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Tryndamere Build Guide by dionysio

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dionysio

Tryndamere AP The Hidden Carry

dionysio Last updated on November 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys! this is my first mobafire guide so i expect you guys to leave some hints about the guide.
Im a Diamond 3 player on EU West and this guide is about Ap Tryndamere.
Most people think of ap tryndamere as a troll build since he doesnt has the damage output of the regular ad tryndamere, but the truth is he shines in other ways like hes sustained splitpushing and the survivability he has.
Im not saying one is better than the other but as an ap trynd i still managed to get a good win rate which means the build is viable.

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Positive and Negative aspects of ap trynd

So just like other champions and builds ap trynd has strong points and weaker points like:

Positive aspects:
- Insane Sustain;
- Unexpected high burst damage with lichbane;
- Good consistent autoatack damage with nashor and passive ad bonus;
- Good splitpushing power with Lichbane;
- People often understimate your damage;
- Often has the most damage taken in the game ( Hidden Tank)
- Diffrent build ( positive point in my opinion ;D)

Negative aspects:
- Get ready to be flamed by your teamates who will say ur trolling -.-
- Not an hyper carry like the regular ad trynd
- Needs farm in order to suceed

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The masteries i use are usually 30/0/0 focusing on pure hybrid damage output.Since i take both ad and ap enhance masteries we will be doing both great autoattack damage and ap damage with spinning slash will also be good.

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For runes i use Greater Glyph of Ability Power, greater mark of armor penetration, Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
These runes are focused more around early game dominance since the extra ap will make ur bloodlust heal for more aswell as giving ur spinning slash more damage

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Skill Sequence

In my build i usually lvl up Bloodlust first since it increases ur sustain a lot aswell providing some free ad which u always benefit from. Spinning Slash is lvled second so u get more damage and Mocking Shout is lvled out last. Of course u should lvl up ur ultimate at lvl 6,11 and 16.
If u ever encounter yourself not needing the extra sustain from Bloodlust then by all means lvl up Spinning Slash.

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For summoner spells there are basically 4 choices:
Flash which is your all round spell, you can use it to escape or chase
Ghost which grants u a bonus movement speed for a short period
Ignite to secure kills
Teleport to aid your teammates across the map

I used ghost and ignite but since the changes to the masterys which got rid off the ghost bonus, i begun to use flash instead.

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As an ap tryndamere you can play in either mid or toplane.
I prefer to play in toplane since most toplaners are melee which forces them to engage in a autoatack fight with you, which you will win because of your overpowered sustain.
At lvl 1 i usually level up Spinning Slash since it allows you to win trades by autoatacking and using it to back off while dealing damage.
Always try to have max fury so you can sustain better and have better chances of dealing critical strikes.
Once you get your nashor´s tooth dont be afraid to fight since you will be able do win 1v1 against most champions.
In late game focus more on splitpushing and if the time arises for teamfights just use everything u can to take their ad carry out of the fight.

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Starting Items:
Starting with dorans blade and a hp pot its often the best starting item.
Against champions with ranged auto attacks you should get dorans shield instead to increase your survability.
If you are versus an ad champion its probably better to get a seekers armguard before nashoor since the item is really cost efficient.
After nashoor you should get ionian boots of lucidity since these with nashoor and masteries will give you 40% cooldown(max) so you can spam heals and your spinning slash.
After this you should start building some splitpushing power so lichbane is essencial here. After lichbane build deathcap and finish zhonyas if you need, otherwise go straight for hextech gunblade.

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In the end i still retain my ideas that ap tryndamere isnt a troll build and that it actually proves to be very strong on solo queue for its splitpushing potential.
I hope i have given you guys some hints about ap trynd, leave your suggestions in the guide discussion page so i can improve! thanks for the attention guys!