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League of Legends Build Guide Author beaker

Twisted Fate, endless kill streak

beaker Last updated on May 14, 2010
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Using this build/champion guide creator thing is hard so I'll keep it simple.

The reason I made this is because the highest rated TF build here is junk. Mostly because when you get Malady you'll be capped at 2.5 Attack Speed. So there's absolutely NO ****ING REASON to get Wit's End. I'm not sure what the **** the ****** was thinking, but trust me, this is a better build.

The best spell for TF is Flash. You MUST have flash. It doesn't matter what the other spell is. Flash is needed to use strategic harassment. Like if I can't get in range of my enemy for a stun I'll flash over to him, stun him, and attack him while he's stunned. Then he'll run away right? Maybe I got him down to like 100 health. He's going to go hide behind his turret, and recall. That's where TF's Ultimate comes in handy. Teleport over to him kill him before he can recall, and then get out of there coz his turrets probably would be attacking you.

A good selection of runes for TF is:

Ability Power Glyphs + 1 Ability Power Quin
Attack Speed Marks + 1 Attack Speed Quin
Armor Seals + 1 Armor Quin

Now, the most important part, the items.

Start out with a Daggerand 1 Health Potion
Next, get Berserker's Greaves
After that you need Nashor's Tooth. Start by getting StingerOnce you get Stinger, Upgrade it to Nashor's Tooth
Twisted Fate can't lane very long without life steal. Next you need The Bloodthirster. Start with the Vampiric ScepterThen save up for the B.F. SwordAnd then buy your Bloodthirster
Next you need Void StaffAfter Void Staff, get Last WhisperFinish your Item Build with Frozen Mallet
For masteries, go all offence. Many people dislike all offence, but TF is an offensive character. Ok that wraps up my TF guide I hope it helps.