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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Kibeth50

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kibeth50

Twisted Dominion

Kibeth50 Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Welcome ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! Tonight I have an illusion of the most epic of proportions. I give to you... TWISTED FATE! DOMINION STYLE!

Now we all know that Twisted Fate can be a pretty big pain on Summoners Rift, and that his ult is just so great! Well great for those of us who use him, otherwise he can be pretty annoying, lets face it, we've all ran into a good Twisted Fate that just seemed to be everywhere at once.

Well, I wanted to attempt and re-create that feel in Dominion, where, much to my surpprise, which I really shouldn't have been surpprised, was easy. With this build, you'll be moving fast to be able to get across the map in no time, escpecially if you hit the movement speed relics, you'll also be able to catch those weak enemies from behind. You'll be stunning, slowing, stealing health relics, and much more when you start.

Now then, lets get on that pony and get down to the nitty gritty underworks.

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With Twisted Fate on Dominion, I run with Runes for attack speed, armor pen, and crits. Which color for these is completley up to you, but I prefer my armor pen in reds, Crits in yellow, and attack speed in blue. This gives you early game advantage, and can buy you some extra time in team fights, especially if you're criting 95% of the time.
As for Quintessensses, this is totally my opinion, but I prefer attack speed quints. Thats just me, if you want to role with something else thats perfectly fine.

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For twisted fate I go with 22/8/0. I be sure to pick up the masteries for Exhaust and Ignite. Those two are combo spells that work wonderfully together with this character. Not only will it make it near impossible for the enemy to get away without teammates or Flash, but you'll be apply damage over time, lessening any of their healing. Plus, with the mastery in Exhaust, you'll lessen their armor, and damage output. So as you can see, this is extremely useful when you catch a lux alone, or a Xin. Now I do not suggest fighting a Xin alone, but hey, if you think you can pull it off go for it.

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For items, I use Berserker's Greaves, two Phantom Dancers, The Lightbringer, Sword of the Divine, and an Ionic Spark. These itmes add attack speed and critical chance/damage. SO, as you can already tell, its an AttkSpeedCrit build. Which works VERY well on dominion with Twisted Fate. I run with two Phantom Dancers because they stack with one another, I pick Berserker's Greaves for the attack speed and movement speed, The Lightbringer for attack damage and attack speed, Sword of the Divine for it's 60% attack speed increase, passive, and most importantly for those tricky Pantheons, its active, and finally the Ionic Spark for its attack speed and passives. Now you can switch out any of these items if you prefer others, but this is just my build.

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Skill Sequence

In the beginning of the game, I would suggest that you put two points into Pick A Card and one point in Stacked Deck, and around level 5, put a point into Wild Cards. Your ultimate is priority in leveling.

Priority = Destiny - This is priority because it allows you to see stealthed enemies, and teleport. It gives you good map awareness, and mobility, which is always a plus in Dominion.
Secondary = Pick A Card - Pick a card comes second because you get three different attacks with this one ability. One slows enemies in a small radius and deals damage to target(Red), the other completely stuns eneimes(yellow) which is great when you have someone running away, or in the middle of teamfights. In teamfights, use the yellow card on the most threatening champion at the current time, and the last one deals straight damage to them (blue).
Tertiary = Stacked Deck - This has a great passive, every fourth attack deals magic damage based on skill level. Well, with how fast you'll be attacking, you won't even notice that you're going 4-8-12-pause-chase-catch-4-8-12. Its a handy passive merely because if they decide to build armor agaisnt you, at least you'll still be able to deal magic damage without having to have AP.
Quadriary = Wild Cards - This is just not that great. The spread of the cards is really too much unless you are right in their face for all three cards to make an impact, but you'll be rarely using it. I use it to stop points from being capped, when I know the middle card will at least hit one or two of them. But really, its not very useful in my opinion.

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Summoner Spells

I pack Exhaust and Ignite together. They both have great synergy together, and work well with attack speed and crits. They may kill you first, but if they're on fire because of ignite, if you got them low enough and exhausted them, they're gone. Every now and then you may get unlucky and they get away with like 15-40 health, but thats okay, its just how the game rolls sometimes.

I like to stun them with the yellow card, then Exhaust them and Ignite them, and just start auto attacking them, and using red cards when they start to run, and yellow cards to stop them dead in their tracks. I'll use the blue card rarely, and only when I know it can 1 hit someone, so they'd best have low health amirite?

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Pros / Cons

There are many pro's one being that every crit you get makes a small pause that the enemy cannot cast and spells. You're quick at moving around the map, you're fast attacking, criting almost EVERYTIME, and can rack up a lot of kills fast.
There are just as many cons however, for example you have NO armor really, so you're a squishy and easy kill for the enemy. You won't crit ALL the time. Early game if you rush in too fast, you'll end up becoming tomato soup on the turret point. In team fights, unless you're spamming your Pick A Card ability to stun enemies or slow them, you can, not always, but can be a burden to the team.

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So, over all, I do a lot of roaming with this build, and a lot of backdooring. I constantly am moving from point to point, helping teammates take points and defends points, but always moving. A still Twisted Fate, is a dead Twisted Fate. And we don't want that.

Now this build is built upon what I use, and what I think works well. I am by no means any sort of pro, and I am by absolutely no means, a great LoL player. Im pretty mediocer, but my builds are great for people who know how to play the game better then me. So I am sharing my builds now, I have many more to come hopefully, but I just am not sure which ones yet.