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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Awesome Pwnage1

Twisted Fate- Gambit's Mentor

Twisted Fate- Gambit's Mentor

Updated on June 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome Pwnage1 Build Guide By Awesome Pwnage1 5 1 5,547 Views 4 Comments
5 1 5,547 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome Pwnage1 Twisted Fate Build Guide By Awesome Pwnage1 Updated on June 11, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



I'm going to go right out and say it. I don't like going AD, Attack Speed, or Crit Chance Twisted Fate. It makes you too squishy and unless you get fed early game, you're in for a lot of dying and frustration. Twisted Fate is definitely squishy. That is why I base all of my pre-game build around this.

Twisted Fate can be used as a DPS champion, but my take makes him a little more durable and fun to play. This build will contain a brief insight on how I play Twisted Fate, Gambit's Mentor.
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I set up my Runes to do one purpose.

1. I use my runes to supply the attack speed and crit chance that I don't get from my item build.

I build durability and life steal in my items because you're squishy pre-game will get you massacred. So, aside from my Flat-Health Quints, these runes are only used for offensive reasons.

Greater Mark of DesolationThe Greater Mark of Desolation is your key to getting that basic armor penetration that Twisted Fate desperately needs in order to pwn some face

The Greater Seal of Furor supplies the crit chance that you need without buying the Phantom Dancer early game

Greater Glyph of AclarityOf course, Twisted Fate is known for his Attack Speed skills, so I buff these renowned skills early game with the Greater Glyph of Aclarity

The Flat- Health Quintessences just supply that durability early game so that you don't have to buy the Doran's Sword
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The first thing that comes to mind is "Hey kid, are you stupid or something?" "DPS Fate is supposed to have 21-0-9 to pwn face."

I know that. As I've already explained, this build is for those who are sick of the low durability Twisted Fate and Still wanting to build AD Twisted Fate. My pre-game Masteries assure the build-user a good defensive set-up and a good look into the world of a Hybrid Fate.

I make sure to grab my crit chance, attack speed, and armor pen in my Offensive Tree.

I then go through the Defensive Tree making sure to grab the following

1. Armor and Magic Resist for my durability

2.I also grab Dodge and Nimbleness which supplies that extra move speed that TF most definitely needs in order to get away from attackers

3. I grab damage reduction from Minions because, why not? I can't make out Harden Skin anyway

4.Then I finish making sure to get the Offensive Stats from Ardor and Health. Then make sure to grab the 4% Damage Reduction so that you aren't as squishy as you normally would be.
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Here's where people might start to close the web-browser. They see grabbing life-steal to start the game and bam, it's not a good build.

I do grab Life-steal to begin the game, if you are getting attacked The Vampiric Scepter has 3x as much life-steal as the Doran's Blade, and it can replenish your health If you end up having to lay low for a little

Next, grab the Berserker Greaves. These guys will give you that attack speed that Twisted Fate needs, and it gives you move speed. (It's almost like a 2-in-1!!!!)

Sword of the DivivneThe Sword of the Divine is absolutely divine. Other than it's active skill, it supplies lots and lots of attack speed. This is probably your main attack speed item of the game so use it wisely

Oh yes, I just did that. The Last Whisper is one of my favorite AD items because it gives Armor Penetration. That means that the tanky Malphite walking around doesn't stand a chance against your Stacked Deck. You're going to be partying it up

Frozen Mallet is an extremely important item when it comes to building my version of TF. It gives you health and lots of it. This gives you the ability to take more punishment. One problem with Twisted Fate is that some of his foes may try to get away. If Gold Card isn't enough, then Frozen Mallet has a chance of slowing the target champion which can prove to be a useful tool in team fights.

Next, turn that Vampiric Scepter into The Blood Thirster by giving yourself more attack damage to bring down those fools.

Last, but by far not least, grab your phantom Dancer for that awesome Crit Chance and Attack Speed. If you are encountering problems with not having the Phantom Dancer early enough, I would suggest swapping it with the Sword of the Divine
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Skill Sequence

My Skill Sequence is a basic sight in many Twisted Fate Builds.

First you start off with Pick a Card in the hopes that a Gold Card could help you draw first blood. Twisted Fate is extremely more potent if Gold Card is spammed and used repeatedly. It is not only one of the best stuns in the game, but it is a useful tool in team fights.

Next, switch gears into Stacked Deck. This move is will make the children cry when combined with attack speed. Every 3 hits or so you will deliver a bolt of pure testosterone that has been somehow injected into a playing card. A powerful move that cannot be matched.

Wild Cards in my eyes, is a move that is normally associated with an AP Fate. It hardly does anything because it is modified by Ability Power anyway. Go try another build if that is your intention.

Destiny, It is your Manifest Destiny to not only spread the U.S. from sea to shining sea, but to also level this up whenever possible.
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Summoner Spells

With Twisted Fate, his squishiness really can hold him back while on the Fields of Justice.

I try to attempt to make TF less squishy with his summoner spells to make up for the Utility that I don't include in the masteries.

The Summoner Spells I use are- Flash and Exhaust. I use Flash for its ability to help you escape or catch your foe. I use Exhaust to hold someone that is being chased by my teammates down. It can also be used to keep gankers or a melee dps champion at bay.

Summoner Spells That Would Be OK

1.Ghost is always a valid use on most champions for that speed boost

2.Teleport also a valid choice due to the map control that it gives you for ganks.

3.Ignite could also be used for that extra damage boost

4. Cleanse can help TF get out of any sticky situation that he may encounter

Summoner Spells That Should NOT Be Used

1.Clairvoyance-that's what your Ultimate is for

2.Smite- I don't see how that is even relevant

3.Rally-that's just ridiculous

4.Revive- that summoner spell is for the impatient
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Pros / Cons

    Good 1v1 ability
    Durable in a sense
    Not intended as a mid-lane
    Takes Practice

    Not as much all-out offense
    Not as much Utility
    Not as much Crit
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Team Work

When using this build I find it an extremely useful support in some aspects.

1. Always try to anchor someone down with Gold Card if there is a pursuit
2. Use your Ult to intercept a running champion or to get through Fog of War
3.Be present in Team Fights

these 3 things give you somewhat of a motivation when playing as Twisted Fate
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I think that my build is original and it is inventive, but the real cherry on top would be the event of someone using it and being successful. I have always liked this build. It supplied everything for me that other TF builds couldn't. I hope that you will please try my build before rating it and please give it the benefit of the doubt.

" I would not of learned without light, that light is Twisted Fate"

-Remy Etienne LeBeau
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome Pwnage1
Awesome Pwnage1 Twisted Fate Guide
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Twisted Fate- Gambit's Mentor

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