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Vayne Build Guide by Noxziouz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noxziouz

Tried Tank/Bruiser Vayne Top Yet?

Noxziouz Last updated on February 18, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I'm gonna keep this guide very short and without any fancy pictures or colors. Top Vayne is a very legit way pf playing her. Playing her against tanky toplanes such as Nasus, Renekton or Trundle will enable you to completely zone them from csing at all.

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Pros / Cons

Huge kite potential.
Lots of damage and survivability.
Ranged tank.
Strong duelist.
Tanky tank buster.

Week early.
Ranged tank.
If you fall behind you're useless.
Lack of AOE CC.
Reliant on team's tank in teamfight.

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With Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs against AD top and normal Magic Resist Glyphs against AP top. AD and Armor Pen marks. Armor Seals. Two Life Steal Quints and One AD Quint for that extra sustain.

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9/21/0 Masteries. Damage and tanky.

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This is completely optional but I like to have a lot of kite potential as well as being tanky.

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Skill Sequence

Max your Q or W. It's up to you but I like to max Q for having a that 2 sec cooldown together with the Sheen and Iceborn Gauntlet.

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Try to freeze the lane at all time to zone the enemy. Stand in front of your minions and if possible behind the enemy minions.

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Me :D

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Extra Stuff

To reach the 5k letter mark I have gathered some extra material and info about Vayne.

First of all, here are some basic facts about her:

Vayne is a ranged attack damage carry. Vayne excels later in the game even relative to other attack damage carries. Her Tumble gives her extremely high mobility and damage, while her Silver Bolts mixture of true damage and percentage of maximum hp helps her shred even the tankiest of targets. She also has a high assassination potential with the stealth from her ultimate Final Hour, the movement speed from her passive, the stun from Condemn, and her general high damage output. Vayne is generally played in the bot lane due to her general fragility early in the game.

Second, here are her lore:

The world is not always as civilized as people might think. There are still those who would follow the blackest paths of magic and become corrupted by the darker powers that flow through Runeterra. Shauna Vayne knows this fact well. As a young privileged girl in the heart of Demacia's elite, her father tried to convince her of the constabulary's ever-vigilant eye. Young and naive, she truly believed that her world was one of perfect safety, until one night, when a twisted witch took interest in her father. The malevolent woman overcame her father's conciliar guard, then tortured her family before murdering them. The young Shauna escaped only by hiding herself and then fleeing once the hag had departed, plagued by the screams of her loved ones as she ran. A burning hatred was born in her that day, one that could never be denied.

Vayne was able to take care of herself using her father's money, and she began to train as soon as an instructor would have her as a student. By the time she was a fully grown woman, she had become a grim warrior. However, the fields of battle were not to be her home. Demacia needed a protector, one who hunted those lost to the darkness. Shauna used her family's contacts to become the first Night Hunter, and now her prowess is the stuff of legends. It is said that those who practice the black arts quake when they hear that the Night Hunter is on the prowl. Despite her crusade, Shauna has looked at the League of Legends in horror. There are champions who have clearly lost themselves to the blackest of magics, and who have been embraced within the League even though they should be put down for the safety of all. The time has come for the Night Hunter to execute her secret mission - to purge the League of Legends.
Not all shadows are to be feared. At least, if Vayne has her way.

( Link to a Wiki page about her )

Here are her abilities explained by completely written by Kamirusan. I take no credit for this.

Night Hunter (passive) Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you approach an enemy champion or chase him, you can count on the additional speed to help you so. Bear in mind that this doesn’t apply when running in an opposite direction!

Tumble Vayne’s main (and IMHO best) move. She rolls in a direction of your mouse cursor (remember that in order not to roll over in the wrong direction!) and deals additional damage. Great tool to either harras your enemies or last hit minions. And with this sweet low cooldown (2 seconds at level 5 of the skill) it will wreck your opponents!

Silver Bolts (passive) This is the passive skill of Vayne which will enable you to deal enormous damage even against most beefy champions, causing even tanks to fear you.

Condemn This skill is extremely useful in many situations – it pushes your enemy back, which may allow you to escape, push the enemy champion towards your teammates or ensure your kill by stunning it. Just remember that it has a relatively long cooldown so you can’t just spam it like you will do with Tumble.

Final Hour This is what makes Vayne the real chaser/executioner – her Attack Damage is increased and her movement speed bonus from her passive is tripled (which makes Vayne even 90 points faster!). There aren’t many champions who will escape you when you use your ultimate. In addition, using Tumble after Final Hour will make Vayne go into stealth mode for a second. Although it isn’t much, it is enough for her to ambush an enemy or, when fleeing, to change direction and get out of your opponents sight.

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Ability Sequence

In short, this is what I do:

1st priority – Final Hour

2nd priority – Tumble

3rd priority – Silver Bolts

4th priority – Condemn

However, remember that this is often determined by the game itself. I max Tumble first, because it never misses (unless you miss-click) and Silver Bolts, because together it allows me to shread through enemy HP in an instant. Just remember to keep shooting, because you NEED to hit three times in a row for it to take effect! Bear in mind that this, however, can be redefined by the game itself. If your enemy makes lots of mistakes and positiones himself near a wall often, max Condemn before Silver Bolts. This also applies when you keep getting ganked a lot or struggle against lots of crowd control to keep the enemy at bay.


Having played this champion a lot more, I decided that maxing Silver Bolts before Condemn may be a pretty damn good choice. Three hits in a row grant you enormous damage output (especially against champions with more health) and often you will find that it is way easier to simply hit an enemy champion thrice than pin them towards the wall.
What is more, this increases your potential damage even more with a simple combo - try to get in range of the enemy and hit them with your auto attack, then Tumble and hit them again (two silver rings should already be visible) and then use Condemn which also applies the effect from your passive. If everything went right, enemy is propably running away, scared for his life, because you just ripped through his health in an instant. And, if you're lucky enough, you managed to pin the enemy to the wall, giving you even more damage output! Isn't that great?

Here is the guide I took the information from.