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Twitch Build Guide by elmo123456

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author elmo123456

Twitch-I hide in the shadows

elmo123456 Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The city-state of Zaun is a twisted realm of science, mercantilism, and magic run amok. While the young science of techmaturgy does much to advance civilization, its research and use in Zaun pushes the boundaries of morality on a daily basis. Zaun, choked with pollution from the countless factories and laboratories that spew waste into the environment, suffers greatly. As polluted as Zaun is above-ground, its subterranean levels are far worse. All of Zaun's runoff waste pooled together in its sewers, mixing into a toxic and mysterious concoction. A single plague rat rose from this alchemical nightmare - Twitch. Unlike his lesser evolved cousins, Twitch became as sentient as anyone else... provided they were as insane as he. A seeming byproduct of the evolutionary brew that spawned him was maniacal insanity, albeit in a functional form.

Twitch came to the League of Legends to represent himself "as the only one of his kind" on the Fields of Justice. Since then, he has found a generous benefactor in the city that gave him his evolutionary sentience - Zaun. Twitch is one of Zaun's premier champions in the League, and as such he fights for Zaun when political disputes between Valoran's city-states arise. Twitch has publicly stated that his goal is to gain enough influence and materiel from his work in the League to try to recreate the process by which he gained his sentience. While many challenges lie ahead in his quest - one of the largest being his own insanity - were he to succeed, it would mean a bold and brazen step forward in the evolution of all of Runeterra. Zaun has pledged its support for Twitch in his quest, though it remains to be seen what Zaun's ulterior motives are in the matter.

"The existence of Twitch proves that anything is possible on Runeterra." Heimerdinger

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Why do i choose these runes and what runes are optional?

For Mark i choose greater mark of desolation. greater mark of desolation gives that early Armor Penetration that can often get you a first blood. You coud also choose instead AD runes too give a little boost too your damage output. But i prefer Armor Penetration because: at late game it will do more dmg then your AD runes

For Seal i choose Greater Seal of Evasion. seal of evasion gives you a little change too dodge attacks. since you are realy squishy and compare that with your stealt abillity when you are getting ganked and you are getting hit you cant get in stealth for 1.25 seconds. when you dodge an attack you have better change of getting in stealth since you dodge an autoattack your stealth timer won't reset.For seal you coud also choose plain armor for early game but when you are getting ganked or you need aa quick escape you have less change then with odge runes too get away.

For Glyph i choose Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because twitch lacks the magic resistance early game.

For Quintessencei choose Greater Quintessence of Health also for early durabillity. nothing more too add. other Quintessence runes you can do is more Armor Penetration this will add another 9.99 armor penetration.

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For the masteries i go 21/9/0


Why the 21?

the points in offense will give you high dmg output for your expunge and your auto attack
15% magic penetration for your expunge and armor penetration for your autoattacks.
for your auto attacks more change too crit and your Cooldown is getting reduced a little bit.

For the 9?

Early armor and early magic resistance is a must have at the beginning for twitch more procent in dodge.
why not putting 3 points in strenght in spirit cause you will have all the time lifesteal thus dont need that little hp regen.

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Item Sequence

Boots of Mobility

The Black Cleaver

The Bloodthirster

Infinity Edge

Phantom Dancer

Last Whisper

Frozen Mallet

i start of with Doran's Blade 100 hp 3% lifesteal 10 dmg overall good starting weapon at beginning cause twitch needs the lifesteal cause you dont have alot of hp regen.
second item Boots of Mobility these boots wil make you fast. being fast makes you be able too gank alot. you coud go for Berserker's Greaves for attack speed but after you bought The Black Cleaver you dont need it.
third item The Black Cleaver when you get this item you can start pissing people of by killimg them fast. - 45 armor and an attacspeed of 1.5 per second you will do massive dmg. you coud instead of The Black Cleaver buy The Bloodthirster first but you woud lack the attackspeed
fourth item The Bloodthirster when fully maxed plus 100 dmg and 25 lifesteal plus your Doran's Blade 28 lifesteal at this point you have an auto attack dmg of 240 with that lifesteal you can stay in lane almost for ever and gank alot.

Fifth item Infinity Edge or Zeal when you are doing great and got alot of kills you ought too buy Infinity Edge but if you are not doing so great buy Zeal first for movementspeed and attackspeed and 10% crit change this will help you get those kills for your Infinity Edge.

Last items you wil be buying these two items at one time cause at this point you are unstoppable Phantom Dancer and Last Whisper at this point you'l crit 1k per second.
instead of Last Whisper you coud go for more dmg output or more attackspeed but at this point youl have an attackspeed of 2.3. therefore i chose 40 dmg and 40% armor penetration. other item that is optional for is Frozen Mallet this item will slow the enemy gives HP and dmg.

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Pros / Cons


Stealth **** yeah! oracles are useless with you because you are a ranged stealthy rat!
can backdoor as hell!
you are a rat that can kill people with a freaking arrow!
high dmg output in les then 3 sec (scored a pentakill within 4 seconds)
Can be a walking oracle! bye bye teemo's shrooms!


squishy as hell!
Focused alot (Good placement required)
needs good farming early game
need good posistioning and the right timing if you own these 2 skils its not a con its a pro because then you will own

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tricks and tips

Got this from :D

* Be careful when using Ambush near enemy turrets. Turrets can see invisible units.
* It is always good to use Ambush to scout bushes and to look for enemies.
* As with Evelynn's Shadow Walk , Twitch's Ambush Ambush has a timer. Watching the timer is very important when using stealth. Twitch is very good at scouting ahead of his allies while stealthed.
* If your enemy is getting away, use Debilitating Poison to close the distance and allow you to get the killing blow.
* Expunge has a large range, apply as many stacks of Deadly Venom Deadly Venom as possible before using it.
* Spray And Pray stacks extremely well with lifesteal.
* When the first hit with Spray And Pray is a critical strike, all the units hit with that shot will suffer critical strike damage.
* Play cautiously around characters with crowd control. Twitch's low health makes him especially vulnerable to bursts of damage.
* Be careful of enemy champions who have a Vision Ward Vision Ward or the Oracle's Elixir as well as champions who have abilities that can detect stealth, such as Morgana's Soul Shackles . This makes Twitch unable to scout safely or move close enough for a kill.
* Spray And Pray is a very good ability to use during teamfights, because you can hit all 5 members of the opposing team.
* Spray And Pray outrange turrets.
*before you go in stealth you got 1.5 second too shoot to get maybe a last hit or another stack on an enemy this wont stop you to go into stealth.

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Early game
try too farm as much as you can and too harras as much as you can
when you go stealth with this rat you wil make the enemy more cautius and you prevent them from last hitting sometimes youl shoot 2 or three times at an enemy then back off and go in stealth again. this way you are as i like too say it own the lane because you tell them when too farm and when not too. but dont be cocky do it with cautions and know where your lane buddy is when he isnt close dont poke the enemy 1 jump at you or 1 stun and you are a death rat

Mid game
when you have blackcleaver and ganking boots start ganking. go mid try to hit him 6 times and then use expunge. always attack from the back with a little distance between you and him if he walks by you try too block him but keep shootingat him this will give you 2 stacks more expunge and you probably got yourself a kill. always try to walk a little bit between shooting this wil keepyou in range longer.

Late game
teamfight and scouting is a pre now when there is a teamfight wait for your whole team to engage wait a second come out of stealt ulti and try to place yourself so you hit all there carrys at once but keep your distance ! use expunge and finish of the rest of the team.

placing and timing is of the essence go in too fast you are a dead rat too late you are the last one alive but not for long always have an escape route.

scout for your team if they dont have wards or oracles scout ahead check baron often if not warded check jungle if they have an teemo buy an oracle youl be a walking ward.