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League of Legends Build Guide Author Obaton

Tryndamere - So you want to 1 Shot...

Obaton Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there, this will be my first ever build. I've played Tryndamere multiple times recently, using this build. So far, it's gotten me consistent scores of 30 kills or more, with less than 10 deaths per game.

Tryndamere is an incredibly over powered champion. If built right, you can easily kill any other champion, even tanks with two or three basic attacks, and if you use your combinations right, you can easily get double kills, triple kills, quadra kills, and penta kills.

So without further ado, lets move on to the guide itself.

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Your masteries for Tryndamere should be focused on the offensive side. The utility masteries are not as necessary, although one could trade the points on the defensive section to the utility section. For this build, I've used the defensive masteries to give Tryndamere a little bit more resistance during the early game and the late game, which is why I maxed out Resistance and Hardiness.

Do not get any masteries that are purely AP related, or magic damage related, as they have little to no effect on Tryndamere. Masteries like Sorcery are useful because they allow you to drop the cool down rate on your spells, allowing you to use Bloodlust and Spinning Slash multiple times in short amounts of time. Tryndamere with quick heals and quick attacks is very dangerous.

Offensive Mastery and Sunder are useful because they allow you to: 1) Farm minions quickly; and 2) Easily take out tanks. Farming minions allows you to earn XP and Gold much faster, which obviously allows you to level up and buy better items much faster. Tanks, who need armor, can be dropped quite quickly, even if you're only ignoring 6 of their armor. Havoc, Lethality and Brute Force maximize Tryndamere's AD, Crit. Chance and Base Damage.

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Berserker's Greaves -- Berserker's Greaves allow for extra Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Early game, this is quite useful, especially in ganks and chases. Late game, they can be exchanged, which will be explained later on in this section.

Health Potion -- Health Potions are useful as well, especially during the early game because Tryndamere's Bloodlust isn't very effective yet. I recommend buying two of these, they should hold you over until you reach a level high enough to have Bloodlust work effectively.

Tiamat -- Tiamat is very useful as well. This item does splash damage, which makes farming minions even easier. This allows for much more gold, and much more XP. The Tiamat can be traded later on, but I recommend keeping it all the way until you have enough money to buy your final item, as it's very useful when you're getting ganked or in a team fight.

Infinity Edge -- Infinity Edge should be rushed as soon as you get your Tiamat. Tryndamere with a lot of Crit. Chance is very dangerous, borderline unstoppable, making this item a must.

Phantom Dancer -- Phantom Dancer is awesome. Plain and simple. This item not only allows you to speed up your attacks, but it grants Crit. Chance and Movement Speed, making it a must have.

The Bloodthirster -- The Bloodthirster is a useful item. Make that a VERY useful item. Lifesteal is a must with Tryndamere, it adds that little bit of something that allows Tryndamere to be nearly immortal, couple that with Bloodlust and Undying Rage, and your opponents have a lot to handle.

Frozen Mallet -- Frozen Mallet is an item that albeit not necessary, can be extremely useful in chases. The item gives you 700 health, and every basic attack slows your enemy. Couple that with movement speed and attack speed from your Phantom Dancer and Berserker's Greaves, and I guarantee that if you chase an opponent, you will wind up killing them, unless you play it dumb, which trust me, I've done multiple times before finding my niche.

Phantom Dancer -- Phantom Dancer is awesome. Plain and simple. This item not only allows you to speed up your attacks, but it grants Crit. Chance and Movement Speed, making it a must have. This is the exact same thing as earlier, except it grants more of what was described above. The only major difference here as that this item will grant you 30% movement speed, which means you can get rid of your Berserker's Greaves and be comfortable with your movement speed.

Madred's Bloodrazor -- Madred's Bloodrazor are possibly one of the best items for Tryndamere, albeit not necessary. This can easily be replaced with another Infinity Edge or Bloodthirster, but I prefer to buy this because of it's awesome abilities. For one, it grants 40% more attack speed, which is just the icing on the cake. Second of all, you deal 4% of your opponent's max health in every basic attack, plus the usual damage of your basic attacks, making you just that much more deadly.

With these items, I usually Crit. about 1000 - 1300

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Summoner Spells

Ignite -- Ignite is very useful, and although I usually use heal for other characters, it's not necessary for Tryndamere because of Bloodlust. Ignite can just add the little finishing touch, and if used at the right moment, can get you the kill you want. Be weary of using it too early, you want to find the perfect moment.

Exhaust -- Exhaust is so awesome for Tryndamere, because if Mocking Shout doesn't do the job for you, and Frozen Mallet can't either (In the case of Olaf, Master Yi and Others), Exhaust will help out (except for Olaf, but you should be able to kill him anyways). Exhaust allows you to catch up to him, and use Spinning Slash to finish them off.

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Top 10 Lane Partners

10 - Sion: Great lane partner because of his stun.

9 - Soraka: Early game, because of her heal. Constant heals allow you to avoid possible deaths, and able to make riskier moves with a life line.

8 - Renekton: Renekton is fun to lane with, not only because of his stun, but because of his ability to get in, do damage and get out, which Tryndamere can also do to an extent.

7 - Ashe: If Ashe isn't mid (which she should be), she's useful in your lane because of her slow. If she's not mid (Which again, she should be), have her come with you.

6 - Kayle: Kayle's an excellent support, plain and simple. If somebody plays her, have her lane with you.

5 - Shen: Shen's ultimate and his ability to go tank is very useful when laning with Tryndamere.

4 - Jarvan IV: Jarvan's ultimate coupled with Tryndamere's Spinning Slash, late game or early game result in one thing: kills, kills and more kills.

3 - Alistar: Although it doesn't seem like it, Alistar, if played right is very useful. If Alistar uses his knock up, and headbutt to send the opponent back towards you, Tryndamere can easily get a kill.

2 - Twitch: Twitch's stealth and expunge allow you to see what's around you and be more aware of it. That's where you come in, and with Twitch's expunge, you can easily get kills.

1 - Olaf: Reckless Swing and Undertow + Spinning Slash and Mocking Shout is the perfect combination. Use Undertow to slow your opponent, have Tryndamere Spinning Slash in, hit with Mocking Shout and have Olaf hit Reckless Swing to either put a major dent in your opponent, or even kill him.

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Well, that's my guide! Hope you enjoyed it. Should I make more? If so, for who?