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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bush Monkey

Twitch Always OP

Bush Monkey Last updated on May 2, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Not Updated For Current Season

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Guide is in progress, Will complete the guide by the end of the week!

This is my first build for a champ, and like most people I picked my best and favorite, Twitch! I've been a level 30 Summoner for some time now and have used Twitch since i was level 2.

You may see this build and think, "Well WTH, I'm going to get ganked a lot!" not true, I've have score 66/13/13, and many many 30+/?/?. This build yields a Twitch that can 2-3 hit ,with AUTO attacks, most non tank champs after having just a few items. This build eats any other heavy lifesteal Yi, Olaf, Irelia ect.. GL Enjoy my first guide!

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As shown all runes are Attack Speed, which give a total of 38% initial boost. I feel that Attack Speed is the most important, and only with Twitch as I have tested the attack speed with other champs. Twitch is the best for AS b/c of his on hit poison DOT ( and anyother ON HIT items). the faster you can get the stacks capped the slower they can get away, and if they think they are getting away expunge will finish them off (Although you shouldn't even need to waste mana on expunge with this build, they will die first from auto attacks b/c you attacking 2.5 times a second)

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This is what i use for my Twitch, it mostly Damage for feeding off of minions early in game, and destroying all tanks in 2-3 seconds, if not your doing something wrong. =)

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The first item I always Purchase with twitch is Vampiric Scepter, Twitch will quickly regain health early and late into game with this item just by clearing a few minions. It will save you from wasting time recalling just for some HP.

The Next Item I grab is Cloak of Agility, +Crit. Having Just this item plus the scepter will help gank VERY early in game.

Next you should aim for Last Whisper. How ever if you doing kinda bad, grab Berserker Greaves for a decent boost in AS and be more able to get away from tight situations. But if you have the gold for Last Whisper, and are not 0/6/0 by now, GET IT, you will eat most champs at this point, you may be slow but highly deadly. Usually when I go back to buy one of these item I have enough gold to get both from all the farming and ganking I've already accomplished.

The next item depends on your situation aswell. If the enemys team have some OP Cho or other 'Unkillable' tank, get the Madred's Bloodrazor. This is the best item in game I think. when you are Spraying and Praying at 2.5 attacks per second and 1 second has passed the WHOLE team you just unleashed on are all at 50% or less health including the tanks, you will appreciate this one. But if you not having to deal with the unkillable tanks at this point just get the Infinity Edge, which is the best item for ganking any softy like Veiger or Karthas with only using a few auto attacks and walking away to let them die.

The last two items are free to play with, by this time they enemy usually surrenders or you really have no need to be more fed. But we like being more fed, so i usually grab Blood Thirster at this point, and/or some mag resist/armor if the enemy team is using a lot of oracle elixirs and wards to best protect yourself.

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Skill Sequence

I will go into detail on this at a later time, But it simple really anyways. To start off get Debilitating Poison b/c you have no boots or potion. Twitches slow is good to use from bushes as a "Scare Tactic" to allow you to get in closer to get some farming in as well as helping you gank really early or get you or your teamates away from tight places.

this is how i prioritize my skills when I level up. I'll be more in detail later.
"4 > 1 > 2 > 3" Ultimate always have priority and stealth is 2nd in priority. Expunge... well I don't really ever need to use that one so its last.

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Pros / Cons


    High damage, easy farming and ganking early and late in game.
    Twitch is kind of a slow walker and I don't usually get boots till about mid game.
    You wont be jungling till level 8+ with this build and definatly won't be (Early in game) walking around trying to gank other lanes unless you have no other choice but to help save a tower.

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How to play with this build ( How I play )

This is a build that needs as much minion farming and opportunity ganking you can fit in. So as soon as the minions show up in mid, hide behind your minions and feed until you can buy. Feed>Buy>feed>buy. You have to be smart and be ready to avoid any enemy champ skill shots. Don't get harassed! I harass with Twitches auto attack when ever the opportunity arises, and just let the poison do its work. Try to keep the poison on them as much as possible to that they waste their CD's and Potions. Always have enough mana to at least go stealth for escaping.

Try to save Twitch's Ultimate for when you have 2+ Enemies lined up with minions surrounding them so the your lifesteal will pass through the Champs and minions keeping you at full HP. This is a great tactic for taking on Warwicks and stun champs, as soon as the stun wears off spray and pray through a group of minions to recover all your HP and and take out the stunner.

If you are ever in one of those "Oh no! I only have 30 HP left!" situations and you are running away just run to some of the neutral minions and slay them, lifesteal will kick in and get you at 100% HP and you can turn around after just 20 seconds or less and continue ganking/feeding.

To Be Cont..