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Tryndamere Build Guide by kaennish

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kaennish

Tryndamere - The Immortal Annoyance

kaennish Last updated on February 18, 2012
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Word! I've been playing Tryndamere for quite some time now, he was one of my first choices. He's the freaking king of barbarians for crying out loud! Anyways... I've read a lot of guides here, and noticed my build was slightly different then all of them. And better in my opinion. So I decided to make a guide of my own!

I just made a few changes to the guide, added in icon's and tooltips. Fixed some other errors. Made it look better basically :D

This is a pretty high crit build. (Our speaks for itself on why crit is amazing for Tryndamere) So I get my pretty early, and start owning it up. I don't always run this exact setup, but I'll talk about other options later. :)

Once you have both of your Your crit is ridiculously high. So high in fact that with a decent amount of you reach 100% crit chance. If that doesn't PROVE that Tryndamere is the king of crit... I don't know what will.

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When engaging an enemy, first you want to make sure to have high . So if needed you can , and the heal will actually be good. (Also Fury gives us crit chance if you hadn't noticed. So not only will your heal be good if needed, but you'll hit harder.)

If your is high, open with it. It does some good damage at the higher levels. If its still early in the game.. Don't, because you'll probably need it to escape when you are too close to that tower. Or their whole team tries to rush you. Later in the game you'll have REALLY high crit, and when you crit the cooldown of is reduced. So its an EVEN BETTER idea to open with it. Because you'll still have it to escape.

Use when they're trying to run away and their back is turned. Because if their back is turned, its a slow.

Save your for when your JUST about to die, and go for the kill. Or escape. Just make sure to live, you don't want to lose those stacks.

Your is amazing for eating the tower. Or causing them to try and kill you. (OH! he's gonna die! then they turn around to attack you, and your immune to death. So you pwn them.)

Remember, because of the lower your health is, the harder you hit. And because of the higher your fury is, the more you crit. Your ulti makes it so you'll stay at 1 health, and hit REALLY hard, and it also instantly gives you 100 fury, so you'll ALWAYS crit. At least late game you'll always crit :D

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Like I said earlier, I focus on getting really early. Once you get Infinity Edge you start to see Tryndamere's true power.

It's optional to replace a for a , if your finding yourself to be too squishy. Our ulti and Bloodlust is usually enough for me to survive most encounters, but depending on your playstyle. You may want the health advantage and slow. Also, if your playing against some tanks you can swap out a for a .

As for boots, if your playing a magic heavy team, or cc heavy team. You may want . The Magic Resistance helps out a lot against those mages, and the Tenacity reduces the duration of stuns and other bad things you don't want to be caught in.
If your playing a physical heavy team, you may want . The armor is pretty good to have against those melee's that want to pwn you. And its the only item in the game with dodge. Which is pretty sweet.
But if your playing a mixture, or just want to go berserk... Stick with the .

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I grab Spinning Slash first, its excellent for ganks in the beginning of the game. Or running away. Then at level 4 I grab Mocking Shout, Its good to get that slow early then I don't put any points in it unless I have too. I can't tell you how many kills Mocking Shout has earned me, I only use it for the slow because of its rather long cooldown. From their its just a priority system.
> > > .

That pretty much wraps it up in a nice easy to understand way. So, nuff said?

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Desolation is King next is Furor. So get Desolation where possible, mark's and quints, Greater Mark of DesolationGreater quintessence of desolation. And Furor in your Seal and Glyphs. .

We're all physical damage, so armor can be a huge annoyance.

Our Fury gives us massive amounts of crit at times, and the Infinity Edge makes those crits look really really sexy. So Furor is a pretty obvious choice.

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Pretty self explanatory, late game we do massive amounts of damage. So our Mastery should reflect that.

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Summoner Spells

This along with Spinning Slash makes you VERY annoying to kill, and almost impossible to run away from. The only reason you shouldn't be using this spell, is if you don't have it yet.

Slows them, reduces their damage, increases your damage. (With Mastery) You should always be getting this. Time it before or after your Mocking Shout slow for an extremely long and annoying slow chain. But keep in mind this is best used when they are trying to attack you, because it reduces their damage. It can change the tides of battle instantly.
If you don't have Flash yet, this is the next best thing. The bonus damage, and reduced healing can give you a nice advantage early in the game. And will probably land you at least one kill. Ignite + Exhaust = Kill :)

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That's pretty much it, thanks for reading! I'de love your comments and suggestions. As long as your polite about it.