the offensive. For defensive situations you should always look to arrow someone who is somewhat in front of the team and vulnerable to burst damage. The enemy should also lack cleanse or merc treads so the stun will last longer. Let your team know you are about to arrow so they will react in time, not everyone thinks on the same page even at the top level of play. Remember to use judgement to know that your team isn't going to get aced because you initiated a horrible team fight.

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Final Comments

Ashe is the single best AD carry in the game, but also the most complex to play at the top level. There is a fine line between maximizing DPS in addition to staying alive during team fights as an auto attacking range carry. I went over some tips on how to play Ashe in game but obviously I could not go over everything. The more you play Ashe the more you will learn how to adapt to various situations. Use your head and improve from your mistakes and eventually you will hopefully make no more.

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