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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBESTBUILDER

Twisted Fate The CARD Killer

TheBESTBUILDER Last updated on March 31, 2011
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Twisted Fate Is A Good Champion Ive Playing Him A Lot So Ive Comed With An Idea For Him And Maked A Build.

This Build Has Been Created By Me And KaTaRiNa Pro xX

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Pros / Cons

- Great DPS damage dealer
- Very mobile, as Destiny lets you get anywhere, with a pretty low cooldown
- Excellent Ganker
- Good stun OR AoE slow because of Pick a Card
- Great Farmer (thanks to Loaded Dice passive)

- Very Squishy
- An Overall Slow Hero
- Very Targetable in a Team Fight
- Difficult to Position (Shorter Range)

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Summoner Spells

is a great spell, especially for Twisted Fate. In all honestly, he's squishy as anything, and even moreso if they have something to negate a stun card. It has both offensive and defensive uses for any champion. See someone one or two hits away from dying trying to run back and recall under their turret? Pop ghost, right click them, get gold card ready, snag the kill and come right back through the minions. Someone pop exhaust trying to gank you? Stun one, pop ghost and gtfo to safety! So many uses, and the improved mastery is in the first tier of Utility, so it's easy to pick up.

This one really shines with TF, due to is utility from early game to end game. Exhaust is another multi-use spell, capable of both offensive and defensive uses. Obviously, one use is if someone overextends a bit too far and you have an opportunity at a kill, pop it and go to town. With the mastery, it drops their armor and magic resist, letting you hit harder too. You can also use it to escape a gank or just a death in general, especially when combined with Ghost or Flash. Exhaust their melee carry, such a Xin or Yi, stun a second if they have it, or if they're alone, start running off and when exhaust ends, turn and pop the stun card on 'em, then go right back to heading to turret. There's tons more but I'll leave it to you to come up with them, since this guide is long enough as is.

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For Runes I Take

Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Seal of Alacrity

Greater Glyph of Might

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

Greater Quintessence of Might

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This is TF's passive. No range, given to all allies, lasts all game. Particularly useful to this build since quite a few of the items are expensive. You see a large group of minions pushing a lane, run or Destiny (if it's maxed and there's no fights happening) over and go to town, since a half built TF mows down minions like no tomorrow. Also counts on jungle minions, so take 'em down as you run by.

The least useful ability to an AD TF (for obvious reasons), however don't disregard it. It has a HUGE range, even for a skill shot. It's a Queue+click ability. When you use it, it flings 3 cards forward in a cone, damaging all enemies the cards pass through. It does NOT damage enemies between the cards, so it is dodgable. But, even without AP, this ability hits decently hard early-mid game. Very useful as a finisher for people running off with low health in combination with a Stun card, or harassing people under turrets with its ridiculous range.

This ability is a blast, but takes a bit of getting used to in order to use effectively. When you first hit W (or click it), the icon will begin changing, rotating through a red-colored icon, yellow-colored icon, and blue-colored icon. It ALWAYS follows this rotation, however, it can start on any one of the three cards, so pay attention. Those cards appear over TF's head while they queue too, visible to both your team and enemies. Push the button again to select the visible card. This icon, as well as the card over your head, will remain visible to everybody until you use the ability or run out of time and it puts itself on Cooldown. It has three different abilities, again, visible in the mouseover of the icon to save space. Once you've selected the card, it will trigger ON YOUR NEXT AUTO ATTACK, so be sure you pick your target ahead of time, or aren't attacking while selecting. DOES activate on turrets, but you cannot stun them, so red card for extra damage or blue for the mana.

This is possibly my favorite of TF's abilities. It's a passive abilities that, once learned, is always on, no toggling required. Synergizes so well with his other abilities and certain items, especially Sword of the Divine. With 3 different benefits, I opted to max this out relatively early. It increases Twisted Fate's attack speed by up to 15%, as well as CDR for the same amount, and deals additional magic damage every fourth attack. With 3 stacks of this ability (i.e. next attack triggers the damage) cards begins floating around Twisted Fate's body. Use this visual to aim the extra damage at an enemy champion, or the seige/super minions. Does NOT stack or activate on turrets.

This is what makes Twisted Fate such a BAMF. This is why your enemies hate you, this is why you will be focused down, especially by stealthers. On just a 90 second cooldown, you can be all over the map, all at once. The initial activation of this ability places an eye over all enemy champions, granting sight of all enemies (including stealthed ones) for 6 seconds (CAN be blocked by Banshee's Veil) During those 6 seconds, you can reactivate the ability to teleport ANYWHERE on the map (after a 2 second channel time)with just a queue and click, making you an excellent backdoor champion. With all the attack speed and damage, you can drop a turret or inhibitor in no time at all, and then book it out before the enemies are able to initiate and gank you. Alternatively, teleport to the bushes near a team fight and pop out of nowhere with stun card in hand and annihilate whosoever you choose. Just be sure you have the support from your team or an escape path, or you'll get eaten.

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Okay, I'll explain my item choices, why I picked them, and possible alternatives. Keep in mind, things must be tweaked and swapped as necessary, so if you need to change something up, or if a different item or order works better for you, by all means go right ahead. This guide is just that, a GUIDE, not the Twisted Fate laws set in stone.

Very rarely do I buy Doran's items first, I prefer to begin building my first item immediately. However, the Doran's Blade will give you a BIG boost in the early game. 9 extra danage, plus health, and lifesteal. All three of those will give you a lot more survivability, especially if you're mid. You'll be recalling less to heal, be harder to kill, and kill minions faster, meaning you spend more time getting gold to build and less time running back and forth. Alternately, you could open the game by starting your boots right away, either item would be beneficial.

Why build boots first? Because, they're cheap and will give you an advantage over enemies who opt to build something else first and their boots second, like a caster who gets their Tear of the Goddess first, or a tank who builds a Heart of Gold to upgrade into a Randuin's Omen later. I never ever EVER get anything else before these, other than the Doran's blade to open with. It gives you two awesome stats for Twisted Fate. First, move speed. This is often overlooked, but getting your boots first means when your opponent begins backing off to heal, you can catch them no sweat and keep firing away, stunning whenever it's up, and likely resulting in netting an extra kill or two while they build their own boots. Second, the attack speed isn't just for damage. Since Pick a Card fires on auto attacks, then having more attack speed means you'll get those cards out faster. Early game, it can seem like it takes an eternity to throw that Stun or AoE card, and the boots attack speed helps you get them off just that much faster. Whenever building items with more than one component, I always pick up the attack speed items first. So if you have to recall before you have the 920 gold for the boots as a whole, grab the Dagger first and then the Boots of Speed if you have the gold for it. Same for Phantom Dancer, grab the attack speed items before the crit ones, because the attack speed is going to impact your DPS and abilites more than the crit will, since the attack speed is ALWAYS active.

The Phantom Dancer. This is one of the most well rounded items for TF. It has it all, attack speed, crit, even move speed to help run down that fleeing Yordle or escape a close call if you're ganked. When building it, I recommend grabbing the Zeal, then the Dagger, then the Cloak of Agility, then the actual PD. This has all your bread and butter stats on it, in heaping amounts. 30% crit, a whopping 55% attack speed, plus 15% move speed to boot. Booyah.

This is your "Push 1 for Win" button, as I call it. I think the highest AS item in the game, with 60% attack speed. The passive on this synergizes so well with Stacked Deck and Twisted Fate's attack speed that it's pretty much a must have. The active is also awesome for him, making your attacks undodgable and granting you additional armor penetration. Great against armor stacking tanks or heavy dodge champions such as Jax and Sivir. If possible, grab the Recurve Bow first, but if you have to recall before you have 1050 gold, grab the Dagger. Any attack speed you get your hands on will help you bring in the gold faster, and thus, build faster. Once you've built the item, drag the icon to your upper-left most slot, so that you can activate it by simply pushing 1

Now that you've got most of your core items, time for that stat DPS's ALL love to have: LIFESTEAL! Not to mention, when you've fully built it off of minion kills, it has the most attack damage in the game, totaling +100 damage and 25% life steal. Remember those 650 crits I just mentioned? Now you're healing for 160 every time you get one., more if you haven't sold Doran's blade yet (which you really shouldn't, since every little bit helps, but if it's to make room for the second component, then go ahead). I STRONGLY recommend getting the Vampiric Scepter first, because not only is it insanely cheap, but the lifesteal is probably going to help you more than the damage will. Yeah, your hits do a little more damage with a B.F. Sword but you survive longer in a fight with the lifesteal, meaning you'll do more damage overall.

All the crit you've been stacking is now going to become one of your biggest assets. In addition to the 75 Attack Damage AND the 20% crit you gain from just having this item, giving you anywhere from 50-60% crit based on your runes and masteries, all of your crits will hit ridiculously hard. Granted, you won't be critting for 950 damage a shot, like a Xin Zhao might, but at over 2 attacks a second, in 2 seconds, 3 out of 4 hits critting for ~650, you just did about 2,000 damage. Crit heavy builds REALLY shine when built with this.