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Trundle Build Guide by MrXbox360

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrXbox360

Trundle Jungle Time

MrXbox360 Last updated on June 26, 2011
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Update :

6/26/2011: Added Trundle High Scores and Added a new item build

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Hello all and welcome to my Second jungling guide! This guide will be featuring Trundle! Trundle was free this week so i was like what the heck ill give him a go since everyone was trying him. Turns out hes pretty beast i wont lie. Great jungling capabilities and ganking. He can actually do your whole side of the jungle before going back to base which many junglers cant do so i thought that was pretty amazing. Anyways lets get on with the guide shall we??
Please don't -1 unless you have tried in 3-4 games plz.

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- Great Jungler/Ganker
- Great Ultimate for team fights
- Good escape/saving abilities
- Very difficult to kill

- Low mana pool in beginning of game
- Item Dependent

As you can see Pro's beat Con's 2-1 =D

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Jungle Route/How to Jungle

Ok so here we are Jungle time baby!! First start off with and x5 and head to the Wolf Camp.

READ ME: Before you starting hating on me or stop reading this guide because you see me starting off at wolf camp instead of blue you should read this - Your not really starting off at red just killing the big wolf when it spawns since it spawns before Blue you can kill it and run into bushes of blue and regen pretty much all of the hp and mana you used. This helps you go through your jungle faster and save one Hp pot.
Picture Caption: (What the symbols mean) Numbers - Order to Jungle in Arrows - Areas to enter to gank in Rectangles - Good spots for wards to counter junglers or for safety.

Ok so your probably asking yourself why start at wolf camp? Well my answer is its the fastest and best way to jungle trundle.

Wolf Camp:
Ok your not really starting here. Your going to kill the big wolf and then leave do not kill the little ones. Run up Q him as much as you need and auto him to death. DO NOT USE POTION!. Once you kill big wolf run to the bushes next to blue golem. This helps alot by making your jungle easier and quicker because -1 creep to kill obviously and by the time blue golem is up your hp and mana will be full or close to full so its not a negative to you just a benefit.

Blue Golem Camp:
Pretty easy camp just spam your Q and pop a hp pot at the beginning of the fight and you should be good. Smite it around 540 or if your like me just smite it when you start so you get your smite up a few seconds faster but only do this if your positive no enemy team or jungler is nearby that will steal your buff. If they are just smite it at 540.

READ ME: Now that you have blue buff use contamination when jungling for the Attack Speed buff it gives.

Purple Wraith Camp:
Another simple camp just pop a Hp pot and use Q to take down the big wraith fast then auto attack and Q the others.

Red Lizard Lord Camp:
Ok this camp is fairly difficult use a hp pot before you start and then use another when the fight begins. Make sure Smite is up and use Q to kill the big lizard and smite him at the start or when he is low. After he is down kill the little lizards.

Double Golem Camp:
Ok use your Hp pot before you come to this camp and then begin. Q them down and auto attack pretty easy you should end with about 150-200 hp.

After this tele back and buy what you can towards wriggles or basic boots and go gank a lane.

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Ok so what you want to do when your ganking a lane is this:
1. Always come in from behind your enemies. This is essential because it cuts off their escape.
2. Activate summoner skill when your ready to go in. This helps you get to your target faster so they have less time to react.
3. Use contamination where they are going to be engage them.
4. Block off their escape with so they cannot run away and are slowed.
5. Auto attack and Q them as much as possible.

If you kill the enemy champions in that lane help your team mates push that lane until enemy champions return. If you only killed 1 champion (for 2 player lanes) then just go back to your jungle because its unlikely you will get the kill or a tower kill unless they are very low.

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Team Fights

In Team Fights your job is to assist your team by using to protect your carry and to kill their carry. You can kill they're carry easily because 1. you are quite tanky and difficult to CC because of contamination and if you have merc treads. Stuns/Snares/Fears or any type of CC will be extremely short on you so they cant stop you from getting to their carry. Always spam your abilitys whenever they come up.

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Item Builds

Ok here are some Great item builds for Trundle.

Balanced Trundle build: The build i use 70& of my games makes you deadly and difficult to kill.

- A must for every jungling trundle. Great with life steal, armor,damage, and the free ward is a added bonus.

- Helps you be more tankier with MR and the CC resist added with your contamination makes you pretty much impossible to stop.

- Great item. Gives you the attack speed you need to do damage and crit chance/movement speed are nice. Movement speed helps you greatly over all but can be a devastating combo with contamination/ghost.

- Another Great item. Gives you a slow and a good chunk of hp to make you more stable +20 attack damage to top it off.

- This item will make you even more deadly and feared. Helps you rip down tanks and give you the needed attack speed/damage to tear people down quickly.

- This item helps you be more stable with Hp and give you some extra mana. But the main reason you get this is for the bubble/MR. Often i am the initiator to team battles because of my speed to move in and split the enemy team up with pillar of filth and being able to absorb lots of CC. The bubble helps block big stuns like Sona/Ashe/Morgana/Taric etc.

- End game sell Wriggle's and purchase this pretty much upgrade from wriggle's besides the free ward part.

Full out damage Trundle: I use this build 25% of games.

This build will dominate the enemy team. You will be dishing out crazy damage along with being hard to kill because of insane life steal.

Tankish Trundle: I dont like trundle as a tank but ill run it if my team doesn't have one. I use this 5% of my games lol...

Makes you really tanky will nice amount of hp and allowing you to slow with frozen mallet and do some extra aoe damage with sunfire cape. I don't really like playing trundle as a tank so try making another team mate choose a tank in the Champion Selection screen =D. Also if your playing tank trundle don't jungle cause you wont be able to dish out enough damage for ganks. But if you wanna do it anyways sub a item out for Wriggle's.

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Summoner Skills

Best Summoner skills for Trundle:

- This is amazing for trundle. Combined with Contamination you will be so fast and difficult to kill. Helps you catch up to enemies or run away.

- Great for jungling and pushing lanes. Other things you can do with this is steal dragon/buffs from the enemy team and the funniest of all is kill champions minions they spawn like Malhazar's voidling or Annie's Tibbers.

Sorta Good Summoner skills:

- Good for laning trundle combined with ghost. I think this spell is OP currently because if you get exhausted you pretty much deal 50% of damage you would normally do and have a chance to miss... and your slowed ahaha..

- All around great team helping spell. You can tele back to your lane faster or tele to defend your towers/help push but my favorite way to use this is to turn a fight in a lane around. For example the creeps are on the enemies half of the lane and the enemy champions start to attack your team and push them back. Well while they're busy running into your half of the lane chasing your team mates you teleport to the creeps they left behind and now can cut them off and turn the battle around often resulting in a double kill for your team. Kinda hard to explain hope you get it.

Bad Summoner Spells to get:

- Terrible spell. Has a fat Cooldown and is only useful early game. Pretty much useless end game.

- No just no. You barely ever die if you play smart and this is on a 500 second cool down. Only time this would ever be useful would be karthus revive/ult.

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These Runes will help you jungle and have a smoother game:

greater mark of desolation - These help you jungle and penetrate tanks and rip down squishys.

- Makes your jungle sooooooooo much better and easier. Also just useful to make you more tanky for early ganks.

- Smoother jungle time/early game.

- Smoother jungle time/early-end game.

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Jungle Tips/Help

Ok so first off i recommend you at least have all runes besides the glyphs cause i don't use those glyphs i use CDR cause i dont got the ip for the other glyphs atm. So yeah all you really need is your Marks,Seals, and Quints. Outa these Seals are incredibly important makes jungling alot easier.

Tip #1:
Ok so when you head over to the wolf camp kill the wolf as normally then run to the Blue buff bushes. Next is ask someone on your team to auto attack the blue buff with you like 3-5 times and use one of their moves. They won't lose any xp from their lane and it makes your jungling life sooooooo much easier and safer. + when you go to gank you will end with alot more hp which can = into a better gank.

Tip #2:
Use contamination whenever you can to increase your attack speed so you can have a higher chance of get madreds hits off.

Tip #3:
If someone in a lane like your solo lane or middle, needs to go back to base don't be greedy and say "STFU IM JUNGLING" god.. thats soooo annoying when people say that to me. If you go and cover it your still gaining gold and xp and chances are probably more xp than in the jungle cause the minions come to you.

Tip #4:
After wraith camp you can actually gank middle lane if they dont have a stun. You should be lvl 3 so you should have all your abilities rank 1 allowing you to harass them to low hp and force them back or to give your mid team mate some breathing room.

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High Scores as Trundle!

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Well my fellow readers this is the end of my beautiful guide.. Please vote up and try it out. Just another reminder don't -1 me unless you have tried in 3-4 games plz. If you have any ?s or suggestions to help me make my guide better leave me a comment below. Hope this helps you out like it helps me!!!