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Tryndamere Build Guide by PHELYP

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PHELYP


PHELYP Last updated on April 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is how i play tryndamere and why i think it rules. Keep in mind that early game tryndamere is weak against some champs, but once u get your ultimate u will be ok, and endgame
your damage will be unmatchable. I highly recommend going solo botlane at first.
Get the minions and harrass the enemy champion. Save Exhaust for when they try to run,
or in case u get outdamaged to make your escape.

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What runes to get

I used to get all critical damage runes, but when they changed tryndamere they became obsolete.
Now I use my full Attackspeed page and it works like a charm.
Just get all runes of alacrity. Many of u are probably thinking : all the same runes? what
a noob. The reason for this is simpel though. I have only 3 runepages, so i built them
to support any kind of champ i might want to play be it Teemo Blitzcrank Warwick
or whatever. I have a page for mages, one for ranged/dps. I still need to build a tankpage
but so far Ive been doing fairly well without defensive runes.

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Skills to max first

It's pretty simpel with tryndamere. You max out Bloodlust first, then Spinning Slash
To show you how to prioritise all your moves :

Undying Rage> Bloodlust> Spinning Slash> Mocking Shout

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Why these items?

Berserker Greaves just to give u extra attackspeed and escapability
Vampiric Scepter to give you that extra bit of survivability as a surplus on Vampirism
which we will later build into Sanguine Blade

B. F. Sword, Cloak of Agility, Infinity EdgeMassive damage baby, it synchronises well
with the Phantom Dancer
Zeal, Phantom Dancer besides better chasing/escaping see reason above
Dagger, The Black Cleaver get Dagger first cos u allrdy have good AD and ATKSPD is rlly
nice on Tryndamere also the armor reduction is BOSS
B. F. Sword, Sanguine Blade better survivability, makes most sense to upgrade what u
started doesnt it?
?? LAST ITEM?? You can pretty much decide as the situation dictates.Ill give some items
u might want to choose from :
Phantom Dancer double the fun :D
Frozen Mallet no more runners :p
Ionic Spark be the talk of the teamfight :o
Kitae's Bloodrazor Big HP Shmig HP >_<

OTHER ITEM CHOICES: U dont nesesarily need to change any items but there are some options if
u want to which are still ok.for example: - Berserkers Greaves can be
switched with Boots Of Ludicityfor the CD reduction but since every autoattack trynda lands your cd gets lowered
by one sec for at least Spinning Slash so its up to u.
Brutaliser can be used as a startingitem as well. Medium damage, armor pen and CD,again
this is purely a personal preference.Do this only if you are going bot and get a healthpotion.

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Grab ALL YOU CAN in physical damage and everything related. You will have 6 points left.
Which I spend in Resistance and Hardiness to help u last a bit longer so u can
save that ultimate for when u rlly need it.

Can I spend points in different masteries?

For tryndamere I believe there are no alternatives regarding physical masteries.
You can however decide to change the defensive ones in Sorcery however and just pick
one point in each of the defensive masteries described above, allthough I wouldnt recommend it.
A jack of all trades is a master in none.

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Summoner Spells

ExhaustCripple them as they try to run, or to give u that extra edge when engaging!
Ghost I think there are not many champs who don't benefit from this one. Chasing and
escaping have never been easier!

ALTERNATIVES: - Ignite Personal choice u could say it raises your dps a tiny bit also
for your abilities but i doubt ull notice the difference. The
only occasion u will be glad u brought it is against massive
lifestealers like maybe a very skilled Dr. Mundo as Warwick
cant lifesteal with Exhaust on anyway.

- Flash Are you serious? If u play him right THEY will be the ones running
mid to endgame. U dont want a spell thats only usefull the first
bit do u? Unless ofcourse theres tons of gankers but those can be
avoided with a team that doesnt consist of noobs and your
Spinning Slash to go through obstacles.Take this only if u
are the supercautious type.

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Pros / Cons

ok some of u will doubt my next words, but im going to say them anyway: this build... has
NO CONS WHATSOEVER. The beauty of this build is, no matter what the situation, no matter
who you are facing, no matter who you are teaming up with, this build will get u MONSTERSCORES
No more worrying did i make the right desision? SHould i have bought more armorpen? Did I
do the right thing by going glasscannon? Shouldnt I have gone offtank? What about tenacity,
will I be able to surive those stunners? NO NO NO Thanks to Tryndamere's ultimate which can
be executed even when stunned you dont have to worry about anything besides killing anything
that seems appealing so go out and have fun.
Im sure u will do great with this build even if your team does nothing but feed.
I had such a situation last game and I still managed to get 16/4, as opposed to my previous
game where i got 11/1.
Be ware of Teemo though, I said no cons to this build and thats true because if u get
tenacity to counter his blind or magres to counter his poison all the other areas of your
build suffer against the other champs.So avoiding Teemo is the better choice.
U can allways surprise attack him and land a kill that way or have a friend gank him :D.

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Ok so I have the items and so on, now how do I play right?

Not that this champion is that hard to use, but I noticed some of u dont get it right.
Granted that he is awesome he is NOT immortal (dont let the ultimate fool you)
If u are going up against 3 people of the same level and u are alone are GOING TO DIE.
your ultimate wont last long enough especially if they have stunners or blinders or whatever
Be smart, when u feel your power growing u can tangle with 2 at the same time max. Unless its
endgame and u have your full build and u feel u can. But trust me you will feel while fighting
them if u can try to pull it off or not. But i dont recommend going against more then 2 at once
unless maybe one or more are very wounded.

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Champions u want to avoid fighting against

Teemo This little bastard is probably the most dangerous for tryndamere as his blind
cancels out all your damage and by the time it wears off u will be either dead
or dying, with his poison to finish u off should the latter be the case.If he
is bot have one of your team go bot or help u gank him.

Ryze If u dont have your ultimate yet steer clear of this one as well, he will snare
you and probably kill you before u can get to him. If he is stacking armor u
should wait untill u at least have The Black Cleaver

Katarina Can be a royal pain with her shunpo if u dont have your ultimate rdy.

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Strategies & Final Thoughts

-Damaged badly now I have to return right? Not perse.U can escape in the jungle, get
healthshrines and kill minions where there r no other enemy champs to get your hp back up.
As u know Tryndamere doesnt use mana so his only limitation is his hp to stay in the
field.Great for racking up minionkills.

-Don't use Mocking Shout untill after an enemy has started to run away so u get the
added slow movespeed effect. the only exeptions are if u are outdamaged or
getting ganked by many
AD champs.After which I recommend to use the tactic listed directly below unless ur sure
u can finish the job.So first u lower their damage output with Mocking Shout then get
the hell out of there. Its called damagecontrol :D. If one of them had poison and ur about
to die dont be shy to use your ultimate to play it safe and make it out. Its not only ment
for engaging.Its better to use it to stay alive as well then to die all the time and
surviving the occasional fight to land a kill.

- Spinning Slash Can be used to go through obstacles, helping u escape ganks, closing that
last gap to the healthshrine and so on.

-Encountered a champ who is too fed to beat and too fast to run from (or has frozen mallet)?
heres a little trick i use that helps on most players. Use Spinning Slash to slice
through them , then IMMEDIATLY use Mocking Shout before they can turn around, triggering
the slow effect at which point u can keep running and get away :p.

-Save your ultimate untill you are as close to death as possible for maximum effect without
being too late.Don't go using it too early either cos it will wear off before ur hp reaches 0
and it will be wasted. Good timing with this requires some practise but is oh so important.
That's all for now, All the info I could add is not in this guide as of yet. I will add
it when I have more time, untill then feel free to add any tips, comments or whatever u want
(or votes) if this was enough to get u going :D