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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kayle Build Guide by Cyndryn

AP Carry True Hybrid Kayle

AP Carry True Hybrid Kayle

Updated on August 28, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cyndryn Build Guide By Cyndryn 9 14 30,871 Views 36 Comments
9 14 30,871 Views 36 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cyndryn Kayle Build Guide By Cyndryn Updated on August 28, 2013
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Kayle is a very versatile champion. She can play any position including jungle. She is both melee and ranged depending on if you activate one of her abilities. She is not only able to output damage with her abilities but she is also able to support team and sustain in lane with heal and move speed boost. She has great lane presence and she is very hard to pin down or kite. This guide will teach you how to play Kayle as a middle and top.
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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells that I usually run are Flash and Ignite.

Flash is very good in every situation whether you need a quick getaway or a gap closer so that you can save a teammate or kill an enemy. It lets you get over walls in a pinch and it creates instant space or gives you the ability to doge a skill shot that might hinder you.

Ignite is very good on Kayle because if you are fighting a person with great life steal or hp regeneration it allows you to reduce it greatly and make it possible for you to kill them. It is also good as a way to guarantee a kill on a running enemy who is trying to take you under tower. Just pop ignite and leave him to die without taking many tower shots yourself.

Exhaust is okay on Kayle because it allows you to focus down a single target and utterly destroy them but then you will have very little getaway especially if you traded flash for it. Flash allows you to escape 5 people Exhaust only allows you to escape 1.

Ghost is also good but I still recommend flash because it is instant distance and allows you to escape over a natural barrier whereas ghost only allows you to run a little faster which your "W" already allows you to do.
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Dorans Ring: This is a great starting item for Kayle. Many people try and start with boots and pots….I ask them why? With Dorans Ring you have mana regeneration and if you are decent at farming you will easily make back all the mana you lost by using an ability. It also provides extra HP and some AP both of which are helpful to this build.

Berserkers Greaves: This item adds attack speed and movement speed to your champion. Both are necessary with Kayle. You not only need to attack faster to apply all the On Hit effects but also to maximize your damage between AP and AD. The furor effect with the tier 3 boots allows you to keep pace with a fleeing enemy even if they are ghosting (another reason why ghost is bad).

Wit's End(Malady): It provides some AP for your “Q” and “E” to scale off of and to scale off its own unique effect which converts your AP into extra magic damage every attack. It provides AS which helps you attack faster and again maximize the AP and AD damage being applied by both the ability “E” and the items that are in this build. It also reduces the enemies’ magic resistance by a little each attack making its own effect and your abilities even more potent.(Malady was broken down into both wits end and Nashor's Tooth. so building wit's end does not compromise the over all flow of the build and it provides some extra magic resist in lane.)

Nashor’s Tooth: Gives you AS the reason of which you need are explained above in the other items. It also gives you mana regeneration to compensate for the slight growth in mana use caused by leveling up of the abilities. It gives you much needed CDR which allows you to stay in ranged mode longer and reduce CD of ultimate both of which are must haves on Kayle. It also gives you AP which is used on the scaling of all your abilities and it adds to your attack damage because of malady and masteries.

Runaan’s Hurricane: Gives you AS the reason AS is needed is explained above refer to “Berserkers Greaves, Malady, Nashor’s Tooth” if you need another explanation. It also adds 2 extra attacks to your basic attack if you are ranged (which Kayle is considered while using her “E”). These extra attacks scale of AD which is why later we will build AD but for now we are trying to get her AS to a good level to make efficient use of her AP and AD together. These bonus attacks do apply On Hit effects as well so that all the other items including malady allows for their unique passives to proc dealing amazing amounts of damage over a very short period of time.

Blade of Ruined king: This item combos with the AS that you have built up on kayle allowing her to poop out the damage and it also gives life steal so you can sustain. (people did not like ravonous hydra)

Bloodthirster: Gives you AD and Life Steal. The Life Steal helps you out a lot in extended team fights especially when you are attacking at 2.2/1 this is amazing and you almost are never out classed in a fight. The AD scales with your basic attacks and makes your other items more effective especially Runaan’s Hurricane.
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Kayle has four abilities including her ultimate.

Reckoning: This ability does magic damage and scales off both AD and AP. It slows the target greatly and does a lot of damage.

Divine Blessing: This ability scales off AP. It speeds up the target while healing them for a little as well.

Righteous Fury: This ability makes Kayle a ranged champion for 10 seconds. She gains extra damage per attack based off AP ratios and she deals splash damage from her AP ratios as well.

Intervention: Her ultimate allows her to make a target invulnerable for a maximum of 3 seconds depending on the level of the ability.

You will want to max out her "E" first and then her "Q" as that is where all of the damage comes from.
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These masteries try to maximize the amount of damage she does by directly adding to both her AD as well as her AP and giving her AS and some CDR also Life Steal is included. If these words/acronyms seem familiar to you it is because they are the only ones I’ve used throughout my guide. These are all the areas that I improve on Kayle with items and my masteries complement the items even more. Don’t hate on the full Offense tree until you have tried it out. It may surprise you.
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My runes are strictly focused on maximizing AP. Some people might want to get Magic penetration or Armor penetration, but I say no. Her passive already gives that and so does Wit's End + Nashor's Tooth (malady). Some people Might say get flat so that she does well early game, I say no because she already scales well early and it is only early game for about 10 min then it becomes Mid game and your runes are now useless. Some people even say you need armor or Magic Resist, yet again I say no. You have a heal for a reason don’t be shy to use it. You have an ultimate that stops damage for 3 seconds that’s most of the burst from lots of champs then they have nothing left to hit you with. You also have Life Steal to get back any extra HP you might lose. These runes are again trying to maximize your damage late game giving you the most AP possible which you will convert into attack damage for your basic attacks because of masteries and Malady.
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Possible Positions

Kayle can play any position. She can top or mid with the build I’m suggesting to you in this guide. Those are my two favorite places to play her especially middle. She can also ADC with only AD. She can support with only AP using ultimate and heal and slow. She can even jungle with AOE on her “E”. I still prefer middle and top they are the best positions to help the team out in late game and you will have shut down another lane very effectively if you do well which I usually do.
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How to farm

Farming is easy as can be on Kayle. All you have to do is sit behind minions and wait for AOE to come up then you pop it and swing at minions all day (10 seconds) trying your best to last hit while pushing your lane so that your opponent is forced to farm under tower. NEVER try to melee minions especially if you are facing a ADC or a Caster. You will most likely die a horribly gruesome death.
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Good Skill Combos

The best skill combo out there on Kayle for single target attacks is this. Get in range stealthily (make a pretense of hitting minions and bait the enemy closer) then use “Q” for the slow and damage hit “W” on yourself to speed you up and make sure that u keep them in range “E” for long range attacks and extra damage when they are not in melee range. MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER! --- YOU KAYLE are very good at longer fights if you try to trade burst damage with other Casters you will lose in the end. Stay in the fight until your “E” is done then you can run away. If you are fighting an ADC them you will win nearer to the end of the fight rather than at the beginning so stick with it remember you still have your ultimate.
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There are only Pros no Cons. As Kayle you can do whatever you want. You have 3 seconds of invulnerability and you attack as fast as a demon with the damage to back it up. You are a MONSTER that dispenses justice. Sorry I’m a little biased. For real though as long as you can doge skill shots the only thing you have to worry about is a stun because then you are useless. Let your team take the CC of the enemy then you can wreak havoc at your will.
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Ranked Play

I main Kayle mid in raked games all the time with this build. I am currently Gold just because I only played Kayle to get there. Nobody expects it. It is hardly ever seen in ranked play but it works very well if you play it right so follow my build and Good Luck to you Fellow Summoners.
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