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League of Legends Build Guide Author Macio Yi

Twitch - Double Triple! QUADRA!!! PENTA!!!!!

Macio Yi Last updated on December 5, 2010
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Hi, this the first build i'm going to post so please, feel free to add comments or constructive criticism in case you feel i missed something. Also, my first language is polish, so i might make some spelling errors.

In this build ill show u how to gain great stats(my best with this build is 53/1/2)and an penta kill.

This build is created specially for mid Twitch. Using it on other lanes or maps other than summoner's rift may not give u such good effect.

Twitch's PROS and CONS:
- The best attack speed in League of Legends without items.
- The best stealch - its very long(60 sec his longest) ang gives hight att speed(up to 100% more)
- Very good passive - on hit applies poison to ebenies witch deals 2/4/6/8 dmg per stack for 8 seconds each(up to 6 stacks). U can deal from 96 to 384 dmg over 8 secs.
- His expunge is very useful to finish enemies when they start to run away from u.
- His debilitating poison is great slow. if u will apply six stack of venom before using u will make ghost spell useless.
- Booth expunge and debilitating poison have great range.
- Squishy
- Very weak against mages at beggining
- Defenseless when blinded/stunned
- Useless against oracle or/and wards.
- he has 1.5 channel time until stealched - he cannot enter stealch until he is takin continuos dmg.


Ignite: Very strong spell. Deals great dmg per sec to ur enemies(ur passive is working same) and decrases their ewentual heal spell.

Exhaust: great disable for any physical attacker and powerful slow.

I have choosen these spells becouse they are the most offensive spells.

.lvl 1............Ambush (1)................It's required for FB.
.lvl 2............Debilitating Poison (1)...Slow good for chasing everybody.
.lvl 3............Expunge (1)...............U got this great offensive skill, but don't try attack your opponet with it yet.
.lvl 4............Expunge (2)...............Expunge lvl 2. This skill is still weak. Wait for third lvl
.lvl 5............Expunge (3)...............3rd lvl expunge! Yea! Now u can own somebody! But be sure that u applied at least 5 stacks of deadly veom to the victim.
.lvl 6.........Ambush (2)...................Ambush improvement. It will now last 10 seconds longer and give u better att speed bonus.
.lvl 7.........Expunge (4)..................Now u re dealing somemore dmg. remember to apply to ur enemy as much stacks as u can before using it.
.lvl 8.........Debilitating Poison (2)......Better slow. It will be really useful now. Applying more stacks before using becous ur slow will work better.
.lvl 9 ........Expunge (5 - Max.)...........Now u re in assasination stance. Remember - stacks!
.lvl 10........Spray and Pray (1)...........Why its so late? becouse 1st lvl is useless. it gives weak attack spead.
.lvl 11........Spray and Pray (2)...........Finally u got something to kill teams.
.lvl 12........Ambush (3)...................U can stealch for longer. Moreover its attack speed incrasement gives u +60% att speed buff.
.lvl 13........Ambush (4)...................Continue it and u will get penta kill easily.
.lvl 14........Ambush (5 - Max.)............Now u got Ambush maxed out. it gives u 100 % att speed buff. When u will sum it up with Spray and Pray u got just insane att speed.
.lvl 15........Debilitating Poison (3)......Another slow. Stacks are still helpful.
.lvl 16........Spray and Pray (3 - Max.)....Now u re unbeatabe. Unbeatable? Yes! Just until u got stunned or blinded...
.lvl 17........Debilitating Poison (4)
.lvl 18........Debilitating Poison (5 - Max.)

Runes - nothing to discuss - malice runes give hight crit chance and malice runes incrase this crit dmg to get FB easier.


1) Vampiric scepter - helps stading in lane and fighting ur enemies.
2) Malady - gives nice combination of att speed and lifesteal. Also incrases dmg on each hit.
3) Berserker's Greavers - movement speed and attack speed combination.
4) Recurve Bow - great att speed.
5) Last Whisper - Great against tanks with great armor(like amumu with much sunfire capes)
6) Bloodthirster or Black Cleaver in place of Last Whisper - Bloodthirster if they have tanks with low armor or even no tanks, black cleaver is just another variant great when u re teamfightin.
7) The Bloodthirster - att dmg + lifesteal.
8) infinity edge - incrase crit chance and crit dmg.
9) The Bloodthirster - now it gives greater att dmg + lifesteal.
10) If u dont want to change last whisper to any other item u can change malady to Madred's Bloodrazors or another Bloodthirster(recommenefore dont try to be a heroded.)


1) Before minions spawn - Twitch is one of best midkeepers. This build is for solo Twitch. 1st go mid. When u re there enter into ambush and check who is your opponet. u can own anybody at the beginning becouse of your runes and spells. wait until he will go to check who is his opponet(he will go and check who is near turret) go behind and attack him/her. Use ignite. When he/she will start to flee use exhaust(ewentually if ur opponet is strong use it to blind him/her. I think u got FB. If this enemy is an turrethug check its stats. if its an mage focus on ability power, if its any fighter check his att dmg and att speed. always check its summoner spells. If these are ignite exhaust dont try fighting this enemy. just stand behind your minions and play normally. if everything is ok(example - ur enemy has heal and ghost. ur ignite blocks heal and ur exhaust blocks ghost) u can kill him/her. wait until minions spawn will come to the center(if anybody got fb dont try to be a hero) and waint until this enemy will attemp to kill minions. kill him/her. Check tips to check who u can face and who u cannot.

2) Early game - if u got fb go and buy an dagger NOW. now keep in mid and get money until u got 1020 gp. If u hadnt fb wait until u got 1440. then go and buy malady. Now ur aim is 920 gp. After this cap go quickly and take boots. u re ready fo laning.

3) Now u got 2 ways. staying in your lane or laning with allies. i prefer staying until 1st bloodthirster.

4) Mid game(11 lvl) u should got at least last whisper. start laning and help ur allies clearing their lanes.

5) Late game - now u got 18 lvl and u got totally powerful build. if there are no stunning enemies just kill them with Ambush&Spray and Pray combination. use expunge to kill some enemies with very low hp. U can now get quadra or penta kill easily.

Other notifications:
- Veigar is very OP char. He is getting AP with each minion kill - try harrasing him as much as u can.
- Vladimir - try harrasing him early in game. when he gets 9 lvl his transfusions cooldown is 3 sec. Dont let him get this lvl until u got last whisper.
- Kayle - very annoying harraser. just reharras her.
- Morgana - her black shield may not let u use debilitating poison or expunge on her. Moreover hide behind minions until her shield vanishes. when u got The Bloodthirster u can face her easily.
- Annie - similar situation as with morgana. wait until The Bloodthirster.
- Anivia is very weak against Twitch - u must just avoid her iceballs. Remember about her 1 per 5 mins reborn pasiive.
- If there are any oracle potions in enemy team coordinate with ur allies to take em down 1st.
- Take an oracle to find wards and destroy em

Advenced tactics:
- If ur opponet is a turret hud during fight with minions, chanell recall near minions(sth like 3 secs) then go above ur turret. enter stealch and kill ur opponet witch is fighting minions.
- Tactic for stupid ashe - let ashe chase u with frost shot. instantly attack her when u re halfway. u got a kill.
- Buy two wards and place em in bushes. When u will see that an single enemy wants to get u, go back to the turret, enter stealch and kill him/her. dont try it against more than one opponet.

This build is created specially for mid Twitch. Using it on other lanes or maps other than summoner's rift may not give u such good effect.