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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Quron

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quron

Twisted Fate - Carry Dps

Quron Last updated on June 14, 2011
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Hey Summoners, and welcome to my Twisted Fate DPS build. Please read my guide before giving negative comments or giving thumbs down.
Suggestions and advices are always welcome!! Please leave them below.
Thanks and have fun reading.

To all the new players of Twisted Fate, this is just one of the many ways you can build your card-master. This is a build for somewhat experienced players but don't be afraid to give it a shot even if you are not familiar with Twisted Fate.

I recommend this build if you have a good map-awareness.
You can easely increase this by:
- Placing wards
- Calling Misses ASAP
- Know your team's possiblities
- Jungler presence
- Etc.

This build shall be all around pushing lanes, helping your teammates to push, being hard to catch,and being a pain in the *** for all your enemies.
(Isn't that what Twisted Fate is all about??)
Well, this is a standerd Twisted Fate Dps buils with lots of crits, Attack damage and attack speed. As you may know, Twisted Fate is one of the most flexible champions in the game. For all those who want to try Twisted Fate as an AP or Hybrid champion, I suggest you try this build:
(With all respect for Crazy Smurf)

Abbreviations used in this guide:
- AS: Attack speed
- LS: Life steal
- MS: Movement speed
- CR: Crit ratio
- MA: Map awareness

- WC: Wild Cards
- PaC: Pick a Card
- SD: Stacked Deck
- DY: Destiny

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At early game, Twisted Fate is a VERY squishy champion(So keep that in mind).

- For Marks and Quintessences I go with Armor Penetration

These are very important for your lifesteal combined with your damage output. More damage -> more lifesteal -> more laning and less dieing.

- Seals I'd go Health/lvl runes.

You might wanna go Mana Regen/lvl but I recommend this only when you are going for Hybrid or an AP Twisted Fate.

- For Glyphs I take standerd for all Twisted Fate builds, flat Magic resist for more lane-staying and survivability.

I think it speaks for itself..

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This is a Dps build, so for masteries:

- Increased attack speed

Because you want to damage all the time..

- Increased armor penetration

You want to damage as high as you can..

- Increased cooldown reduction

And you want to stun and teleport as much as you can..

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The following chapter is all situational and is different in every game.

Laning fase:
Like almost every DPS build, you want to start off with some extra AS and a health potion. A dagger is a good starting item because it can be build into a lot of items you were going to buy later like Berserker Greaves or a Zeal.

If you are your team's mid champ, you also might want to start off with vampire scepter for more lane-staying and survivability.

Why do you ask?
- Mid is a vital lane in pushing fase
- Leaving your lane gives your counter champion ganking possibilities or you just give your enemy some free farm.

!!!NOTE: The last 4 items are all optional in cause of your enemy team!!!

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Skill Sequence

I start off building up SD and PaC beacause these are your main tools in the game as a Dps Carry. SD doesn't give you just some AS, it also gives you extra damage for farming minions faster. You want to get lvl 2 as fast as possible so you can stun, slow and regenerate your mana by your wishes.

Keep your skillpoints away from WC as long as possible therefor you are a AD champ and WC only does Magical damage.

Remember: you can be very vital in your lane by stunning and slowing your enemies for your partner to get some kills early in the game. Don't worry you'll get yourself some kills later in the game.. :)

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I take standerd chasing and escaping spells:

Ghost: Fate has a poor 450-500 running speed and this one here comes very handy when chasing or escaping champions.

Flash: Twisted has the element of surprise with destiny. Flash is a good replacement for your surprise attacks. It's also very handy for escaping from lost battles or escaping ultimates likeFiddlesticks orNunu or long range attacks fromNidalee orCaitlyn as you try to escape.

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Pros / Cons

- Very flexible champion
- Global Teleport with global Clarivoyance
- A lot of CC with stuns and slows
- Self-Mana Regeneration
- Major damage output(if played well)

- VERY Squishy, one of the Most Squishy Champions in the game
- Usually focused
- Weak against heavy Burst/CC teams

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Top Achievements:
- 11 buildings destroyed (9 by backdooring)
- Largest Killing Spree: 15
- Multikills: 1 Penta and 2 quadra's
- Best KDR: 20/3/6