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Twisted Fate Build Guide by kilroy2400

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kilroy2400

Twisted faith - 3 on 3 on-hit-effects facerolling

kilroy2400 Last updated on January 14, 2012
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Hi everybody, this is my first guide. I have played quite abit of Twisted Faith and used alot of diffrent Mobafire guides. Eventually i decided to try my own build, went after on-hit-effect which really works out well, and it is funny as hell to look at. This build is focusing items with On-hit-effects which plays well together like Malady and Madred's Bloodrazor
When your done reading do please tell me what you think, share it with others if you like the guide and vote on it :) thank you

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Runes is OFC an importent thing, and i useually go for the good early game runes, runes which boosts per lvl is ofc good to, but i just pref the flat runes. I picked AP glyphs, diden't really find any which was better than them, but i guess u can go CDR, and ofc if u dont like CDR you should use some secondary runes :)

in marks i picked the Greater Mark of Desolation, because in early game all armor will be like 0 for you. AS would not be needed as you will get high on that later.

in seals i picked the flat hp runes Greater Seal of Health because when you use this guide you will be very squishy atleast untill you get the Frozen Mallet

Quints i went for flat hp too Greater Quintessence of Health , because of the low hp on this char especially before you get your Frozen Mallet and hp is always nice.

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I have picked basic melee offensive masteries, seems to be the best idea. You can go defensive to if you want to take a few more hits before going down. I just use a 21/8/1, going for the physical offensive and AS

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I normally start out with a Dagger, unless you really feel like it will be a great help getting brush (Twisted treeline) first then you should get boots, if you should not want to get it first if they got skill shots but don't go for it if they For an example got Dr. Mundo, Kennen or other champs with skill shots. Just care for Clairvoyance

As some of you might have noticed i have alot of on-hit-effect items. and that is really what makes this build funny yet so dangerous. As i told in the introduction i fought a Nocturne, after i pwnd his *** he simply could not understand how it happend that he died after just one stun duration from the golden card, which really made me laugh my *** of :)

The items i have picked will provide alot of AS and on-hit-effects which is a leathel combination, that combo and a Madred's Bloodrazor makes it even more painfull because your Malady will chop down their magic resistence and then the Madred's Bloodrazor will really strike through with full force. The Frozen Mallet is just for hp and ofc the slow is nice so you can really get some hits in :)

NOTICE: you can switch your Black clever for The Bloodthirster or Zeke's Harbinger if you feel that you need lifesteal!

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Skill Sequence

I just follow the skill sequence above, keep taking draw a card and stacked deck, one point in each, each lvl, and ofc get your ulti which is 1st priority always :)
I picked that sequence as im not a fan of Wild Cards, and it wont really help u with this item build.

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Summoner Spells

You can pick whatever you like, i pref Ghost and Exhaust,
Exhaust because the 1 on 1 are quite hard b4 u get some of your later items
and Ghost, yea Ghost is just for chasing and escaping as always Note: can be used to tower dive, not reccomended because you are squishy, if you really want to, just use Destiny to get near turrent and then Ghost to safty, remember to get golden card ready as often as possible while channeling ulti :) but u should not tower dive untill you get ur Frozen Mallet and ofc then it is still dangourus

Other spells i would recommend:
Flash, it's just a great spell, perfect for getting a last hit on champ when ulti not ready, jumping / fleeing through walls

Ignite if you want even more dmg with a nice dot which also gives them less health recieved

Clarity, early game its ok but later on its no use because you can get mana with Blue card in stacked deck.

Heal, its ok if you want even more survivability, will help as there is no life steal in this build. (unless you take something else than Black clever)

Revive seen some people do good with it but, just dont take it :P

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Pros / Cons

-Great 1 on 1
-Really funny if you wanna see some jerk that thinks he can 1 vs 1 you because he got melee getting smacked down.
-good vs almost anyone on the enemies team both tanks and squishies.
-Good if you wanna play someone diffrent which requires abit of timing
-Really strong "late" mid game and late game
-squishy most of the game, can take some with the mallet though
-he is already dead if you get ganked (especially early game)
-requires timeing (some might argue with that)
-low dmg and hp early - later mid game

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Early game

Start out with a Dagger and a Health Potion, and go down in bot brush, unless your team is behind, just stay with them. take pick a card first and when the bot fight is starting see if you can land it on golden card and hit someone squishy, that is almost a free kill every time, but have Exhaust ready on the same target if needed. Then head to your lane (pref top)
1st back get the berserker greaves, this will help alot with your stacked deck, start trying to harrash with red card if possible. ( if your bot with a team mate, see if you can get the golden card in to get some hits from your team mate too)
Your Mid game starts when you have finished your Malady.

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Mid game

You should now have gotten your Malady, and now you can start laughing at people who thinks dmg and as is all, you should be able to do quite abit more dmg with it, but still dont go lurk around searching for a 1 vs 1 in the woods ( that will come later :D)
Start building your Wit's End, start out with Recurve Bow and then finish it next time you go back. Now the facerolling will begin, people will feel cocky when they see your low hp and dmg, but they will get surprised from your on hit effects, dont go lurking yet though, remember to keep an eye out if a team is starting a gank and if someone is fleeing with low hp start channeling your teleport in their way back and shuffle your deck meenwhile, see if u can land it on Red card or Golden card ^_^
Buy a Recurve Bow again as soon as possible, if you can afford also buy a Pickaxe. Now late game should come close

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Late game

You should soon finish of your Madred's Bloodrazor, and get a Phage. Now you can start fighting people directly, almost anyone and laugh your *** of as your mid screen will get filled with points of dmg. finish your Frozen Mallet as soon as possible, now you can also take a beating, and not just stun-pwn them. (always 1 on 1 with a stun ready, if you get it in u almost won :D) start building your Black Clever, Zeke's Harbinger or The Bloodthirster now, its not weird if you dont get it, most game is done by then. You are now the perfect champ for backdooring a lone inhibator, simply just ulti in and punish it, remember to use Draw card on it ^^.
Now you should enter your winning statistics :)

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So all this i made just to get you ppl to play twisted, and dont underestimate the power of on-hit-effects!!
It would make me happy with any feed back, positve wont hurt, (always nice to get a pad on the back xD)
Dont troll unless it's about spelling mistakes.
plzz vote the guide and have fun shredding people with the cards of death.
sorry if the guide was to long/short please leave that in a comment too if u have an opinion on that. :)