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Tryndamere Build Guide by Krozo Wrathgod

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Krozo Wrathgod

Tryndamere - Unquenchable Apocolyptic Fury

Krozo Wrathgod Last updated on March 5, 2013
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Hello, and welcome to my first Guide on MOBAfire. If, for whatever reason, you are put off by something in my guide, please comment and let me know. As you most of you know, Tryndamere is one of the most popular champions in the League, and is a total badass. Like Chuck Norris. As such, I usually build him as close to The Chuck Norris Power Level (way way way way way way over nine thousand, I can assure you) as possible. The way to victory shall be revealed in this guide.

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Ungodly powerful, Crits up to 1800
Crits every attack
Solo Dragon and even Baron effortlessly
Kill anyone and everyone without even trying
Even without crits, structures will be a snap
With Armor Penetration runes and masteries, not even a fed tank can survive your onslaught
Teammates will be shocked and will immediately friend you.

Expensive build, dependent on kills and last hitting
Inventory of 3 fully farmed Warmogs and 3 Thornmails may cause a bit of trouble
Will not finish your build before winning often
Hard to keep your cool while bringing forth the destruction of anything and everything
Opponents will call hax

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Do really whatever you like with Runes, but I usually maximize damage, critical damage, and armor penetration. Masteries should look like the page up there. Complete disregard for anything but victory (and fun, as they go hand-in-hand) is the key here.

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Firstly, I have achieved Unbelievably Powerful status in a few games. However, don't expect to become invincible every game. By this I mean, you may either lose due to uncontrollable negative factors; such as intentional feeders, teammates with negative attitudes(I'm serious, this screws you), and going up against Phreak, as he won't let you become invincible; or winning before you can complete your build. The latter will happen a lot, so don't become discouraged if you can't become Death Incarnate often.

Anyway, the strategy here to get these rather expensive items is to get kills for not only you, but also for your teammates. While being Hero Mode is fun, it will almost always bring you defeat. You need assists, too. Try to let your team get as many kills from you without your assists going over half of your current kills. Remember, assists give you gold as well.

Now, onto the items. Just get the items above, in that order, as soon as you can afford them. Don't be afraid to build them, as this will give you benefits sooner. Now, it may look extremely expensive, but with enough kills and assists, it's possible. I cannot stress enough how inhumanely powerful you will be if you can complete this build.

So, you probably are not wondering; Hey, why only 85% Crit Chance? Well, you automatically fill that gap when you hit anything (except structures) a few times. Then you get to see the awesome Tryndamere Crit Animation every time you attack. Which will be a lot, due to the 2 Phantom Dancers. So, you will crit every single attack, with 250% crit damage, thanks to the Infinity Edge. So, every single attack should do around 1600-1800 damage. Yeah, hella damage.

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So, that's my first guide ever. On anything. Hope you liked it.

To recap;

    DO NOT be a kill wh*re
    DO NOT keep your team from kills
    DO give your team kills all around, but give yourself the most
    DO Dragon every time you can, probably getting Red first
    ABSOLUTELY DO Have fun!