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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrXbox360

Twisted Fate: Can't hear them from the bottom of scoreboard!

MrXbox360 Last updated on October 15, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my Twisted Fate build. This build focuses mainly on AP but also on Damage. You will be the carry and wonder of your team. Lets dive in lol.

Probably one of the best ult's in game
Can Stun
Can farm

Difficult to learn to play with.

Early Game: Pick up Doran's Blade for the extra HP and Life steal and a HP pot and head to Middle Lane. Stay aggressive with your opposing laner but always make sure to have enough mana to be able to use Pick a Card to stun so you can save yourself if you get ganked or just have low HP. I can't stress how much you need to farm. A good player/carry farms for at least 15-20 mins because mid-late game you wont get the chance to farm thus you won't have the money to get your items. Use wild card to kill low minions and get the money. At lvl 6-9 you should have around 2000-2500 gold. Return to base and pick up Boots of Speed (Sorc shoes if you can) and Sheen. Return to your lane and start to rack up minion kills.

Middle Game:
At this point you should be finishing up your farming (by mid-late game) and Ulting around the maps for ganks. Make sure to have your Team Mates notify you if a Enemy gets away low HP. If one does use clairvoyance where you think they are (for example recalling behind a tower) This will help you know for a Fact they are there so you don't accidentally waste your ult. Ult over to them and get the easy kill. Return to base once you have about 2-4 kills and get Nashors Tooth (My advice is that you get Stinger first in Nashors tooth if you cant buy it all at once because Attack Speed will help you greatly for farming creeps).

End Game:
At this point you should have Nashors tooth and almost a Hextech Gunblade. I think Hextech Gunblade was made for Twisted Fate. Gives him Life Steal and AP life steal with the AP bonus of 75 and Attack Bonus also plus this can take the place of an Exhuast (besides the blind) because it has a special ability that slows a Enemy and damages them. Once you have this item you will be able to destroy enemy champs. You should now be done Farming and you and your team should be sticking together pushing. Go and grab Baron and get a few more kills before heading back and getting Guinsoo's RageBlade. The game should be coming to a close now and you should be able to 1v1 Champs effectively and make a big difference in Team Fights due to Red Cards AoE or Stun and your Wild Card will be doing amazing damage if the game keeps going sell Doran's Blade and get your Black Cleaver after you have built Sheen with Lichbane.

Summoner Abilities TO get:
Clairvoyance: Great Ability. Lets you scout Ganks, check bushes, but mainly i recommend getting this for your ult. As listed above you can use this ability to check that the runner from another lane is Recalling somewhere or running away so you know for a fact that they are there and you don't need to waste your ult.

Flash: All around great Ability. Good for catching people for that last hit or for escaping ganks.

Teleport: Helps you get back to lane quickly return to a fight by using a minion or to help defend towers.

Ignite: Great for getting people Beg-Late mid game for that runner thats almost dead and helos early game if you are going to Gank.

Exhaust: Good for slowing enemies or to blind.

Summoner Abilities NOT to get:
Clarity: Can help early game but end game won't matter at all.

Heal: If your low enough to use this already then chances are your dead.

Rally: Just no...

Ghost: I personally do not like this spell. 33% isnt that much faster so only way it can help you escape is if you know before hand they are going to get you.

Runes: For Runes i focused on Ability Power, Attack Speed, and extra mana.

Summoner Items:
Doran's Shield - Helps you beginning game for the extra HP and gives you a little lifesteal.

Sheen - Great item for Twisted. Gives you more mana to help you farm minions and every time after you use an ability your next move does 100% more damage. For instance if you use your ult to get the last hit on someone your ult counts as an ability thus your first hit on them will hit them hard and if that doesnt kill them throw down a Wild Card and your set.

Sorc Shoes - More movement speed and more AP penetration.

Nashor's Tooth - Gives AP, Attack Speed, and Reduced Cooldown. Great Item for twisted.

Hextech Gunblade - Amazing item. I think it is made for Twisted because it Gives him AP + the Spell Damage Lifesteal. Gives Damage and Auto Attack Life steal. Lastly it has an ability of a cool down of 60 secs that slows and enemy champ and damages them.

Guinsoo's Rageblade - Helps farming creeps easier for the AP and Attack Speed increase and for 1v1 fights.

Lichbane - Since you already have Sheen might as well build it into Lichbane for more increased effect.

Black Cleaver - Helps rip down tanks and just plain out dominate the field.

Please comment and rate if i left something out leave a comment below and ill get back to it. Thanks!!!