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League of Legends Build Guide Author Killmanjaro

Twitch - Insane in the membrane

Killmanjaro Last updated on November 29, 2010
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Hello, this is my first build that I am showing, please read and comment!

This build is for the twitch players who love waiting for a few crucial seconds after your team has started fighting before bursting in and saving the day (so to speak.)

ok lets start with my spell choices:

Flash: brilliant spell for twitch as if he has been spotted and needs to get out in a instant (you will find yourself needing to do this a lot) then this spell does the job. Use your spell to disengage out of a fight followed by Debilitating Poison (if you have enough mana to slow down pursuers) and then quickly use your Ambush spell to get clear and walk away

Ignite: great for first blood and also important when completely nuking a hard target.

I find other spells are not necessary as they either blow your cover or are generally more unhelpful than either of those spells.


21 points in offence: really is important to have the full 21, the more damage you can do in the shortest time, generally the better you can do.
9 points in defence: mainly to get the full dodge and then nimbleness. very helpful in team fights.


try and make your runes add onto your damage but the armour penetration is especially helpful when it comes to facing tanks to quickly take down. the amount of times I�¢ï¿½ï¿½ve gone into a tank and completely nuked them down due to the help of my runes and masteries is unbelievable. Some people take dodge runes and they work just as well.

Item build:

I start with a dorens shield to start with due to the extras it gives you from the start (will be sold as your first item to sell later game)

I then go straight away to buy a avarice blade and boots of mobility. the avarice blade for more crit and gold and the boots just for steaming round the map in no time, and because you should hopefully staying away from most of the damage in team fights then it helps to quickly chase and finish off any fleeing enemies.

This is then followed up by 2 more avarice blades. I find (like most others) that Twitch is a character that is quiet item dependant so the more gold you get the better. Even on games that I am not slaying as much as one would like, the 15 gold every 10 seconds (from 3 avarice blades) quickly adds up to help you out.

After this, I generally tend to stop myself spending my money (unless for elixirs and wards) and save up 1850g to get my B.F. sword. Again, once I have my BF sword, I continue saving my money to get my infinity edge. followed up by selling my dorens shield and getting an additional pickaxe and getting Tiamat. I got the idea from another build and it worked an absolute charm for me. this is one of my favourite items to buy and use at this stage of the game. This is due to that it has a splash effect so when in team fights (most being their full team together in a small area) then they will all get stacked with venom so when you use Expunge, it will do damage to every one of them. which means you can easily finish off their entire team with no problem at all.

Finish off the build by getting phantom dancer and frozen mallet and followed by a bloodthirster (each item should be replacing a avarice blade). however I generally found that by the time I have bought my frozen mallet the game is usually over and I am sitting comfortably with a good amount of kills.

In game:

EARLY GAME: very important part of the game because this is where you first see your enemies and your capabilities. I take my ambush skill to start with and head straight into either the top or bottom bushes to check out who your facing. If you are going mid then I tend not to need to use my abilities as much and just keep harassing but generally staying near my turret for extra defence (remember Twitch's biggest downfall is his health and the amount of damage he can take). For people who are in lanes, it is critical to stick with your lane team mate, however I tend to abuse my ambush skill quiet a lot and gain exp while scouting around the enemies. the main thing I can say about this stage, is use your common sense. if you try and take on near enough any champion at this stage 1v1 you will die, you need something to stay in your favour. I find the best lane partners are either ones with high dps (xin for example) or powerful casters with abilities to stun (morgana, lux etc.).

MID GAME: This is where things start getting fun. by now you should start seeing your gold increasing as a nice steady rate (with the help of your 3 blades) and you should be speeding around the map. Twitch is one of the best (if not the best) gangers on the game. you need to be constantly talking to your team looking at whichever lane is getting pushed the most. this will help you ambush behind them and wait for the perfect chance to strike.

note: save your expunge till quiet late into a fight (this ability has 6 stacks max on it), and at 6 stacks, you will see their health instantly drop down, then when they notice this as well, they will almost certainly try and run, this is where your Debilitating Poison kicks in to slow them down and if necessary use your ignite to finish them off.

LATE GAME: by now you should have your tiamat, which you will instantly notice to be an instant favour. I have tried out buying the tiamat earlier than this stage but i find it doesn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t truly shine as a good weapon unless you have enough attack damage to truly break down their health (hello infinity edge).

note: by this stage, hopefully (if you played it right), you should be nice and fed and a true menace on the battlefield, which helps you going invisible and heading towards any low health towers or inhibitors and tearing them apart. I have finished a few games by sneaking into their base while they were attacking ours and taking down the nexus turrets and destroying the base from behind. its a sneaky tactic but all fair in love and war.

note about your abilities:
- your ambush skill not only allows twitch to go invisible for a maximum of 60 seconds, but when you come out of invisibility you gain a massive improvement in your attack speed. for this reason, the longer you stay invisible before an attack, the better. this move is not mana hungry and for 60 seconds at a time, there�¢ï¿½ï¿½s no reason for you to be really out of invis.

- your ultimate is a long ranged missile. so it will travel through enemies and hit the ones behind them. if you see your enemies in a nice neat little line or group this this move (along with your tiamat) will truly destroy the other team without them noticing what happened.

Warning: if the other team starts buying oracles (which trust me they will if you are doing well) then you must make them the main target. sometimes this can be difficult when more than one member has an oracle, but all this means is you must act like you haven�¢ï¿½ï¿½t got your ambush ability and stay as far away as possible till your team initiates. although oracles can really ruin your day, they also mean that the enemy who has bought one, has used up 400g, and unlike you, they cant afford to waste that gold, so when you kill them and destroy their oracle, they have to reconsider buying one.

I will post up pictures of scores from previous games with this build, but generally as a rule of thumb. play smart and enjoy the rage of the others as you completely destroy the others game style by being the rat of the hour. enjoy and any comments of games then please let me know. would love to hear what you thought.