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Gangplank Build Guide by kickito

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kickito

trilion kill pirate or tarzan ?

kickito Last updated on January 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all this is build for jungling with gp..I didnt find something that is espiacially for is a general build..the way you build a champion is based at 50% on the enemies!!So it is a general option!

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Summoner Spells


Well, Flash can you save from difficult situations.When you jungling you can just flash through the various walls that exist into jungle.Flash do a good combo with remove scurvy as you can you remove stuns slow surprises and escaped safely.Furthermore, you can reach the enemies with low hp in no time and gang better the lanes!


Smite can you help you jungling better in low lvls and get exp faster than normal cause you can kill creeps stronger than you.Also in the late game can help you steal dragon or baron!

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The masteries is help you on the early game so feed better from creeps in the a result you can farm better than the other ad carries!Ad carry plays an important role to the game that leads to the victory especially in hard matches that last a long, so you hade t carry the game in the later stage.

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The first items that I choose is to help you feed better and control "map-opening" by use active skill of Wringle's Latern!Has cooldown as long as last the last ward dissapear, wich means you have a free ward every 3 min(duration of ward).So with combination with 2 wards that I recommend you to buy(as you can see in the items), you can control when an enemy try to escape with low hp or warn your teammates about gangs, as a result don't feed the opponent team!Also Atmas Impaler combine very good with Warmogs Armor and The Bloodthirster that makes you a strong against assasins and damage dealers that disappears your health points too fast.

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"Gang"plank has very usefull skills to gang the lanes!Raise morale can boost your allies speed and damage for auto attacks(specially in low lvls when auto attacks is use more) you can chase your opponents and catch them!With combination of parley for slow, raise morale to chase and ultimate skill to finish gangplank is an excellent "ganger" ! ! ! BUT gangplank with smite and vampire screpter can farm even with no potion, just by took the blue buff..!Also the key is watch map and took wards to see enemies with low hp and took free kill!

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Team Work

Gangplank is pretty quick(up to 430 speed) can do dmg ta many players and you can leave the alive oppenets chase you, blind from rage and then your teammates can finish them..he is a perfeect ambush creator!

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Ranked Play

This build isn't only for the late game gangplank transformed into a good off tank player but an awesome damage dealer too!!

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When you make Phatom Dancer and you had follow my built then you can go to lanes and push minions too fast, as you can kill them oftenly only with 2-3 auto attacks!!

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Pros - Cons

1.If you have a jungler in your team then you have an advantage as you gonna have 3 players with full exp.Mid Lane Top lane and you that you jungle!
2.You have parley that is range skill and slow the enemies from distance also deal a big big damage!Also, if you cant reach the enemy when you chase you can just BOOM! ;)
3.If you follow the build and have wards in the map, you can see champs that escape with low hp and use ulti from distance!
4.When you are with low hp you can cheat your opponents by attack them and after use scurvy so you gonna be healed and with combination of bloodthirster you gonna win the battle.
5.Have advantage against the most of junglers specially in the laters stage is the most usefull!

1.You have to be carefull to dont feed in the early stages.
2.Dont chse too much and dont overstimated your power be patient cause will come back as boomerang.
3.Jungling sometimes had as a result to suffer from a turret loss.

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Guys have fun and remember its general build...the champions build base on the opponents but this built is gonna be usefull in 85% of the games!!