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Ezreal Build Guide by MrXbox360

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrXbox360

Ezreal: A Force to be Reckoned With

MrXbox360 Last updated on March 29, 2012
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AD/AP/AD splash/Mana Ez/Hybrid



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Not Updated For Current Season

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Update! =D


Yessss the patch all of AD ezreals have been waiting for!!!! now scales off bonus attack damage at a scaling of 1.0!!! Omg this is great news now AD Ezreal is actually waaaay more viable then AP Ez =D


Added a sick new Ez build very fun and good please try it out and leave me a comment about it thanks!!


Added new highscores to my Standard Ezreal build check it out!!


To see Ezreal high scores scroll down to bottom of page! enjoy


Added new Mana Ezreal build be sure to check it out!


Added new hybrid Ez build and updated screen shots enjoy!


Added new section to the build: Fan Top Scores!! this is where u can msg me a link of your top scores screen shots as ezreal!!! just go to and upload your image then send me the link of your image and i will give u credit! Thanks!!


Remade the hybrid Ezreal Items/Masteries and added a high score screen shot for it.


Move TT AD Ez to Team 2 and redid Team 1 AD Ezreal build with brand new better build so check it out! Added AD high scores!


Updated masteries on builds! all items are still very viable!

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Hello everyone and welcome to my second build featuring Ezreal!! Ok so first off many people are confused about how to play Ezreal. Well heres my opinion. If you enjoy to play 3v3 play AD Ezreal. If your more of a 5v5 player use AP Ezreal. Why is this? In 3v3 u can go back and forth between wave pushes and buy items alot more so you can do Dorans x3 and in a 3v3 team fights are not as big of a deal like in a 5v5 if your team gets aced your in trouble thats not always the case in 3v3. But overall i feel AD Ezreal is very strong in 3v3. AP Ezreal is better in 5v5 in my opinion. Team fights are VERY important in 5v5 and this is where AP Ezreal shines! His ult can destroy the other team and can his W since it hits multiple targets. But honestly its totally up to you i just feel that AP Ez is to weak early game for my play style but you can play him however u want! Now lets get onto the guide!

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AD Ezreal

-Very strong early/late game
-Great Farmer
-Great at pushing towers
-Can get 1v1 almost anyone in game

-Runs out of mana early game if you spam E to much
-Not very good in team fights if they're are minions in the fight

Play Style:
AD Ezreal is very strong in the laning phase. I personally like to use AD Ezreal in 2s lane with a partner because helps get kills alot easier since your so strong early game. Always be moving around and never standing still and focus hard on last hitting minions and getting Q off to harass. If an enemy opponent gets under 1/3 and stays ping them for your partner to go for them. Make sure your E lands the hit on them and spam Q while using E when you can flash ignite to ensure the kills.

Early Game: Lvl's 1-5
Grab one Dorans Blade and a HP pot and head to the bot brush for gank. Always go into the brush with your whole team unless your 110% positive your the fastest one there. Spam and auto attack one click. What i mean by that is don't just right click and let your champ run chasing them. You will die. Just make sure to land your and flash ignite for the first blood when a champ gets low. Settle for 1 or 2 kills and tell your team to go back. If you luckily got a kill and a assist recall back and wait the 10-15 seconds to buy a second dorans blade. In this laning phase just remember to always be moving and never dip below 1/4-1/3 mana incase you need to kill. Only harass with during the early game phase.

Mid Game: Lvl's 6-11
Ok so now you should have your Dorans blade x3 and your making you very mobile and extremely durable and deadly. Ok now at this point grab the red lizard buff in the middle this is extremely important for AD Ezreal. Makes you 4x better because it gives your a slow and all your auto attacks a slow/DOT (damage over time). People will not be able to run from you since they will be constantly slowed and you will have the edge with . Your going to want to gank top alot. Either go around the back or use your E to blink through the walls into brush. This way you will be very sneaky xD.

Late Game: Lvl's 12-18
You should have Trinity and Ghost blade by now and should be rocking the house. Your auto attakcs and will be very strong. Make sure you and your team stay together from lvl 14-18 for the rest of the game and make sure to gank and push towers alot grabbing Dragon and Red whenever you can. Make sure to have lots of map awareness with Sight Wards. I cannot stress how much this helps on Twisted Treeline.


- These items are very good and vital to your early-mid gameplay as an AD ezreal. +300 hp +24 Damage + 9% lifesteal. (sell doran's blades after ghostblade)

These boots help you keep up with other enemies because ezreal is soo slow and once you get red they wont be able to run away that fast from you.

- This item is mandatory for every AD ezreal. I tend to rush it after dorans so i can rock the house. Once you get it you will do sooo much more damage and have more survivability. So every time you Mystic Shot your next auto attack does 150% more damage. Makes you a beast!

- I tend to get this item not only for its activate purchase but for the Cool Down it gives. The extra crit chance and damage/active are a nice bonus.

- This item is great. More crit chance, Tons of damage, and makes your crits 50% more so your total crit damage is increased.

- I usaully get this item so i can tear through there tanks armor and do that much more damage.

- Same reason as Last whisper so i can tear through armor and now that its been buffed with attack speed and damage now it makes it amazing on Ezreal cause you will be attacking much faster (cause your passive) and will get your trinity auto attack bonus off much more.

greater mark of desolation - Pretty self explanatory. Makes you do more damage to tanks

- Great to get on Ezreal and very cheap runes only 205ip a piece. Help you be able to harass alot more and wont have to leave lane for mana.

- Gives you the cool down you need while leveling up to spam your spells and keep your ult as low as possible on CD.

- Helps you be more durable for the first gank and gives you hp advantage early game.

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AP Ezreal

-Great 1v2 lane player
-Great in team fights
-Has alot of mana mid game so can spam spells
-Great support with W

-Hard to learn when starting
-Very weak early game
-Spells cost more mana than AD
-Cannot push towers

Play Style:
AP Ezreal is a great assassin. With Clairy he can have lots of map awareness and snipe people with ults or counter many junglers. E does lots of damage so always make sure when it hits the nearest target you hit the enemy champ. In team fights you wanna kinda just relax and use your ult when enemy team is in a bad position. Just sit back and Spam your abilities and don't auto attack unless you going in for the kill.

Early Game: Lvl's 1-5
Ok so you are either in mid or taking a 2v1 solo for your jungler. As AP Ezreal you always want a solo lane. Play very defensively only going in to last hit with auto attack or a well placed Q. If they try to zone you out of XP spam them in the face everytime they try. If you get zoned out of XP you will be in deep trouble. Harass little and go back to base as soon as you can afford Tear of the Goddess. (have your jungler cover the lane for a lil till you get back xD)

Mid Game Lvl's 6-11
Ok now you have your ultimate and your ready to play aggresive. Ping for your jungler (or a team mate) to come and gank and make sure to focus the one player. Secondly make sure you land your skill shots. Anticipate where they are gonna be once your move reaches that point. Use your ultimate to either open up a team fight or to kill someone. Your going to want to gank alot or stay in lane going for clean up shots with your ult in other lanes (clary) so tell your lanes to tell you if someone is low hp and went back Clary ontop of tower usaully and ult. This method makes sure you get the kill and don't waste your ultimate.

Late Game: Lvl's 12-18
Ok this is where you shine!! Team fight time baby!! Ok so in team fights always try to hit the most enemies with your ultimate you usaully dont want to use it on one person unless its there carry. So after you use ult or if you havnt used it yet just sit back in the fight and dont get focused use your abilities and spam them alot!! Never push the turret by yourself (unless whole team is aced) because you are very weak at pushing them and will likely get little progges and ganked in the process.


- This item helps you early game so you can use your abilities if you get in a tight spot. I like to choose this item over the Meki Pendent because i just feel safer having more mana in my pool at once but its totally up to you and how your play style is.

- Ok this item is pretty mandatory for AP ezreal get it early so you can get its effect stacking up. You don't really want to upgrade it into Arch Angels really early cause you won't have any of the bonus AP.

- More movement speed and Magic Penetration to take down the tanks.

- This item is just amazing your AP damage gets a big boost from this. Always try to Mystic shot to get the effect and then use an AP move to get the bonus for big damage this is a great combo for your ultimate.

- So now you should have enough mana from using your spells to get some decent AP out of this and you only get more the longer the game goes on.

- Your AP gets another great boost right now if you are this far into your build your looking pretty dam amazing in team fights.

- Good item if the team has lots of MR so you can chop right through it.

- Ok this item is pretty much mandatory for this build so get it after lichbane always. Adds a slow to your spells and you can slow so many units with your W and your Ult in team fights.


- Magic Penetration you can't get enough of it.

greater seal of knowledge - More mana per lvl helps you stay in lane longer and help make Archangels more powerful.

- Mana Regen per lvl helps you stay in lane alot longer.

- Makes you better early game and alot less squishy.

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AD Splash ownage Ezreal

-Great at laning
-Can harass enemy champs who hide behind creeps with
-Great at farming
-A good AD build you can use on 5v5

-Doesn't start rocking in damage until mid-late game

Play style:
AD splash ezreal is a great ez for farming/teamfights. He has great survivability and all around great damage. He is a great assassin and the best Ez harass there can be. Don't knock it till u try it =D. Rush Tiamat/trinity and getting the other items (vampric scepter saphire crystal) along the way.

Early-End gameplay:
Pretty much the same as my other AD ez build up above just read that and harass with Q once u get timat is all.


- This item is essential to AD splash ez because without it you don't have the splash ahaha... Ya but over all it owns makes your Q/auto attacks do splash damage.

- This gives you some extra need CDR since you don't have ghostblade.

- Great item overall for ez. Gives him some nice movespeed he needs and mana/proc hit.

- Nice item helps him farm alot with AoE creep and the % for it to kills the minions. Armor/lifesteal/free ward are also very nice to.

Ok for the last two items u have a few choices i usually go with last whisper and infinity edge for lots of armor pen and damage but you can also get blood thirster/black cleaver depends on whatcha want.

- Nice amount of damage and great 40% of armor penetration.

- Makes your crits hit harder and gives the most amount of AD in the game plus 20% crit chance nice addition.

- If you need some more Lifesteal grab this. Also good amount of damage.

- Helps you tear down tanks with nice attack speed and damage with the added armor reduction.


greater mark of desolation - Armor pen runes pretty self explanetory makes ya do more damage =D

- Gives you some much needed mana regen for laning phase and the rest of the game.

- Nice CDR help you throughout the game.

greater quintessence of desolation - You can never have enough armor penetration =D.

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Manamune Ezreal

-Great laning
-Can jungle for buffs
-Spammible skills (plenty of mana)

-Weak early game

Play Style:

Early game: you want to farm up and go back as soon as you can buy boots 1 and tear of the goddess. For boots 2 you can choose the cool down boots which i tend to go for or the attack speed ones to get mana faster for manamume.

Mid Game: Now you should have boots 2 manamume and sheen and your set to own. Go and gank top or bottom to try and get a kill. Also have your team mates warn you if someone is low on hp and have gone to Recall. Usaully when someone goes to recall they go just behind theyre tower so shoot just behind it and hopefully you get a kill.

End Game: Now you should have Manamume boots 2 Trinity force and Wriggles. Hit the jungle and get Red/Blue buff whenever you can. Blue buff gives you 24% cool down reduction and red buff gives your Q a slow and your auto attacks. Always use your ult in the team fight when you can hit the most of the enemys OR singely hit their carry for maximum damage. I recomend you just go for their whole team so you dont miss =D.


- Gives you plenty of mana to spam skills and a nice amount of Attack damage added for the 2% mana to AD.

- Gives you the much needed cool down reduction you need plus boots speed 2.

- Ezreal has one of the slowest move speeds in the game of 390 i believe. This helps him get some extra needed movespeed plus Up lots of stats but the best part is the Proc hit and makes your auto attack next Q hurt real bad =D.

- Helps you farm with the minion hit and pretty much lets you stay in lane forever with lifesteal/manamume's large mana amount. Lets you jungle the Red/Blue buff without having to sacrafice any hp.

- Good amount of damage and Armor pen that cha need.

- Nice passive of blocking a enemy ability ever 30 secs. Gives mana which helps your manamune and hp for surviving and a good amount of magic resist.


greater mark of desolation - Armor pen helps you have more penetration and do more damage.

- Good amount of mana regen to help you stay in lane.

- Gives you much needed cool down reduction.

greater quintessence of desolation - The more armor pen the better!! =D

Conclusion: About a week ago i went 15-1-18 with this build but didnt take a screen shot... now ive played more than 10 games so i cant see it. I've also gone 8-1-5 and 3-1-27 before but don't just look at my scores go and test this build out yourself!

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Summoner Spells

Great Summoner spells to get:

- Believe it or not this will be your mandatory summoner spell on Ezreal. Many people say you don't need it because you already have a flash. They are wrong. Some reasons to get this are 1. you can escape almost any gank with double flash/tele 2. Double flash/tele to get them while they are running 3. You want to use E to get in their face so you can land your spells so you can flash towards them again to ensure the kill.

- I like to play it on AD Ezreal. Helps me get first blood alot easier and faster and gives you that edge in 1v1 fights. Can also be used against annoying champions (ex. Mundo - will reduce his ult to only give him 50% of what it normanlly would give. Tryndamere - Thinks hes all beastly at tower diving and such just count 3 secs after he ults and pop ignite and boom hes dead.)

- Great for map awareness so you don't get ganked and for Ultimate sniping people.

Kinda Good summoner choices:

- Great for running away or last hitting someone. I would personally just take Flash because you can do so much more with it and i like to think of tanks using ghost because they can run but squishys (like Ezreal) can't last long enough for ghost to usually get you out of reach of them.

- If your new to Ezreal this can help you out in the laning process or help you defend other towers and gank.

- Another spell to use if your new to Ezreal and need help against those meele champions.

Bad Summoner Spells to get:

- The only real reason i see anything behind this is to revive and ult and hope to get a kill?? I think its a waste of a summoner abaility that won't help you late game and the fact its like 500 sec cool down lol...

- If you have to use this your probably dead anyway

- No. Just no. If you never let yourself dip below 1/4 your regen runes will keep you running fine once you hit lvl 6 and then clarity will be useless.

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Tips and helpful tricks playing Ezreal!

-Whenever your Ultimate is down spam your Q to get it up twice as fast. (If mystic shot hits a unit all cool downs get reduced by 1 sec) Thats why you should always put 1 point in it even if your playing AP ezreal

-Always aim where an enemy unit is going to be when your move reaches that spot.

-Use E to flash into your enemy, hurting them and so your abilities have a lot better chance to hit them. This helps you have the element of surprise.

-Use E to flash over walls for nifty escapes.

-Always get Red buff at lvl 4 with AD ezreal ( make sure to have 3/4 hp and have enough mana to spam Q the whole time) recall after.

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High Scores as Ezreal!

AD on Summoner's Rift:

AD on Twisted Tree Line:

AP on Summoner's Rift (gonna work a lil more on AP)

AD Splash Ezreal on Summoner's Rift

Manamune Ez Summoner's Rift
About a week ago i went 15-1-18 with this build but didnt take a screen shot... now ive played more than 10 games so i cant see it. I've also gone 8-1-5 and 3-1-27 before but don't just look at my scores go and test this build out yourself! Going to upload some high scores this weekend for sure hopefully so stay tuned! This is just a game i played today i did decent will upload some more within the week.

Ok so this game i lost as u can see but it was because at 3:30 in the game our anivia rage quit because she got first blooded >.< but as u can see i still owned. The other team was like "Omg Ez way to be to pro and make this last forever!" haha oh and i got a quadra just saying =D

Hybrid Ezreal

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How to be featured for Fan Top Scores as Ezreal!

If you want to be featured here and show off some amazing top scores you got as ezreal using my guide just take a screen shot of your info and go to and upload your picture there. Once you upload it copy and paste the IMG URL of your picture and send that to me and ill upload it!

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Fan Top Scores as Ezreal!

Skrillphixa Congrats for being the first fan to submit your scores! Skrill here ended up losing his game cuz he got some baddie team mates. WE all do sometimes but what can u do?? He stacked IE in the end cuz the enemy team had no armor so he wanted to hit them hard. His final AD was 401!!!! Nice job Skrill i apporve +1 :D

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Ok well this completes my second guide (first Duel Guide) please leave constructive comments and don't troll. I hope you learned alot from this guide and i hope it helps you like it helps me everday. Thanks and remember to not -1 unless you try it in at least 2-3 games!