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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author h8m3

Twitch - Do you smell that?

h8m3 Last updated on October 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Twitch, very squishy at times but when you build up enough expunge and farm for long enough will be a very dangerous champion to play against.

Greater Mark of Desolation - Increases your Armor Pen by 2
Greater Seal of Alacrity - Increases your Attack Speed by .76%
Greater Glyph of Alacrity - Increases your Attack Speed by .64%
Greater Quintessence of Desolation - Increases your Armor Pen by 3.9

The reason why I go for Armor Pen runes is so when it's early game and I am looking for the ganks to help my team I know I will have that added attack damage to help me win over the fight. The attack speed runes are good to have a twitch for this build because Twitch has a very slow base attack speed and since we're not building up too much attack speed for this build the added runes do the job.


Deadly Venom (passive) - Twitch's attacks infect the target with Deadly Venom, which deals damage each second, stacks up to 6 times, and lasts up to 8 seconds.
Ambush - Twitch's stealth ability. Shooting a target while stealth will increase his attack speed significantly. This ability will always be used when you're going for a gank and also for scouting.
Debilitating Poison - Twitch's poison that slows your target by 30%+8% for each stack of deadly venom you have on the target. This is a great support ability for yourself or your team. If your opponent begins to run, using this ability will increase your chances of catching up to them. This ability can be used on multiple targets within a certain radius. An example is if there was 100 enemies within your radius it would affect them all.
Expunge - Deals instant magic (30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 based on level) damage. This is the main ability I level up first. The more stacks of deadly venom you have on your target, the more damage you will do. This ability is your main attack for finishing off your opponent. I suggest you have 6 stacks of deadly venom on your target before using it to dish out the most damage. Of coarse if your target is very low, use it when u can before he escapes. Just like Debilitating poison, it can affect multiple targets when used in a certain radius. This is why Twitch gets a lot of multi kills.
Spray and Pray (Ultimate) - Twitch's Ultimate attack. It increases your attack speed and shoots poisonous arrows in your frontward radius infecting your targets with Deadly Venom. This ability is extremely useful in a team fight in which u can infects the entire enemy team with Deadly Venom. If the enemy is lucky enough to make it away from this, use expunge for the kill!


Flash - Flash is important to have cause you're very squishy and could always use help making an escape. Before you use flash use Ambush and then flash for better chance to escape.
Teleport - Teleport comes in very handy when you're targeted first a lot because of your low health but you want to keep up with the team. Also works well for backdooring.


Doran's Blade + Health Potion - These are my starting items. Doran's blade is good because it gives you some health along with some life steal so that if you're in trouble you can attack some minions and get some health.
Avarice Blade x2 - I buy the Avarice Blade in pairs because it really helps for the critical strikes when working on ganks an also gives you 5 gold per 10 sec which helps in the long run.
Berserker Greaves - This item is good because it helps you get to ganks quicker and it also gives you attack speed(25%) which comes in handy when in combat.
PickAxe -> B.F. Sword -> Infinity Edge - These items are crucial to your build and will give you the much needed damage and critical strike chance you will need to start taking enemy champions out with EZ. Start with the PickAxe because it gives you 25 attack damage and then work your farming skills and ganks to build the rest of this item up to the infinity edge.
The Brutalizer -> Youmuu's Ghostblade - Start with brutalizer as this item gives you 25 attack damage along with a good amount of armor pen. Then save up for your Youmuu's Ghostblade which gives you 30 attack damage,15 critical strike, 20% movement speed, 50% attack speed, armor pen and cooldown reduction.
The Bloodthirster - Great items to have as it will help you hit your target with even more attack damage and it gives you 25 life steal which will help during the ganks end game.
The Black Cleaver - This item is strictly for attack damage and it will definitely help you when taking on enemies during a team fight and will be a huge threat to tanks.

How to play Twitch
Start off by gettingDoran's blade and aHealth Potion. Doran's blade gives you the added health and a little bit of life steal that you will need being that you're a squishy champion and need to stay a live for the beginning of the game. I would not advise playing solo lane as Twitch so I usually take either top or bottom with another tanky person. The secret to Twitch is that you have to farm with him very hard. I usually call the first 25 minutes of the game the Farm Phase because a lot of the items are needed early game in order to make successful ganks and have good team fights.

When laning the most important thing for you to do is to get last hit on the minions and also stay close to your range creeps incase your enemy tries to attack you will have the creeps to help if you engage. I usually don't recall till I have around 1900 gold to I will be able to get the 2Avarice Blade's and be able to start working toward myBerseker Greaves. Greaves are important for the attack speed and movement speed.

You should be getting closer to the 25 minute mark here so continue farming then recall when you have enough to get aPickAxe. Once you get the PickAxe, start working on ganks by using Ambush to scout for low enemies, and then open up with them using Spray and Pray and Debilitating Poison to slow their movements. After a few successful ganks and moving minion waves you should be good to get yourB.F. Sword. Once you get your B.F. Sword you're putting out so much damage that you can pretty much take out enemies by just ganking them with Ambush and using your auto attack.
Work the ganks and get yourInfinity Edge and then this is when the game starts getting fun.

Now you and your team should be getting into team fights and working on turrets. If you're having issues with getting targeted and not having enough health. I work on gettingFrozen Mallet. If not, continue withBrutalizer andYoumuu's GhostBlade. Once you have these items you should be good to kill almost every team with the power of your Ambush spell and gank, but just for a little help pick upThe Bloodthirster and ruin your enemies while watching your health go up rapidly with every attack.

If the enemy team has a lot of tanks or players with a lot of health work on gettingThe Black Cleaver as it will help you to lower their health significantly and increase your attack damage.

Core Build:

Optional Items

Notes and Tips
-When going for a gank always make sure you use Ambush, and then when you are about to attack them use Spray and Pray then Debilitating Poison for the most damage output, if they're not dead, USE EXPUNGE.
-When working in team ganks be sure to let your team to the initiation as you would be targeted first for your low health. After your team initiates gank from behind the enemy with Ambush on and unload on them with Spray and Pray and Debilitating Poison. If any of them try to get away they will be so low that all you have to do is use Expunge and enjoy your multikills.
-Twitch is not a good solo champion to engage is combat so if you are going to go for an enemy be sure to have your teammate initiate or at least have your back when going into a fight.
-IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT DIE EARLY GAME AND TO FARM AS HARD AS YOU CAN UNTIL THE 25 MINUTE MARK. I can not stress how important this is to your item build and how the rest of the game will be played out for you.

I hope you enjoy this build because this is the build I always use when I am playing Twitch. If you have any suggestions to do the build or any comments, please make them and I will definitely give you a response. I appreciate you all reading through my build and taking the time out to learn how to play a champion differently.