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Ashe Build Guide by McWilliams77

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McWilliams77

Turn to Ashe

McWilliams77 Last updated on April 23, 2012
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This build is something i personally use as Ashe because i don't really like to build a carry who is meant to be squishy with tank runes or mastery pages. This build gives me first blood almost every time at the start of the game and allows you to build your gear slightly faster.
I have played Ashe since i started right at level 1 all the way to 30 and i still play her on a regular basis. Ashe is one of thee best champions you can choose to start off to learn and i created this guide in hopes that more people will play Ashe. I don't expect my guide to be for everyone because it is a lot more offensive then most people tend to enjoy to have but this is my personal way i have improved Ashe over the levels and games I've played as her summoner.

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Why so offensive?

I choose to build Ashe this way after my experience with her because what makes Ashe so dangerous? Its the mixture of attack speed and damage with movement speed and a slow she can dish out against one or multiple targets. This build has always helped me to gain money early through both getting champion kills and farming creatures in lane. The offensive capabilities of Ashe at such an early point in the game almost ensures you to be able to claim more kills to get your gear at a faster rate then your opposition.

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Mark of Desolation: This Rune is absolutely irreplaceable for Ashe, The armor pent allows her to go through tanks with much more ease.

Seal of Strength: This is for the extra attack damage mainly in early game to allow you to have that extra push on getting those early game kills to build towards your gear faster.

Seal of Alacrity: If you wish to build more for a mid or late game Ashe to get your full set of gear the attack speed runes work much better because of the amount of slow you can give to your enemies in late game.

Greater Glyph of Celerity: This cool down reduction is a beautiful thing to make Ashes Ult able to be used a great amount without worrying about if you will need it later.

Quintessence of Strength: More Attack damage to assist with the early game kills.

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Many people would hate how i have 29 in the offensive tree, This is all because i want Ashe to do as much damage as she possible can with her basic attacks with which allow her to farm minions easier because she wont get constantly pushed back from faster pushers. This extra damage in the early game also allows her to get the kill faster, or it could save your life.

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Skill Sequence

Volly: I concentrate on leveling up volly after getting one level of the other two simple because in early game Volly does a huge amount of damage to enemy champions and applies the slow of whatever level your frost arrow is. This allows you to harass the enemy champions and slow them for a potential second hit. This all goes together to harass the enemy champions and make then go b more often to allow your team to catch up to their level if they are mid or to get ahead of they are in lane.

Frost Shot: Yes, a slow is a wonderful thing but with boots of swiftness you can keep up to your enemy with ease even with level one.

Hawk shot: I level this more then frost arrow, it allows you to get more gold per kill, every level = 1 more gold per kill and allows you to fire your hawk at a larger distance to reveal the jungle to help your teammates keep track of the jungler or it might save anyone from being ganked.

Crystal Arrow: This obviously is priority every time it becomes available to upgrade.

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The reasoning of my item choice:

Doran's Blade: Allows you for early damage, little life steal and a gain of 100hp. All three of which are invaluable to Ashe early game because of how squishy she is.

B.F Sword: This can be bought after first level boots if wished but get before full boots, This gives your big damage, it allows you to really hit the enemy champions so hard early game it scares them to get pinged from you right out of the gate. This brings your creep farm up so high you push like a mad man and any enemy champion who gets close enough takes a nice hit.

Boots of swiftness: This gives Ashe a much needed speed boost, Don't worry about attack speed it will come later, this will allow you to catch up to flashers, ghosters, and even provide you some extra escape ability.

Cloak of Agility: This gives Ashe critical Ratio, This is very important because what goes great with damage and attack speed? Critical hits, There health will melt away.

Infinity Edge: If you Don't have enough to buy this item after having B.F Sword and Cloak, get a pickaxe, if you do have enough grab it fast, this item will finish it so you can one shot minions early in the game and farm using your hawk shot and really murder the enemy champions.

Zeal: Just a build up item towards its best part ----

Phantom Dancer: This item is the butter to go on the toast that infinity edge has created, this item increases your attack speed and your movement speed as well as your critical chance. This item couldn't be more for Ashe The movement speed for catching your prey or running from ganks, Criticals for destroying hp with small hits to them, attack speed to shoot 3-4 arrows where you'd only get one in.

B.F Sword: Extra Damage -- Build up

Black Clever: This item will help any Ashe to wreck tanks every shot reduces the enemies armor by 15 and stacks 3 times to take away a total of 45 armor, This doesn't just help you though it allows your teammates to also benefit. Attack speed and damage is also given from this item allowing you to increase your offensive prowess

B.F Sword: Extra Damage -- Build up

Blood Thirstier: This is more for late game because at this point you can clear a minion wave in a matter of seconds, allows you to build it up fast. Gives massive life steal, attack damage. This also allows you to get 1 attack damage per kill and 0.2% extra Life steal [Caps at 40 attack damage extra, 8% life steal]

Sell Doran's Blade: Its time to get rid of your good friend from the start

2nd Phantom: This puts your attack speed at 2 without using attack speed runes, an almost 100% critical ratio your unlucky if you don't critical. and a movement speed of 484 allowing you to catch anyone and put them to rest.

Pots: Used to simply increase your already massive ability.

Replacements: Last Whisper: If you are up against a super tanky team, replace a phantom dancer with this to go through even more armor that way you can say goodbye to them and not have to worry.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Over walls, Through minions, Through enemies, from bush to bush. This skill is an epic summoner ability to both claim a kill and to escape impending doom.

Ghost: Catch enemies, Quick and easy. or used in a mixture of flash either someones not getting away or people are not catching you.

Heal: I do not, repeat do not believe heal is a good summoner spell for Ashe, some may argue yes, i am yet to see a good Ashe with it. Yes it may help teammates or save you, you wouldn't be that low in the first place if you flashed out or used ghost and both those spells can allow Ashe to maneuver so much better.

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Farming as Ashe is quick and easy she does nice damage, i personally don't wait and let minions kill themselves, just keep an eye on the minions and the champion, make sure you pick up the obvious last hits and just ping all the minions to push lanes faster and apply the pressure onto the enemy champions or they will put it on you.

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Unique Skills

Ashe's Ult is the most useful thing in her arsenal. this quick stun can hit from across the map and save people, set up ganks/kills, it couldn't be better.

Ashe's Passive is beautiful and an easy first blood maker every three seconds her crit ratio increases, a small trick with Ashe is to hide in a bush at the very start, let your critical ratio be 100% then ghost in and hit him with volly (Slow), Crit, Arrow, Arrow, if they flash flash to em, its your first blood extra gold is nice to have.

This overall build is unique for escape ability and the damage to carry a team, even if the team is feeding.

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Team Work

The best way a team can help an Ashe is simply stand in front of her and watch over her, She can carry a team but if she gets focused their isn't much any champion can do.

Ashe is able to do great for a team, Long ranged stuns which allow for easy kills and ganks, just learn to predict movement or follow it in general, you can even pick up a kill from a low hp champion hiding in a bush, use the ult to kill them. This stun will save your teammates and they will love you for it.

Make sure you are always aware of the map, ensure your whereabouts and the whereabouts of the enemy champions so you can always hawk shot and reveal them to your team so they don't get ganked this will help prevent feeding the other team.

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In Short, I created this guide to show that Ashe is not a bad champion, given the right care she can carry a team just as good as the next champion, she just needs some love.

Ashe is destructive, fast and deadly, she is an archer not to be close to and can really "lay waste" to an enemy team. I hope to see more good Ashe's out there on my team if i don't play her myself :).

This is my first guide, but I'll take any criticism or problems people have with it, If you wanna suggest a few things I'll try it in game m see if i like it and maybe change the guide.

Thanks for rating it if you do, good luck and enjoy your future death dealing Ashe :)