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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertical Dsb

Twisted Fate - The way of the cards

Vertical Dsb Last updated on June 5, 2010
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After playing Shen for a long long time I ended up playing the #1 TF in the game Bigfatjiji and I was just amazed at the way he played. I had always liked tf but had never had a build that, well worked so I added him and to my surprise he was quite willing to help me out with TF. This build is just based off Bigfatjiji's play style for TF its not really mine but i've tried it and it works really well so give it a try.

You want to play TF mid with this build, TF is really item dependant so you need to farm alot early game to get some attack speed as its really slow going early.

Summoner Spells

Cleanse is really good for when you get stunned, silenced etc and you need to get away or its preventing you from killing them (saved my *** alot from ashe arrow).

Flash is basically for escape and landing your gold card, as this tf build is not built for running speed a enemy champ might be just that little bit out of range and flash is for catching up

You can chop and change the runes to how you like but I feel that gives a pretty nice balance.

For my skills you don't want to grab wild cards at all, now contrary to popular belief pick a card is not the skill you want to get the most, you want to get stacked deck as thats your main damage output (amazing for early game creep killing). Grab destiny whenever you can its possible the best skill in the game, upsets enemy ganks, free kills from warwick junglers and low hp champs on the run. Pick a card is simple, you use blue for tower killing, gold for stunning and red for clearing creeps.

Masteries are set for being able to 1 v 1 fight the best, TF isn't really mana reliant so theres no need for it and Bigfatjiji says its a waste.

Items are quite simple

Dorans Blade - hp for early game mid is amazing, im at 700 hp starting with this item

Beserker Boots - Attack speed + movement etc

Last Whisper - this is your attack speed and armour pen, if you like you can swap it for a sword of divine

Bf Sword - Damage + builds into infinity edge

Infinity Edge - your main damage item, crit chance and 80 damage

Blood Thrister - Life steal + damage

Generally the game will end before this but these two items are just to finish

Phantom Dancer - Attack + movement speed

now sell your dorans blade

Blood Razer - attack speed + attack damage (feel free to swap for a black cleaver or something else)

Just remember, tf is squishy as ****, he will go down like cake, hes an amazing tower pusher, don't hog your ult, use it to your teams advantage.

Little trick I learned was that after a fight in mid and lets say u lose, recall, buy an item use your ulti to get in behind him (pick a gold card while your doing this, you have 4 seconds and if you can't do this just give up with tf), gold card him because he should be low from your previous fight you should be sweet, don't tele by enemy towers what ever you do, it doesn't end well.

Credits are basically to Bigfatjiji its his build, he changes his play style to suit different teams but this seems to be his general build.

~ Vertical Dsb